Best neighborhoods to live in Vancouver

  • I am moving to Vancouver in November and I wanted to know which are the best neighborhoods in Vancouver or where I can get information about it?

    Also, I am counting on about US$ 1500 per month and plan to rent an apartment with ocean views of 1 or 2 bedrooms. Is that enough for a nice apartment there?


    Emily from Chicago!
    PS:Justlanded Rocks!

    26 九月 2005, 12:57 Anonymous
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  • Best neighbourhoods in Vancouver

    Vancouver has a lot of great neighbourhoods. I'd suggest looking at downtown Vancouver (Yaletown) for exciting urban life. Then there's Kitsilano which is really lively - restaurants, shops etc (bit expensive though). You might also look at the Lower Lonsdale area of North Vancouver. More affordable and I believe is up and coming. New developments there are going to make it a really great neighbourhood and with the seabus a short trip to downtown.

    You can look at more information on relocating to Vancouver at - might help you with more than just finding a rental place.

    BTW I think your budget is OK - eg a 1 bed in downtown will run to about $1,200 Canadian a month. But that is without the view.

    Good luck


    Anonymous 29 九月 2005, 01:37 - 举报滥用
  • Thanks Frank

    Cheking out your site

    Anonymous 29 九月 2005, 02:58 - 举报滥用
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