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  • 2009 Shanghai Eastwestbridge Chinese Summer Camp

    East-West Bridge (EWB) Mandarin Chinese Learning Program launched its first summer camp in 2005 in the miraculously booming Chinese city of Shanghai, and has since earned its reputation as one of the most successful Chinese-learning programs around. Unlike most other programs that feature primarily sightseeing trips and therefore are essentially organized vacation packages, the EWB summer camp emphasizes on intensive and effective Chinese language learning / training in immersive environments, based on its unique method of computerized Chinese training designed to facilitate quick-learning of both the phonetics as well as the particle writing system of Chinese language. This method is proven to produce amazing results in practice based on the progress made by the majority of the camp participants in the past years. The EWB program is well-balanced in that highly concentrated language learning classes are blended with relaxing cultural, artistic, and entertaining activities and excursions. For travel-inclined participants, trips to some of the China's most famous tourist attractions during or after the summer camp are also offered or assisted.

    Detailed information can be found at: Inquiries can be made directly by contacting [email removed], or by calling 0086-21-62185426. Contact person: Andrea Bi

    07 四月 2009, 12:15 Andrea
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