medical specialization

  • I'm a young italian doctor and I'd like to do the specialization in Canada, what I must do?

    23 八月 2007, 10:52 milu
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  • Medical specialization

    I am a young Syrian doctor and I would like to splecialize in Canada what are the requirements and conditions for this and thank you...........

    Kurdimsm 16 二月 2008, 12:55 - 举报滥用
  • specialization in Neurology

    Hello, I'm an albanian doctor graduated in Italy. What should I do to get specialized in Canada. What kind of documents and visas do I have to have? Thanks for every kind of useful information you can give at me

    Delaj 06 三月 2008, 08:54 - 举报滥用
  • Where should I start?

    I am a young Afghan Medical Doctor and I want to do the specialization.How should I start?

    Dr.Homayoon Danesh 19 四月 2008, 07:19 - 举报滥用
  • Medical Specialization

    I am a young Jordanian Doctor and I want to specialize in Canada....what are the requirements and conditions for such a thing and what should I do?

    Rami 10 七月 2008, 04:09 - 举报滥用
  • what is it requested?

    I am a young Greek doctor,that finished faculty in Romania and i am about to finish in a Greek University hospital, the internal medicine part of my specialization,with final specialization cardiology.How can i make these 4 years of cardiology i Switzerland?

    yiannis 12 八月 2008, 12:41 - 举报滥用
  • How to make specialization in germany?

    I am a young doctor , I am interstin to make specializaton ine Germany,How can I?
    [email removed]

    asimrraci 08 九月 2008, 11:58 - 举报滥用
  • Specialization in Canada

    Anybody knows how I can do the specialization??' I`m from Mexico!

    Jo 27 九月 2008, 03:08 - 举报滥用
  • Specialize in Surgery

    I just finish medicine in Greece and i am interested in specialize in Canada. I would like to know especially about General surgery

    Asterios 07 十月 2008, 07:08 - 举报滥用
  • Translation high school diploma

    have graduated in Italy. Where can I translate my academic qualifications?

    Manu 10 十月 2008, 12:34 - 举报滥用
  • cardiology specialization

    hi guys
    i am a doctor from pakistan looking for cardiology specialization (interventional).
    i am keen to go to europe,brazil, mexico.
    will anyone help me for any institute that is friendly, least costly and less entry requirements?

    please reply to my mail.
    kind regards
    [email removed]

    dr riaz a memon 25 十月 2008, 12:38 - 举报滥用
  • cardiology in the nederlands

    I am a young Greek doctor,that finished faculty in Romania and i would like to do my specialization in the Netherlands (cardiology). What is it required?

    Maria 28 十月 2008, 07:35 - 举报滥用
  • specialization in canada

    I am a young cameroonian doctor graduated in Italy.what should i do?which visas is required?

    nadia 31 十月 2008, 10:41 - 举报滥用
  • residency in germany!

    hay guys
    I would like to introduse myself 1st.I am a student of medical university, Russia. Actually i am a citizen of india and after my higher secondry education i came here for my medical studies in general medicine (M.B.B.S), So as i am a student of final year now,i am searching a university,hospital; for my post graduate studies,residency and good feture. So actually i am interested doing my post grduate,residency education in Master of surgery of Orthopedics and Trauma subject or in opthalmology, radiology in medium of ENGLISH instruction (ofcorse if possible) orelse in german, So i want all detail information about the residency education in germany. So i request to send me those all. As i am having few quiestions like Can i get admissinon in this university for post graduation or lets call residency, as above noticed subject? What will be the medium of instruction?( as i am starte to learn german language) What will be criteria of admission? What kind of document university, hospital needs? What are the tution fees ( is it true i heard that residency is absolutly free, though i get paid descently)? What about student life? Are there any yet indian students enrolled? What about dermatory and living expance? Please tell me about the climet? Can i enroll by my self in residency corse, please will just send me some emails or related websites of hospital where they allows non EU student? How and all i have to being ready if i deside to continue the study in this university? which and all exams exact i have to give, as i directed that i have to pass the german language exam ( is that toffel DAF exam? if not then please specify me) and what about state medical exam?? please have in mind that i am a russian medical diploma holder, but citizen of india. is there any your personal conact no then please leave for me because i realy need to talk to you, i am really looking forword for this...!
    I am eagarly waiting for your reply so please do send me the answer. please asnwer me on [email][email removed][/email] chill
    Thanking of you, 03 十一月 2008, 11:48 - 举报滥用
  • Wanna transper ur hostpital

    Please send me your Hospital Catalogue, on my Mail address, after that I will make a Contact to you.
    Mail Address:
    Fayaz Cloth House New Block "B" Shop #73 Shaheen Market Mardan NWFP 23200 Pakistan

    Muhammad Fayaz 30 十一月 2008, 05:11 - 举报滥用
  • How to get a free specialization

    Hi I am a stident of medicine in Sofia, R.Bulgaria,5th year.
    I was wondering if you could tell me the terms how I can specialize in Germany without any payments, since I can afford it. Iam an excellent student from Macedonia but the terms here in the both countries are really bad.
    The corruption is in full bloom, it's allmost impossible to make career and to build yourself no matter how much you study and make eforts. I will graduate Novemeber 2010.
    Thanks a lot

    Kiri Stojanov 06 十二月 2008, 11:14 - 举报滥用
  • sorry

    I am sorry I ment "I CAN'T afford it

    Kiril stojanov 06 十二月 2008, 11:18 - 举报滥用
  • my mail

    My e-mail is [email removed]

    kiril stojanov 06 十二月 2008, 11:22 - 举报滥用
  • Specialization in dermatology

    I' m a greek doctor and I have just finished medicine in Greece. Do you know how am I going to be accepted in a canadian hospital to have my specialization in Dermatology? Are extra exams required?? Thank you

    Mary 10 十二月 2008, 10:56 - 举报滥用
  • Certificate

    Hi! I am young doctor from Macedonia. I have graduate medicine in Bulgaria. I am interested in working in Canada. What should I do to certificate my diploma there? Is there extra exams?
    Thank you
    [email removed]

    Mimi 10 一月 2009, 05:19 - 举报滥用
  • Hi Giannis

    Geia soy Gianni.Eimai kai gw ellinas kai endiaferomai kai gw gia eidikotita stin Elvetia.To mail moy einai [email removed]le moy an 8es gia na antalaksoyme plirofories.Kali tixi file moy

    Giannis 11 一月 2009, 09:47 - 举报滥用
  • specialization in urology

    Hi to everybody.I'm interested in doing my specialization in Switzerland, Germany or sweden.If you have any suggestions?[email removed]

    Giannis 11 一月 2009, 09:57 - 举报滥用
  • i want it in canada

    hi i am a syrian medical student and i want to specialize in canada what shall i do?? i need some help and some answers plz contact me at [email removed]

    manal 31 一月 2009, 11:28 - 举报滥用
  • Demande d'imformations pour suivre les études à Canada

    I have a diplomat of translation.and want to continue my studies there .please if you can guide me to my can i do to get all what you need for all.YOURS FAITHFULY.

    KHALED 21 二月 2009, 12:38 - 举报滥用
  • Specailization in general medicine

    I am a young doctor and i just finish my MBBS. Now i would like to do specialization in general medicine. So i want to know how can i got addmission and doctor"s job in canada. Please help me about this matter.My contact is [email removed]
    I will be thankful to you.

    Usman 05 三月 2009, 04:40 - 举报滥用
  • Where i can the replies?

    Hi to everybody but where u can see the answers?

    Mohammad 07 三月 2009, 10:46 - 举报滥用
  • To get admission in pg

    I am 30yr old docter MBBS want2take admission in PG in genral physian in canada hw pls guide me

    Amrit raj 12 三月 2009, 10:39 - 举报滥用
  • work and specilization

    We are sudanese couple doctors working in KSA, we want to know more about working and specilization in Canada, in Radiology and Peadiatrics.
    with our regards

    hussain & shaza 24 三月 2009, 05:35 - 举报滥用
  • Work and specialization

    I am a MBBS doctor in PAKISTAN.I am intrested to do specialization in peadiatrics.Due to economical crises I have completly engauged in my job.I want to make some extraordinary achievements for human welfare in my life.I want to continue my studies as well as support my family in PAKISTAN.Canada is my country of choice for further studies. THANKS DR ARSHAD

    DR ARSHAD 29 三月 2009, 07:24 - 举报滥用
  • specialization in switzerland

    i am a greek doctor studied in rome of can i find the names of the hospitals in switzerland that speaks italian?
    if anyone knows please inform me
    thanks you!!

    dr katerina gre 01 四月 2009, 12:07 - 举报滥用
  • specialization in switzerland

    hello everyone!im a young medical doctor studied in Tirana,but im citizen of Macedonia.WHat should i do to make a spezialization in switzerland.convert diplom,or pay in private.please send me any inf, [email removed]

    Agron Tirana 10 五月 2009, 12:01 - 举报滥用
  • i need to specialize in canada

    i m young yemeni doctor graduated from pakistan ,,, wish and hope to get a place there in canada ,, i would like to leave these third world countries,, hoping to practice in the light of technology and knowlege ,,,
    many thanks
    dr.ammar mohammed qaid
    [email removed]

    dr.ammar mohammed qaid 27 五月 2009, 06:39 - 举报滥用
  • all the idiots

    good luck finding a residency in canada

    laughing 31 五月 2009, 07:28 - 举报滥用
  • I wanna be a good dr

    Im young egyptian doctor ,i graduated from alazhar university in egypt and i want to complete studying and speciality in canada

    Samy 13 六月 2009, 02:09 - 举报滥用
  • Wish for Getting Dermatology Specialization

    Hello ;

    this is Dr.Fazal-e-Subhan from Afghanistan and i graduated from General Medicine in 2002 now i want to get Dermatology Specialization from CANADA, so is there any facility for me?

    Dr.Fazal-e-Subhan 18 六月 2009, 06:15 - 举报滥用
  • Dermatology Specialization

    Hello ;

    this is Dr.Fazal-e-Subhan from Afghanistan and i graduated from General Medicine in 2002 now i want to get Dermatology Specialization from CANADA, so is there any facility for me?
    Contact me:
    [email removed], [email removed]

    Dr.Fazal-e-Subhan 18 六月 2009, 06:24 - 举报滥用
  • specialize in canada

    I am a Syrian doctor and I would like to splecialize in Canada what are the requirements and conditions for this and thank for all

    yusuf abodan 27 七月 2009, 10:59 - 举报滥用
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