Why is it so hard to make friends in Greece?

  • Hi!
    I have been living for 4 months now in Greece - and all my friends are foreigners!!! Why is it so hard to make Greece friends? Sometimes I get the impression that they prefer to stay amongst themselves. This is not really what I expected when I came here.


    30 Mai 2007, 11:29 Kathy
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  • hey

    hey id ont think so that its not easy to make friends in greece.just i think u r making somethink wrong.greeks r hospitality general.in which city of greece u r staying?

    thessaloniki 15 Jul 2007, 06:45 - Verstoß melden
  • Making friends in Greece

    Hi Kathy,

    In my opinion it is not at all hard to get Greece friends . I have a property on Zakynthos and the paople they are very open and friendly. Inportant is that you show youre respect for them and their way of life. If you also speak a couple of Greece words, everything is okay. By the way, I don't talk about Athens. There is everything different and more complicated.


    Dick 16 Jul 2007, 04:16 - Verstoß melden
  • Foreign exchange...!

    Yes it can be hard.. it just depends on where you live and your social area..

    But there are many clubs.. with on line friends here in Greece..
    That`s the Greeks who want to be friends with the EXZENIS..!
    The people of non Greek decent..
    There are many in Athens and I have a club up here in Thessaloniki.. it`s for every one from every where coming to or living in Greece..

    There are lots in Athens...

    And many for the Islands..

    I`f you want more info on mine .. or generall info on some other clubs ect.. you can contact me.. I`m An OUT OF TOWNER ..... www.outoftowners.net I take care of the site and organize parties ect...

    ann@outoftowners.net 06 Sep 2007, 04:56 - Verstoß melden
  • re

    Greeks do not snub, it is not our nature. We are very kind and loving, very open people. We are anything but rude to our visitors. It could be you, if you project a sense of awkwardness it won't help you meet anyone. This is in all cases of course not just Greece. Of course all over the world there are rude people too but not so much here. Also it is important you know the language! Just like if an foreigner comes to live in your America and they hardly speak they language many of them get upset by this as does some Greeks.

    daniella 24 Jan 2008, 11:58 - Verstoß melden
  • Greek friends

    I have never found it hard to make Greek friends here in Corfu,and find most Greeks very friendly,and helpfull.
    Of course there can be a culture clash,with Greeks who have never travelled, and as many parts parts of Greece have not evolved to western standards.
    Try to speek a little Greek,this will go along way to help you make friends,and respect the culture of your new home

    Ken Hill 16 Feb 2008, 12:26 - Verstoß melden
  • hi

    in my opinion it depend on what kind of person you are?
    it is easy for some people to make friends in foreign county,and for some one is not.

    and there is culturshock for foreigner.

    it is a good plattform for u free chat with foreigners!!

    fann 02 Apr 2008, 08:32 - Verstoß melden
  • Greeks aren't at all like us!

    I have met a Greek,42 yrs old & he is a very nice person.International,as he's travelled alot & has foreign clients,speaking English everyday.When emailing or talking on msn/SKYPE he came across as very confident,flirtacious,far more open than I am(and I'm not shy)!.He was the type of guy I wanted-like me!He was completely different when we met.Reserved,shy.There wasn't the same friendlyness I'd got on-line,although it was obvious we liked eachother! I then went to meet him in Greece-on his own territory.I was expecting there to be more on a second meeting,but it didn't come.They aren't affectionate,they won't hold hands in public,not tactile.And I got the impression he wasn't wanting more.I dropped a few hints and the response was-"I had watched too many films"! We had a great 10 days together-travelled all over Greece.He is obviously well liked by everyone and I have seen that he enjoys jokes and can at least have fun.We have known eachother for approx 3 months.I understood by his lack of affection,we were to be friends,but on occassion he has said things that lead me to believe he thinks of there being an 'US'!So,you never can tell what they really mean/think.I personally found the people polite & friendly to a point. Unfortunately the ones in buisness,once they knew they could make money from you,didn't say hello first,they asked how many people my friend would bring them this season(he's a guide)!There is alot of corruption in Greece amoung the coach drivers & tourist shops/restaurants etc.Everyone seems to be after their percentage!! which is very sad.I am due to move to Greece in a few months and I hope I find friends there, either Greek or foreigners.I want to learn Greek and be comfortable with the life there.I now know they are reserved just like the French.I lived there for 5 yrs & they have the same attitude to foreigners!I must say I haven't found many new friends in my local area in UK.There are a few neighbours I talk to regulary,but the others keep to themselves,especially my immediate neighbour,who as a young mum you would have thought would have been friendly,but she has her head down and doesn't want to stop to talk!!

    Karen Lloyd-Parker 07 Apr 2008, 12:46 - Verstoß melden
  • Greeks & French

    I totally agree with your statement.It's exactly as you describe.It's confusing.They guard their feelings.Are there any Greek/French men who are affectionate to their women? Where are you??

    Marrikka 07 Apr 2008, 12:51 - Verstoß melden
  • Hello everyone!

    We'd just like to say that we are doing Greece for a school project and we'd just like to say hello happy

    Bob 25 Apr 2008, 03:22 - Verstoß melden
  • Hello everyone!

    We'd just like to say that we are doing Greece for a school project and we'd just like to say hello happy

    Bob, Larry, Jr., Jerry, and the French Peas!! 25 Apr 2008, 03:25 - Verstoß melden
  • Where can I find some friends in Athens?

    I´m from Germany and I´m new hier, I search people to go out and I´m learning to better speak English.

    Thanks, bye

    Denise 05 Mai 2008, 09:20 - Verstoß melden
  • Rude greeks.

    I think that Greeks are the rudest people on the planet. I have lived on Rhodes for 21 years and speak the language fluently. It makes no difference speaking the lingo as you will always be the foreigner. The only thing that motivates the Greeks is money.

    Ruth 29 Mai 2008, 09:55 - Verstoß melden
  • the worst thing about greeks...

    all of you are correct! in the past 3 years that i have lived in athens...i'v probably had most of the typical negative experiences; only we cannot generalize and i'm sure there are cool greeks out there!! but what gets to me the most..is the constant demand for foreigners to prove themselves..again & again...

    ham 30 Mai 2008, 11:28 - Verstoß melden
  • nice people

    greeks are well up the ladder when it comes to manners they could not be any nicer

    steve 08 Jul 2008, 09:22 - Verstoß melden
  • no no no

    Why you make wrong becouse i live in greece last 10 years now iam 22 all my friends is greek they make easy friends but the ptob is that many of them don't speak englishe...start learn greek to make friends...

    ulees 17 Jul 2008, 05:02 - Verstoß melden
  • never been there

    I fi were to go to greece now, i am 18years old how would i be treated? and what if i wanted to meet people there and make new friends would that be easy?

    chelsea 28 Aug 2008, 12:51 - Verstoß melden
  • It`s not so dificult

    It`s not hard at all to make friends in Greece. But please learn the language first, that`ll make it a lot easier. Most of the Greeks are open minded and like to have friends from other cultures, so be friendly and you`ll make a lot of friends. Also, learn where the hot spots are in the city you live in and there try to approach them, you `ll be amazed how good they`ll respond.

    If you find dificult to make friends, imagine how hard is that in Scandinavia and especially in Denmark!

    BrainlessRat 03 Sep 2008, 05:40 - Verstoß melden
  • Hi there

    Hi there,
    I have been wanting to go to Greece all my life. I'm 32 years old and haven't been there. The closest i got was watching Mama Mia the other day hahaha !

    What are you doing in Greece, and where about are you

    Madelein 09 Sep 2008, 01:48 - Verstoß melden
  • prince of carpi

    hello babe plz contact with me ur welvisher

    armaan from italia 01 Okt 2008, 02:45 - Verstoß melden
  • How to make friends in Patra?

    I too have been living in Greece for a month and a half and have found it very difficult to make friends. I'm here as Au Pair but would love to enjoy my time here but I too agree it is hard to make friends in Greece and this is not all what I expected either

    Shekinah 10 Okt 2008, 11:55 - Verstoß melden
  • Greeks are like children

    Hi, I would like to join your discussion. You know, Greeks are like real children - especially on the islands - unspoiled by the "civilization" - and they expect the same from you. They can be greedy, jealous, lazy, indifferent to other world and countries (they really hate to travel!) - but they are never hypocratic. And it is better than to be cheated with a liar smile. And - most important - they are very proud of their nation. May be what you mistold for being reserved is their pride?

    Nadia 10 Okt 2008, 09:26 - Verstoß melden
  • How many

    How many people live at Greece

    i'm so sorry this my homework.

    sude yaz 14 Okt 2008, 07:09 - Verstoß melden
  • Karen Lloyd-Parker

    I was quite interested in your posting. I am currently considering taking a position in Greece running an established company based in the North of Greece. I would love to be able to find from you the details that might affect my decision - salary norms, housing costs, roads, etc. Please let me know at [email removed] if you would care to assist me. Thank you.

    Richard Short 28 Okt 2008, 03:33 - Verstoß melden
  • Kathy, I understand you!

    Hi! I didn't read everything everyone has been writing, but most of it.... and I just want to say: Kathy, I really understand you. I went to a shrink because I thought it was something wrong with me, that I could not make greek friends, only friends from other countries... and the way I have been treated, especially from some greek girls, not all of the, but some, has been so painfull, and directly rasistic, judgementaland, and mean. And that greeks are not rude... what ever!!!! I thought in the begining that greeks take pride in being rude, and that there is some secret competition in being rude, that I just didn't know about. And most people want to win that competiton, what ever it takes. I have lived in 3 different countries, 7 differents cities, and on about 35 different adresses in my life, and this is by fare the hardest. Of my friends from other countries here, I even have friends that want to leave, because the rudeness is so hard to deal with. And some has. I also got to know that Athens and Paris is the hardest to live in as a forener, hardest to be accepted by the peolpe. And I think, especially as a girl. And if you are american, I can really understand that it is hard for you. I am not american, but I have lived there, and you put a lot of effort in being polite, friendly and helpfull. So this is a bit of a culture chock. I have lived here for 4 years, and I have finally made 2 greek friends, and they are great. Extremly loving and giving. It was really hard to find them, one I found in a taxihappyIt is very hard to live in a country where you don't feel wanted, or accepted. And remember, learning the language will not make friends for you. People that are greek will tell you so, but I have many friends that speak greek, perfect, and stil, after years, most of them don't have greek friends(girls)(it is easier to make friends here that are men). So don't listen to the "rude" people that is telling you that there is something wrong with you. They are wrong, and are probably not foregner here the once that say that. Be happy you have friends, even if they are not greek, yet. Don't give up though, because when you do find a greek friend, I feel, that it brings you cloes to the country. Remember, there is some really sweet great girls here, they are just very very hard to find. And also, don't let peolpe tell you that they are better and smarter then you, because they are greek (and more beautiful)... what is forgotten here a lot, it is not the nationality that makes you a good person, but who you actually are. And I am sure you are a great person!

    Anna 29 Okt 2008, 03:57 - Verstoß melden
  • Kathy, I understand you!

    I am not saying greeks are more beautiful then the rest of us, again, beauty, has nothing to do with nationality.... but many people often like telling me this here.... and if they do to you too, don't listen to them. This is a hard place to be. I wish you all luck, and happiness, and hope you will like it here! And that you will find some greek friends, eventually! My boyfrined is greek, the best man I have ever meet in my life, and his mother and father is loving me highly and truly, and it gives me great support here. They have taken me in to there family like a daughter. Enjoy all the great fruits and vegetables and the open markets!!!!

    Anna 29 Okt 2008, 04:11 - Verstoß melden
  • Hey

    I want to move to here but idk if its a good idea

    Melissa 07 Nov 2008, 01:33 - Verstoß melden
  • Greek born in South Africa

    I'm from South Africa, born to Greek parents, I'm planning to move to Greece next year. Athens, where both my parents live. I speak fluently & have heard that there are many Greeks from South Africa there, does anyone have a clue where i could finfd them?

    Anna 12 Nov 2008, 11:52 - Verstoß melden
  • Moving to Athens...

    hello everybody...I'm Italian,I'm 27 and I'm moving to Athens in a few days...I lived abroad for a long time because of my job..but now I'm moving to Athens just because I want to,I feel I belong in some ways to Greece and I woul like to learn Greek...I was in Athens many time and my friend who is Greek told me I would have been disappointed..I don't know if I will..but I really would like to have Greek friends foreigneirs...I saw Greek people warm ,kind and the last thing I want is to see that is even more difficult in Ahens than Dublin to make friends..happy

    Graziana 25 Nov 2008, 10:09 - Verstoß melden
  • Karen lloyd parker

    Karen , or anyone who knows her....please contact Jan [email removed]

    Jan greenwood 30 Nov 2008, 11:52 - Verstoß melden
  • friends!

    hi! its true its not easy to find greek friends ...even if u try to speak greek. I am staying here 3td year and since my foreign schoolames left i feel a bit lonely. I am 25 and i live in athens.My email is [email removed],

    natalia 07 Dez 2008, 08:32 - Verstoß melden
  • Greek Islands

    I was looking into possibly relocating from the Los Angeles area..what specific area is a good place to live? is it expensive/the economy compared to LA?

    Jan 11 Dez 2008, 10:56 - Verstoß melden
  • Hallo Denise

    I see your post is from May, but maybe you still visit this forum from time to time! It's not very easy to get to know people here, in Greece, because they usually don't spontaneously speak with you, when you go out to bars, clubs etc., especially when you are a complete stranger to them.
    It takes time. Maybe it's a good solution for a start to go out with people you work or study with? I myself am half Greek and half German and grew up in Athens, but left for Germany for 11 years, so I had a similar problem with you, finding people to go out with (although I had one or two friends here from the past). After a while going out with some colleagues (parties and concerts) the "chain" of people I knew grew and some of them became friends. You could also check the Greek-German community (Deutsche Schule Athen, Goethe-Institut). You can meet interesting people there, whenever they have exhibiton openings, lectures, film festivals or Christmas parties. But maybe you 've already done all that since May! big-smile Anyway, if you still are searching for people to go out with, write: [email removed]

    worewu 12 Dez 2008, 12:35 - Verstoß melden
  • Greeks don't like even their own selves.

    Greek are friends with all friends with no one. Hey are jelous people and hate the victory of others. and they hate school. Just look at their high school crisis.

    Alex 26 Dez 2008, 03:55 - Verstoß melden
  • A girl looking for FRIENDS in Athens!!

    Hi buddies!
    I have just moving in N.Iraklio just 20minutes from Athens where I work in Hotel Business. I'm 20years old. I would like to meet people around there! Here my e mail .
    WRITH ME happy

    see ya

    Dorianespyropoulos 08 Jan 2009, 11:41 - Verstoß melden
  • Hi

    My name is aggelos and i am 17years old it's my first time to this site and i've got to say that this site is great ,anyway,i live in greece and i've got to say that is a amazing contry and i think tha everyone should vist us.Now to our poin as you told before you think that is too hard to find friends here in greece....well i think that you might have right but only at very spesific times.if you want to make a greek friend then you should add me at you msn...my msn id is [email removed]

    Aggelos-k-@hotmail.com 15 Jan 2009, 06:31 - Verstoß melden
  • hi

    my name is steve im from wales and i live in athens, i have problems making friends here first of all because i dont know where to start, second i think alot of people dont want to speak english because they dont speak very well which can be hard because my greek is not so good. if any1 is intrested in talking my email and msn is [email removed]

    steve 26 Jan 2009, 08:05 - Verstoß melden
  • Moe@foe.com

    Dude, you are zoo correct. They come to the U.S. Not to assimilate, but to take as much as they can. All the while advertising how much BETTER Greece is than the u.s. Meanwhile , they all KNOW , NOBODY moves to Greece for a better life! Greece has a 4500 year lead on everyother country, but has produced NOTHING....but methane gas!

    Moe 27 Jan 2009, 04:46 - Verstoß melden
  • no

    moe i dont think theyre bad people but i think they have a inbred racism and scapticism toward anyone who isnt born in greece..... and its all acording where they are from if form a big city they are not intrested in talking to any1 thats an outsider uless they need somthing. but i lived in a small town in the north called serres and thingsa where alot different.... the people would see me in a bar and make a point of introducing themselve to me to find out who i am and where im from i made many friends there.
    but in the city no

    steve 27 Jan 2009, 04:30 - Verstoß melden
  • Athens sucks

    Athens is the worst place, get out to another place within Greece better.

    me 31 Jan 2009, 06:21 - Verstoß melden
  • Living in Athens

    Many people told to me that even for greeks Athens is a jungle. I moved here years ago for work and I still don't have any greek friend but one... My personal experience is this: many of them have a sort inferiority complex. They are proud beacause of culture, philosofy and etc.. but very few really knows in deep what they are showing off about.
    I find that greeks (here in Athens) are very expertized in wearing big sunglasses, driving noisy motorbikes or coarse cars, sitting hours in caffeteries, singing greek lovesongs and being scared by foreigners.

    Apart this, the obvious truth is that you can find extraordinary people everywhere in the world, even in Greece!

    Now a good word: When I see greeks dancing in circle looking at a lonely dancer in the middle it seems to me they respect a tradition... a tradition that makes them feel a population, an elite, even if I'm not sure they aware about this.

    Andrea from Italy 22 Feb 2009, 10:40 - Verstoß melden
  • Dear Kathy

    There are many oppinions about the greeks, but go give you an insite of the everyday life for a foreign mother with children from abroad in the greek sosiaty. I brought my daughter then 8 years old to a greek Island and enrolled her into the greek school. It was one of the toughest experince my poor daughter had to go through in life. As she did not know Greek in the beginning, she found it hard to play with the other kids as they did not aproach her. But later when she did speak greek, she still did not make friends as she was a "xeni" foreigner, and they just avoided her. She is a very open little girl, and used to have lots of school friends in her country, but her the kids learn from their parents to not play with any foreigner. She has now passed 3 years here in Greece and still having difficult in beeing exepted by the children. I feel so sorry for her that she had to have such a afull time moving to a wonderful country.
    To also say that I have some greek friends, but it has taken time to win their trust and freindship. Concering buisness, dont ever trust a greek, as they will lie to you in you face, or never keep a gentelmans agreement. They can not be trusted at all concerning money. Not even a greek trusts another greek, so why should we.....
    A very good friend of mine told his son, that he will not be allowed to mary his foreign girlfriend, as he is brought up in other ways then a foreigner, and that a greek women will not be of a burden. Many think like this.
    A good exampl. is my friends has rented a field for their horses from an old farmer for many years. Suddenly withour notification, he turned the water of, why? the daughter did not agree.
    You have to live with them, but you cant beat them. So find some few Good friends, and enjoy the greek lifestyle, sun and sea..... That is why we came her........

    Kari 10 Mär 2009, 11:04 - Verstoß melden
  • Greek people rude?

    I live in America and every greek person I've ever met prefers not to stay friends...

    They stick to their 'own kind'. You have to marry into Greek families to be accepted and even then you might not.

    Sure, they are nice when they see you but they NEVER reciprocate. They are so busy with family and religious functions they don't even think of 'outside' the family friends.

    There are enough cousins and siblings to be friends with - that's why they don't care to expand their social circles with 'outsiders'.

    They have great food too! Dolmas, YUM!

    Pammy 24 Mär 2009, 09:29 - Verstoß melden
  • Contact me

    Kathy, contact me to find friends in Greece.

    Junex 04 Apr 2009, 04:11 - Verstoß melden
  • Contact me ASAP


    Contact me on my email ASAP so you can find hundreds of friends here. [email removed]


    Junex 04 Apr 2009, 04:30 - Verstoß melden

    i worked with greeks. and other nationalities in every ships i joined.THE WORST PEOPLE.....?



    ACHILLES 06 Apr 2009, 04:43 - Verstoß melden
  • friends in Greece

    Rudist people on earth

    kim 12 Apr 2009, 06:39 - Verstoß melden
  • Theres a good chance....

    u only met the wrong ppl!!
    Im greek, born and raised in Athens and my reality is completely different to the one yr describing. Ive lived abroad and exactly as here not all ppl r the same. I met both easy going and stupid ppl. But thats how it is everywhere. Ayway, to make a point anyone who wants pls feel free to get in touch with me ([email removed]) and ill do my best to show u a face of Athens uve never knew it existed. PROMISE!!!

    Stef_26 13 Apr 2009, 11:57 - Verstoß melden
  • I can understand you people!

    I am greek male 29 years old, I live in Greece and I have no friends here! You should know that greeks can not tolerate anything different. This does not necessarily mean being a foreigner -which of course is a very good reason to isolate you. It also means having different beliefs, interests than the average no matter if you are a greek native!
    I can understand how you feel, we had some foreigners in a previous job I did and greeks really want to have company only with co-patriots. With the foreigners their relationship was strictly professional. Of course guess who is the prime suspect to be blamed for a mistake and for backstubbing!
    I also agree with some comments made above. We certainly more rude than average and we tend to blame others for our mistakes as a rule. The drawback is we can not change easily. If you -the foreigners- voice some complaints about their behaviour the most possible answer you will have is " if you don't like us then go back to your country!". That is almost the same answer that a native greek has when his beliefs contradict with the entrenched greek norms even if they are unreasonable or supress the freedom of thought, choice etc. "If you don't like it here, the go to an other country!" is the answer, respectively.
    My advice to you who emigrated here is not to try desperately to make greek freinds. As many of you have already realised is sth really difficult. Have company with your co-patriots or other immigrants, do your job, enjoy the sun and the sea and try not to be affected so much by greeks. That's the key to survive here!
    Thank you for listening, hope I haven't make you tired!

    grM29 29 Apr 2009, 10:38 - Verstoß melden
  • I love my greekz

    I live in a small village on the mainland opposite Lefkada and Imust say I love my wonderful neighbours to bits, all warm and friendly, we have laughs and cries and when I started jibbering a bit of greek they all cheered and living here is a bliss, just show them respect, for many ages they fought for freedom and they have certain rules and values that kept them together in many struggles,ask them about history and cuddle the kids, be there with them when they bury their loved ones, and baptize their babies, and you will soon be part of the community. Well, this goes for a little village of course... Be aware, many foreighners often misbehave and break traditions, greeks dont like that as they are precious to them.

    barbara 18 Mai 2009, 01:18 - Verstoß melden


    ΣΑΚΗΣ 18 Mai 2009, 11:00 - Verstoß melden
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