Job permits for spouses in Canada

  • I am currently going through a series of interviews with a Canadian company for a position in Ottawa. I am a French citizen (and reside in France) and my wife would like to be able to work while we are in Canada. Are there any procedures for her to do that with my job permit? Can spouses of foreign workers have the right to lawfully work in Canada?
    I understand that if I were to go to the USA with an H-1 visa (temporary worker), my spouse wouldn’t be able to work. Does Canada differ from the US in that regard?


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    21 十月 2005, 09:14 Anonymous
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  • Hi Helene. Your spouse is entitled to work in Canada

    You must submit your marriage certificate and the process may take from a few weeks from a few months.

    Fortunately, Canada offers a "human" teatment for the spouses of temporary workers, in a sense that he/she can also work with no limitations and in the USA spouses of H1 visa holders are relegated to stay home.

    Anonymous 23 十月 2005, 12:29 - 举报滥用
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