Chinese People Have More Choices to Enjoy Spare Time

  • Chinese People Have More Choices to Enjoy Spare Time
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    Twenty years ago when Chinese people had to worry about their daily living, leisure life and recreation were luxuries. Today, quality leisure life is as important as daily work for Chinese people. Traveling, studying foreign languages, shopping, doing volunteer work and many other activities has become popular in people's spare time.

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    07 七月 2008, 04:42 Dream111
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  • Golden Club in Beijing—Sanlitun

    Golden Club in Beijing—Sanlitun
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    Sanlitun is one of the best know and most popular bar streets in Beijing. Sanlitun, which is also used to refer to the general area, is located in Eastern Beijing in the Chaoyang District and forms part of the Gongti nightlife area. Despite several threats of closure, it remains fashionable with the expat community, foreign travelers and younger locals.
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  • who want to buy luggage?

    Hey all,

    We are a Chinese trading company. We have one 40HQ container stored in the Canada port since July till now.The buyer has no money to pay the balance and who was burst-up. Now, we going to sell these goods with the cheapest price. If anyone have interesting to buy these goods, pls contact me by email:


    Henry Z.R.NI

    Henry Z.R.NI 09 九月 2008, 07:16 - 举报滥用
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