Dubai or Qatar

  • I am in the process of securing a new job and could either work in Dubai or Qatar. I would be relocating with my family ( 2 children age 3 & 4 ). Could anyone give good advice as to which would be more suitable considering the children as the most important matter.

    Thanks for your help


    27 Mär 2008, 09:32 Gary
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  • response to question

    I have been living in Doha for the last 6 years and in process of relocation so let me tell you there is No big difference between the two Both are expensive as hell but I think minor differences here and there lets take it one by one:

    Rentals: Doha is notorious for its expensive low quality acoomodations Dubai quality is much better but almost same price. Bottom line if the company isnt giving you a house or an allowance for that dont come to doha. Good 3 bedrooms are hard to find for less than 12 K Dubai quality way much better. Have seen apartments with no kitchen go for 60 K a year!!

    Schools: Have no children but i hear schools here more expensive in Doha than dubai. Good ones 30K+ a year per child

    Food and expenses: Doha more expensive for sure. my wife got shocked on a recent trip to dubai how things are cheap there. We have biggest inflation in the region more than 17% official Dubai almost 14%.

    Why some people think that Doha is cheaper is frankly there is nothing to do or spend it is very boring compared to Dubai so you can very much control your spending. and doha is much more morally suitable for children

    Both countries are expensive the best place to live in is Oman but make your move there very soon since they have started to increase rentals like hell there too :>

    Alaa 06 Apr 2008, 10:45 - Verstoß melden
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    Alaa is correct with what she has said.I would go a step further and definitely recommend Oman over both Dubai and Doha.The locals in Oman are much more friendly and are also very tolerant. It is cheaper than both Doha and Dubai, as well as being much more suitable for children. There is also a lot to see as far as the history of the place is concerned.The country has different terrain from hot deserts to snowy mountains.I'd definitely choose Oman if you want the quite life and least expensive.

    Kevin 04 Jun 2008, 05:15 - Verstoß melden
  • Which one you choose, Dubai or Qatar

    I got an offer in Qatar for 15k +family status (wife w/ 2 kids both schooling) and at same time, I also got another job offer in Dubai for 23k (package). Now, I need to have a wise choice. Which one should I choose?

    jolls 01 Jul 2008, 01:31 - Verstoß melden
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    look i am a qatari girl and i am going to tell u the truth go to dubai there money is higher and better for ppl like u but if u want to work in qatar it is also good but u have to be cleaver and like u have to have good marks so u can get the higher levels in qatar u can work in rasgas thats my opennio

    _____________ 29 Jul 2008, 08:49 - Verstoß melden
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