Dogs in apartments (Moving to Calgary)

  • I am moving to Canada in a few weeks as a landed immigrant. I am bringing my family with me, which includes a dog. I have already immunized the dog according to what is required by Canadian regulations, but the problem will be finding an apartment rental that takes dogs.
    Are there any areas/Building in Calgary that are pet friendly?

    27 八月 2005, 09:49 Anonymous
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  • dogs in apts

    regardless of the city where you live, the pet policies change from landlord to landlord. If you rent an entire house chances are higher that you have no problem, however in apartments is a bit harder. I do not think that there is a pre-determined way to know if a lanldlord will accept dogs... just ask happy By the way, asking the veterinarian may work as well.

    Anonymous 12 九月 2005, 10:40 - 举报滥用
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