admission elementary / secondary school in canada

  • Hello,

    We are moving with our family to Canada and have 3 children. Two of them go to secondary school and the third one to the elementary school. I have read somewhere that if you want to apply for admission to an elementary or secondary school in canada you have to contact the appropriate provincial ministry of education. Is this true? We cannot apply at the school itself?? Anyone experiences?

    hope someone can help us.


    29 五月 2007, 12:30 Jake and Helen
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  • Moving to Canada

    Fist of all are you coming as a refugee? What is your status in Canada?

    If you are applying as a refugee here in Toronto you can find a school (secondary or elementary school) and show proof of status for you and your children, you should not have any problems in enrolling your children in a public or if you are catholic in a catholic school as long as you show proof, for catholic schools you need to present a letter of baptism.

    I don't know about other cities but I supposed is the same.

    I think that the information you got is incorrect, where did you read that?

    anonymous 13 六月 2007, 04:13 - 举报滥用
  • Estudiar en Canada

    Si quieres estudiar al nivel High School in Canada, podemos ayudarte.

    We represent one Fench and one English boarding high school looking for international students.

    Vous voulez étudier à l'école secondaire en anglais, nous contacter à:

    Patrick Rollin 16 八月 2007, 02:53 - 举报滥用
  • estoy ilegal en canada me deportaron pero no me fui mi hijo puede estudiar tiene 4 años

    ayuda para ilegales en canada

    alfredo diaz 13 六月 2008, 12:47 - 举报滥用
  • I hope you can help me

    Hi i am 15 yearsold Ethiopian girl, and I want to learn highschool education in Canada. What should I do????

    Hiwot 09 八月 2008, 12:35 - 举报滥用
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