The uk lost its culture!

  • Does Britain has any culture left? I think the country lost its culture, especially in the larger cities like London.

    I think the country is being exposed to so many different religions, festivals, music and food which means that there are so many cultures that the Brits loose their own one!!

    29 Mai 2007, 06:30 Lee
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  • disagrement

    Having lived in the UK with an english citizen I'm still amazed at the amount of cultural differences there are. In large part what has been lost depends on your definition of culture. If you're speaking of the arts definately not. If you're thinking of national pride and cultural activities and history. Again I say absolutely not. yes there is a greater amount of diversity in the larger communities but it is my belief that this simply adds to an already rich national identity rather than subsumes it.

    Kay 24 Okt 2007, 06:43 - Verstoß melden
  • True But...

    Your right, the UK has lost or is at least loosing its own ID. But not for the reasons you state. British Identity is being eroded by the authorities and by certain Muslims. Dont anyone jump on the "your being racist" bandwagon coz thats NOT what this is about. Most Muslims live in harmony with the UK, unfortunately there are those who agree with the terrorists, hate the English, and this can be for a number different reasons. However since the US and UK bombings, some Muslims liek to "get offended" by certain things knowing that this will encourage the Government to change them. Additionally, the powers that be worry themselves into a stupor over what may offend someone before it even has and go ahead and change things, example from this year, St. Georges day, banned and discouraged in case it offends someone. This kind of thing is absolute bullshit, Brits should be able to be proud of their nation and celebrate it with their heads held high, not have to hide behind closed doors in case it offends someone else. Britain is always doinf things like this and its the only nation in the world that does it. Its like a number of years ago when some idiot suggested a remake of the union jack to represent black and asians on it. No neeed for that, the Union jack is the nation flag as it is and thats that, if anything was going to be added to it, then it should be a welsh dragon. I get sick and tired of
    this crap all the time when most people black white and asian would simply prefer to just get on with their lives and do what they do without all the shit.

    annoyed 24 Mär 2009, 01:41 - Verstoß melden
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