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How to get a Mexican work permit

In order to work in Mexico you need a Mexican work permit from the Institute of Immigration (Instituto Nacional de Migración - INM). Mexican work visas come as FM2 or FM3 visas depending on the intended length of your stay.

To apply for a Mexican work permit you need a Mexican employer to act as a corporate sponsor of your application. Your employer must be registered in Mexico.

The prospective employer in Mexico must submit a work permit application to the labour authorities in Mexico. Among other papers the employer must present a copy of his incorporation articles, a proof of tax payments, your original university diploma or transcript, a copy of your and your family’s passports and birth certificates with Apostilles, your current resume and a confirmation of your job title, job description and salary.

Once the application is accepted the Institute of Immigration (INM) will process the case and make a decision within 30 to 45 days. If the application is approved by the INM you will have to go to your Mexican consulate to request your work visa. The visa will be issued within a week from the time you request it at the Consulate.

After your arrival in Mexico you and your family members must register at the INM within 30 days. Your spouse and children will normally get dependant visas but they are not automatically granted a work permit. If your spouse wants to work in Mexico he or she will have to apply for their own work permit separately.

Can you convert your visitor status to a work status in Mexico?

Foreigners can convert their immigration status from a visitor status to work status while remaining in Mexico. As a foreign employee you can be in Mexico while the work permit application is being processed; but you can only start working after your work permit application is filed at the INM.

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