Family with Young Children - would a move to Dubai be good for us?

  • Husband being offered US$90K. I have a sister in Dubai (married to a lovely Muslim man) so would at least know someone there. I've also visited once. Would like to know people's thoughts on moving my two young children (aged 3 and 2). Are there playgroups etc, things to do, parks to go to? Would a US$90K package be workable if we have to pay for accommodation?

    01 Dez 2007, 04:24 Tina
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  • hi tina

    Hi Tina,
    It would be a great experience for you and the children. Im an Aussie mum of 3 (10,9,1) and its the 2nd time i have lived here. $90,000 US is a good wage, though may be hard if paying rental yourself. We pay for all of our housing etc, and it can be a struggle. Where we live is about to be demolished so we need to find new accommodation, which if staying here in Dubai, for a 3 bedroom villa, can be anywhere from $50,000 + . Moving to one of the other Emirates would be cheaper, but it would depend on where your husband is working. (mine works from home, so moving out of Dubai is OK for us). Re:playgroups etc..i believe there are some around (Mirdiff mum's?), and there are lots of nursery schools around. We choose not to send our children to school here, but to home-school them instead. Financially- schooling here is not an option for us. There are many parks around, and you would be very lucky to have a sister and brother-in-law here !

    cynthia 12 Dez 2007, 11:54 - Verstoß melden
  • Don't do it!!!

    You'll never be able to afford the rental costs or pending school fees + inflation in Dubai is increasing at exponential rates...

    AC 02 Mär 2008, 05:41 - Verstoß melden
  • General Info on Dubai and the UAE

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    Hope it helps!

    Mirna 24 Mär 2008, 11:17 - Verstoß melden
  • Hello AC..

    How much is the nursery school fees in Dubai (Average)?

    Hannah 28 Okt 2008, 01:12 - Verstoß melden
  • agreed..

    i agree with the recommendations. school fees, inflation, rents are just a killer. try negotiating rents at least with your employer. then move on to school fees. only then i can see 90k being healthy and saving you your goal at year end. dubai has become VERY expensive...

    sunil 19 Jan 2009, 02:48 - Verstoß melden
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