You know you're in France when...

  • When you're stuck in the middle of a traffic jam in Paris
    When you go to the baker and there is a wonderfull smell of viennoiseries
    When you cross the road whenever you want
    When drinking red wine is an habit during lunch
    When you work 35h/ per week and still think about doing less
    When "Putain" and "Merde" are fluent in your sentences

    Just keep adding, there's so much to do

    20 Jul 2007, 03:26 François
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  • you know you're in france when

    when you're empeached to express yourself in a forum like this very one, when you express the TRUTH you know BY EXPERIENCE because you've been there for near a complete year! All my commentaries about life in France, search for jobs, culture in france heve been cut! this is uncompatible with liberty of expression. France is not consequent with their liberté égalité fraternité. Big mouths, no action. Bull shit. I'm ashamed! Because my ancester were french. Thay can talk but they can create or achieve NOTHING!

    martin banville 13 Aug 2007, 08:58 - Verstoß melden
  • reply

    From far as i know very few forum replies had been cut. We have other things to worry about, thus we are in Spain and not in France. And if you want to express your self then do it, share your experience, send us articles about your life in France, but if I were you I'd use the classifieds to look for stuff.

    just landed team 14 Aug 2007, 03:04 - Verstoß melden
  • France on TV is not the real France !

    ok, i'm french, i reacted !

    - you can be stuck middle of a traffic ewerywhere
    - all french dont live to paris
    - i dont drink wine during lunch (i drink water) except for event
    - "shit" and "f***" are fluent in many languages in the world (when you shoot the table with your foot for exemple)

    but !!!
    its true for the baker blunk (lol)

    so, if you want add stereotype, i can help you :

    - when you see french with beret everywhere
    - when you see frogs jump in the restaurant
    - when you see ppl leave in the streets to complain
    - ...

    i wrote for saying : french are not very different than the other people in the world ... oh sure, we have a different culture, food, sports, and other, but we are not different in the life, we can be happy, merry, stressed, iritated, ...

    that's all happy

    Damien 29 Aug 2007, 12:33 - Verstoß melden
  • you know when

    you take the transport, feel like your are with the living already dead, people have no expression, respect for other's, you go to the supermarket and are surprised when the cash lady says hello, thank you with a smile, when you have a coffee or a beer, while readind your newspaper, or in the restaurant, eat/drink pay and get out, no sense of service, go running in bois boulogne, and see how the groups of walkers let you pass,I go running alone and most of the time end up giving way, after 9 years in my flat, apart from some neighbour who say hello, others who seems to hide behind doors until you are out of site..Paris tokyo london new york fashion capital, where has paris or the french gone wrong when it comes to style..... be anyway different stand out in the crowd..... back evil,, sorry but parisans are very very far from been latino, stop lying to youself, after all that, 13 years I have been here, love the place ard very happy with everything France has given to me which I gain through a lot of hard work and motivation, very very far from 35h weeks, bisous

    Kiran 10 Sep 2007, 03:22 - Verstoß melden
  • you are in france when you see people moving

    great, all this experiences. when do you know that you are in france? when you look at your map and you see that you have crossed the german or the italien or the spanish border. frenchmen are like... people. human beings. there are idiots everywhere in the world and great people, too. but one thing about france (or the south of france ?) over there, you still can do something, being actif without being obliged to take part of a big structure. if you are all right to move - because even in france, if you stay on your ass doing nothing, nothing moves. i found the site, and i think there are some great exemples for really actif frenchmen.

    micha 05 Okt 2007, 01:42 - Verstoß melden
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