2009 Chinese Summer Camp------Welcome to Beijing & Shanghai

  • 2009 Chinese Summer Camp
    In recent years, with the tremendous growth of Chinese national strength and the international influence, coupled with the profound Chinese culture, there are more and more foreigners to learn Chinese. In this context, the market of domestic Chinese as a foreign language training is booming year by year.

    With the idea of “entertaining” and combining the characteristics of young people’s self-study, our Confucius College focuses on the fast learning of Chinese language. We find that some overseas Chinese couldn’t read and write Chinese, or some of them do not have enough time to learn Chinese. Our teaching is more efficient and professional.

    Besides our language course, there are other Chinese cultural courses, such as calligraphy and Chinese painting, Chinese Kongfu and drums, and even tasting Chinese snacks. In addition, there are a series of exciting attractions tours, home stay, summer camp activities as well as free on line Q & A. These are all based on the “Chinese Language Proficiency Test” (HSK) and further Chinese study.

    Objectives & Incomes
    Participating in this program, students will learn about 500 to thousands of Chinese characters. It will improve listening and speaking ability, especially in reading and writing.

    Included Group Discussion, Listening, Reading and Writing (includes reading Tang Poetry, Chinese fable, tongue twisters and other interactive activities)
    Introduce the “Chinese Language Proficiency Test”

    We guarantee more than three hours Chinese courses and homework every day besides activities

    Cultural Courses and other activities
    Chinese folk culture and the arts: (Options) Chinese knot, Chinese mask, Paper cutting, clay figurines, flower arrangement, Chinese drum, learn how to sing Chinese songs, Chinese folk dancing
    Chinese National Sport: (Options) Chinese chess, Chinese Kongfu (male), Chinese sword
    Chinese Food Culture: (Options) make dumplings, Yangzhou fried rice……

    Welcome to Beijing & Shanghai
    Visiting the 2008 Olympic Stadium: “Bird Nest” Stadium, Water Cube
    Visiting Tiananmen Square, the Badaling Great Wall, Palace Museum, Yuanmingyuan, the Summer Palace, Peking University, Tsinghua University
    Visiting Shanghai which will hold Expo 2010: the Oriental Pearl television tower, the bund, the Temple of Shanghai City Deity, Huangpu River

    Other Contents
    Night self-study: Chinese Computer Games
    Record all the Sumer Camp Activity
    MSN Parents’ Hot Line: can contact with parents at any time
    Free on-line Q & A: all the students can learn Chinese and ask questions to the teachers

    The following activities last for 4 weeks

    Application Period: from now on to one month before the semester started
    * 1st Semester: 20th June ------ 4th July (fifteen days)
      * 2nd Semester: 4th July -------- 18th July (fifteen days)
      * 3rd Semester: 18th July ------- 1st August (fifteen days)
      * 4th Semester: 1st August------ 15th August (fifteen days)
    ★ If you take part in this activity continuously, we will arrange for different tour between each semester.

    If there are more than 10 students in the group, one of them will be free of charge. We also can tailor the activities for you.

    Our services
    ※Provision of goods
    ●Standard nutrition catering: eight dishes and one soup for meal, fruit, adequate drinking water
    ● Complete education system of discipline, safety awareness and team awareness
    ● Closed-end management, a unified board and lodging, fully staffed, 24 hours security
    ● A full-time care physicians and experienced teacher, a experienced doctor will be 24 hours on duty
    ● Standard rooms, standard double room, separate toilet, all day hot water and laundry
    ◆ Costs: transportation fees in China, tuition, insurance, books, accommodation and catering costs, tickets and tips
    ◆ Not included air ticket, airport tax, insurance, visa fees, shopping costs and pocket-money

    Related cost
    9,860 RMB/per person/semester

    Contact us:
    Confucius College for Learning Chinese Culture
    Web site: www.cnftc.org www.cnftc.net.cn
    Mr. Zhao; Miss Chen
    Tel: 86-10-62514017、62514018
    phone:13269649028 13641024995
    msn:[email removed]; [email removed]
    Email:[email removed]; [email removed]
    Address: Room 1202, Cultural Mansion, No.59 Zhongguancun Street Jia, Haidian District, Beijing, China

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