education different in each province?

  • Hi, does anyone know how the education system works inCanada? I've read that Canada has no federal educational system and that provincial departments of education - headed by an elected minister - set their own standards.
    Does this mean that the education in general differs in each province? Or are there still some guidelines?

    29 五月 2007, 12:34 Simone
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  • different education in provinces

    In most provinces, individual schools now set, conduct and mark their own examinations. In some provinces, however, students must pass a graduation examination in certain key subjects in order to proceed to the post-secondary level. University entrance thus depends on course selection and marks in high school; requirements vary from province to province.

    However, the Government of Canada plays an indirect but vital role in education.

    James 31 五月 2007, 07:14 - 举报滥用
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