What do brits think about Indians..esp those in IT

  • C'mon be honest

    11 Feb 2008, 11:09 G M
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  • indians

    it is nothing against skin colour, or where you come from, but when you take our benefits, our jobs, our educational grants, etc, etc - over those who especially need it. Its the way the majority of you are rude, and ignorant, and over price things.
    you come over here, and are so rude, no please, no thank you, and most of you cant even speak english.
    you take out loans, and credit cards and the like - knowing you cant pay them. and its us british tax payers that end up paying for it.
    Now for those in IT, your not so bad, you build our economy and im sure you speak english. So go for it happy

    just me 26 Mär 2008, 09:26 - Verstoß melden
  • indians

    Britain especially the major cities and the south east has a large number of indians and british people (with indian heritage) and from everywhere else. Most British people in the major centres are used to working and living with people from all over the world - in the nicer parts of the country you'll have no problems and be welcomed for your skills - a dood standard of spoken english and a good sense of humour and you'll be fine.

    Tim 14 Apr 2008, 09:43 - Verstoß melden
  • Racial Discrimination

    You british people are racist. Racial discrimination exist at a large scale in U.K. Moreover british person gets paid more money for the same job. British person distinguish on the basis on skin of colour. British people think that just because they have white skin they are superior than Indian . British person easily manage to get a job whereas Indian has to struggle for it, even if britisher is not skilled enough they get job easily.

    Ajit 28 Apr 2008, 06:30 - Verstoß melden
  • English are racist!

    The English will always be racist to us Indians because they don't understand our rich history.I am a British Indian and I have been racially abused all my life, from minor comments to being beaten up.Worst thing of all is the number of times I have been turned down for a job and I know it is because I am Indian.If it was an englishman with the same qualifications he would of got the job no probs.All this has happened to me and I live in a good area of the country, good help the brothers who live in poorer areas.You just have to get used to racism and realise that these people are ignorant.If only they realised the rich history of our people.This country would be nothing without the contribution of the asians.Unfortunately we get used and abused.Not all the english are racist but most of them are even if they are polite to you.We are a peacefull people mainly our religions of Sikhism and Hinduism are of peace so we have no reason to be racist to the indiginous people of England.So when the BNP says most racial crimes are comitted by asians that is nonsense.I just say to all my brother Indians new to this country who experiance racism we have been there, you just have to get used to it.

    Arjun Singh 04 Jun 2008, 06:22 - Verstoß melden
  • yea ok

    - made a good point British people easily manage to get jobs because they don't make words up like britisher.

    - everyone gets used and abused not just Indians.
    - what the BNP say is also true there are multitudes of cases where Indian gangs have harassed various people specially in the citys where Indians outnumber the other races 10:1 like Bolton for instance
    - as for miner comments and being beaten it swings both ways.

    now to both of you
    - when it comes to jobs they are looking for the best person that will fit in and is likely to stay on.
    1. if you have an accent that isnt understandable it will affect the fitting in which in turn will mst likely make you move jobs anyway.
    2. being over qualified -YES YOU HAVE MORE QUALIFICATIONS- big deal the company will see that as you will probably move jobs.
    3. interviews -they interview you for a reason so that they can get a handle on you this is where language comes in the English guy/girl wont be sweating it while trying t sell them selfs however if your not skilled in the language its harder.
    4. remember its not just you going for the job there could be 1000s of aplicants
    5. at the end of it if you think the decision is racist you can take them to an employment tribunal with the race relations act

    oh and another point for arjit the whole white guy gets paid more is a load of bull its covered by the race relations act only legal way it could happen is if the person worked there before you on a different wage scale and before you started the scale change (some businesses give bonuses for years worked 1st year basic 2d year £200 extra 3rd year 500 extra ect), scale change would leave the persons contract Xamount above a new scale systems worker wage as by law it cant be reset.

    Sam 06 Jun 2008, 07:34 - Verstoß melden
  • Brits are racist, in denial and hypocrites!

    To Sam and others, you have typical brit mentalities your in denial,

    Indians are one of the most sucessful, groups in this country, have one of the lowest crimes rates, one of the highest pass rates in education and the highest rate of home ownership. Reading some of the comments here just show how backward brits are, (they think they are the most advanced lol)

    As for Gangs sam its the white gangs that are the most dangerous just look at your racist football gangs, white gangs would make black gangs look like a joke.

    More Indians have been killed by whites that whites by Indians check this with the Police (if they have the decency to admt it) or with the Home Office.

    It is much easier for a White person the get promoted or get a jobs than any other community,even if they have less qualifactions or experience and as you don't believe this send a C.V to different companies with different names and you will see the result, or form a group with different races and all apply for the same job and then find out the result.

    As for the English language Indian speak better english than the english many english get low english grades and those who live abroad cannot speak the languages of those coountries(you stupid hypocrites)

    As for benefits remember that the average Indian works harder than the average white person and pay more taxes and there are many lazy white people who live of benefits and blame immigrants for their miseries. Racism in this country exists in every walk of life, education, the police, the army, employment, just to name a few.

    As for thankyou and please and Manners many whites on public transport never que up, push in front of line and never say excuse me and also push.

    Yet brits love to eat foreign food drive foreign cars, holiday in foreign countries, watch foreign films, drink foreign beer and rob foreign countries!

    Vijay 12 Jun 2008, 10:08 - Verstoß melden
  • Brits are the laziest and most racist people in the world!

    My family moved to the UK from India in 1962 and we worked very hard at work.We experienced racism and were looked down on. Now we are wealthy, we still get racism! I get stopped by police regularly because I drive a mercedes.They just ask for my ID and other basic questions. But why have I been stopped so many times? It is because I am asian and I own a Mercedes. The englishman can't accept that I have earned it legally and through hard work!This is just a small example, but day to day we get abuse of the racist form by the English either directly or indirectly.This does not bother us any more we get on with our lives and cant give a dam about them.They should get off the ases and work hard and then they might get the rewards we get.

    Sundjit 23 Jun 2008, 12:07 - Verstoß melden
  • Britains Wealth Created From Slavery and Colonial Rape!

    White Brits are racist to the core. Some hide it better than others. The higher up the class ladder you go the more calculating it becomes.
    I think some of the comments regarding Asian gangs and other negative connotations apply more to the Pakistanis more than the Indians. Their is a difference!
    What riles a white Brit more than anything is an intelligent and prosperous Indian/foreigner.
    At the end of the day we pay tax etc just like every other British citizen. So like every other British Citizen we are entitled to everything this country has to offer. Our money also keeps the economy going. After all the richest person in Britain is Indian.
    Most White Brits don't even know their own history. If they did they would understand why we are here and why things are the way they are! Maybe Eastenders and other White Brit TV garbage can incorporate some of this into its storylines!LOL
    What is worse than racist White Brit?
    A fellow Indian(s) who think they are white.

    Jay 12 Jul 2008, 03:36 - Verstoß melden
  • Sad sight

    I am a British but have been out of england for quite a while. Really felt sad looking at the way people are.. still fighting in England and the most disrespectful language used by some of you. You call yourselves British and represent our country...sad.

    S 28 Jul 2008, 08:09 - Verstoß melden
  • This is so sad!!!

    You all sound racist towards each other. Going on abotu you indians and you british. We are all individuals and should have respect for each other including our differences. That's never going to happen though is it? There is too much narrow mindedness. So many stereotypes are described here it's unbelievable. I have seen racisim toward Indian friends and I have experienced racisim from Indians too. I also know that a close friend from India was extremely racist toward Pakistani's. She was hindu and her little brother was killed by a group of muslim boys in London several years ago in a racist attack. You have to look at the whole picture.

    Sophie 23 Aug 2008, 12:19 - Verstoß melden
  • Race

    There will never be true racial harmony no matter what is said and done. It's simple, all coloured skin tones are wary of each other. We can spend millions of pounds trying to build multicultural communities and our governments puts spin on things to make it look like we all get along together. The answer is we won't, we never will, we pretend we all get along but in the privacy of our homes we tell our wives/husbands and family the truth. Stop pretending everyone! I personally do not feel comfortable with the way the Indian/Pakistani communities are swamping the UK, we are losing our identity and religious views due to the over population of these communities. I don't think there's a realistic answer to it all unless in some weird way we all interbreed and become one creed over hundreds of years. As you know that will never happen and I can see more friction between the communities in the years to come. Personally I think I will exit the UK to get away from it all and go to some remote place and watch the UK implode.

    Simon 10 Sep 2008, 11:02 - Verstoß melden
  • to be honest there the ones stealing our jobs!

    this is nothing to do with anyones race or anything i arnt a racist, but the indian guy who was moaning about not being able to get a job, well that is total bull, because im white british and i cant find a job. yes i do posses qualifacations im rather educated, but every job interview i have been for, iv been the only white person there and i could argue the reason i didnt get the job is because im white and i wont work for crumbs like you, but im not going to because we both know that would be bullshit. and as for indian gangs they f***ing do exist, im 18 now, and in the past 3 years iv been mugged 3 times. 3 mobile phones stolen from me, and they where always asians/indians. one group of them pulled up at side of me in a car when i was on crutches and made me hand over my phone, so dont talk loads of bullshit, theres bad white people theres bad indian people, no race of people is perfect my friend, not even indians. however indians do come into this country and just take take take, we are not the users , you are. most imagrants now get a house a car a job all given to them on a plate, while british white homeless people starve on the streets it makes me sick, and i dont blame you for it, because if i could go to some country and they would drop all them things into my lap id take it there & then, i blame the government, this country is run by idiots, you may think of me as small minded but maybe if asian stop over populating the world, and everyone stayed in there own country, non of us would be in this mess and the world would be a better place... if you dont like your own country, tuff shit, i dont like living in this f***ing dump geting robbed by people who can barely say the words" give me your f***ing phone", i dont like living in an area populated by drunks & drug users, lifes a f***ing bitch, you do the best with what ya got, we f***ing have !

    whyshouldyoucareaboutmyopinion 18 Sep 2008, 08:08 - Verstoß melden
  • A load of shit

    the one one thing that strikes me from reading these posts,is how you've all got such massive f*** off chips on your shoulders.weather your white,asian,black or f***ing indigo what difference does it make?we all have to live in the same country and if all we do is go about slagging each other off we're never going to get anywhere.i'm a white working class man but i think the bnp and the likes are absolute shit heads and are at total odds to the values in which this country and many others(including india)fought for 60 odd years ago.it just seems that you all view injustice from your own personal perspective and have no empathy for others.in short we should have more tolerence for others,whatever background we come from.in reply to aussie though.i think many of the black american decendents didn't actually get the chance to decide where they wanted to live as they were took there by slave traders and set to work by their so called "hosts"who lets face it,aren't the indigenous race of north america.

    Jamie 26 Sep 2008, 05:42 - Verstoß melden
  • British people are NOT racist.

    I am Indian and I have lived in the UK all my life and I can say that I have never experienced racism here. I have loads of white English friends so when you say that all British people are racist it is an absolutely absurd thing to say. I would say that a small minority of uneducated idiots in the UK are racist but they exist in every country, more so in other countries than in Britain. In regards to jobs I highly doubt that you are being turned down because you are Indian but maybe you have a strong accent or judging by your post, a poor grasp of basic English grammar. Actually it is people like you who give Indians a bad name in this country, all you do is moan and you assume that just because a small minority of people are racist they all are and therefore you do not integrate. Also, we Indian people are not exactly above racism ourselves, our social class is defined by the colour of our skin and non-white foreigners in India are not exactly welcomed.

    Maybe it's just you, not your skin.

    Chopra 28 Okt 2008, 04:48 - Verstoß melden
  • British people ARE RACIST the sooner you realise this the better!

    chopra you are an example of the few indian idiots who leave their family and suck the dick of the white man!for you to say you have never experienced racism is just an outright lie! every indian person i know(and that is thousands)has been through racism. so you are lying when you say you haven't experienced racism, unless you are two or three years old and new to this world!who are you trying to kid bro? you continue making white friends and i guarentee you one day those so called friends walking with you down the alley way will jump you! you will get backstabbed one way or another!like a previous post said "white brits are racist to the core. some hide it better than others".so the sonner you realise this the better for your sake.you will get backstabed, trust me. unless your english mates are gay, in which case they will one day start f***ing eachother in front of you, and discriminate against you because of your black ass!!it may be to your advantage that you aint white in this case. stop being a gay f***ing coconut and be proud of who you are!we the indians in the uk are the most affluent ethnic community not like those drug taking lazy pakis!so you don't have to lick ass, have some pride chopra and help your own community.you will be happier and more succesful believe me.

    Singh 09 Nov 2008, 08:15 - Verstoß melden
  • the truth


    english pricks aint got no culture...

    imagine brov...if we all...asians...sri lankan-pakis-indians-tamils-bengali etc...u f***in brits will get f***ed 4 sure...

    u can call us curry eaters ...pakis etc...i dnt care

    at least we have pride we can really proud of...we have traditional food...culture etc...but u aint got nuffin...

    f*** u brits...

    CUM AND FIND IT OUT 19 Nov 2008, 01:58 - Verstoß melden
  • the truth

    *bengalis get 2gether

    CUM AND FIND IT OUT 19 Nov 2008, 01:59 - Verstoß melden
  • Brit owned (looted) India??? just like US owns Iraq now???LOL

    It is ridiculous to read that my British friends think that they owned India. Bloody hell, Robert clive an outcast of Britain mainland made use of internal rivalry of Indian kings. Indian kings were a bit stupid indeed they must have never thought a Brit could be so cunning. Britain started becoming richer sooner they conquered India, because it is from this place they used to get ship loads of Gold and other valuabel items. They build Trains, they build shipyards, roads and many things in India, so they could very easily loot the country. Its coz of a diversity that is existing in India, which was misused by English, were the Indian United from the very begining, Britain cud have been, infact most of the western world would have been still living in dark age. Aks why? each and every research here was funded during those times by the money made in India, indeed it was not possible otherway as it would have been possible long time ago in that case.(before Britain invaded India).. They not only fudned thier research but also research in other countrries such as Germany via their banks. So, in a way if you see most of the fundamental research, which is responsible for high tech stuff nowayds was fudned by Indian money. But, that was for good to certain extent(except nuclear bomb). Indeed, where would they go for money at that time, when they were living in a land which seriuolsy lacks natural resources. india was the only country , where everything was abundant. The ants go always where th food is, so i dont blame the brits for that. I dont even blame the brit for looting, as kind of life people in the west used to live was horrible and they had to do something to make it better and invading was one of the ways of doing it. But never ever think you owned India, you left coz you couldnt control it further, as your own country was wounded by WW II. And then if ever Brit has given something to India, India wouldnt have been so POOR when you left India. In just two centuries, English have changed the face of our country, from a golden bird to an hungry bird. Nevertheless, I wouldnt BLAME anybody here, becoz afterall its the TIME, which MAKES and DESTROYS,
    Todays Lion is Tomorrows Rat...

    India -Britan- Friendship 23 Nov 2008, 09:05 - Verstoß melden
  • So why don't you emigrate?

    I am English, but have lived in Kenya (where I was born) Nigeria, and Singapore. I respect hard-working people wherever they are from.

    The most succesful Indians in the UK are people who came from East Africa, who didn't want to live in a country where the locals envied their wealth and wanted to kick them out, like Uganda.

    Britain quit India in 1947 - so quit blaming us for your problems. YOUR democratically elected leaders chose to stunt the country's growth by closing it off to foreign trade and investment.

    Ironically, I cam across this page while googling 'Portugal laziest'. So clearly you don't know much about the world if you think British are the laziest and most racist.

    Oh, and as this is a German site, it's worth pointing out that German nationality laws are more racist, based on ancestry, than British ones, based on residence. Ask the Turks in Germany.

    anglo 27 Nov 2008, 03:01 - Verstoß melden
  • British people are definately racist

    They demand that you learn their language go to their public schools and blend in with the rest of the community but when they go abroad especially in the middle east they dont bother to learn arabic, they stay away from public schools (ok they are pretty shit) and they certainly DO NOT blend in with the locals. they stick to their own kind and generally think they are better than everyone else. All i wanna say is F*** ALL OF YOU RACIST PIGS..HYPOCRITE ASSHOLES.

    base 29 Nov 2008, 10:20 - Verstoß melden
  • Pakis not so nice, Indians nice!

    Pakis are not nice people because they may seem very friendly from the outside but are extremists. Indians are democratic in mindset and have never EVER WAGED OR INITIATED A WAR!


    RODNEY 30 Nov 2008, 01:22 - Verstoß melden
  • Brits are just arrogant

    Brits are just arrogant and everyone around the world knows this.When they go to visit India they think they are better than the locals and when they are in their own country they think they are better than the british asian community..You can never win with them.The problem is not with the asians but it is with the english.

    Sabjit 30 Nov 2008, 08:26 - Verstoß melden
  • The TRUTH why British HATE Indians - Finally.

    look at this message board?? look at all the indians abusing and pulling the race card against the british - yet all these indians want to live in the uk and reap off the benefits?? if you hate them so much then go f*** off back to india.. seriously. if you complain so much about not finding a job in the uk - cuz u are indians then go find a job in india - no one is stopping you?? if you moan so much about the benefits you get by living in uk - then go try getting any benefits in india from the indian govt. where you are all treated like dogs unless you are billionaires or powerful people with political connections.

    now here is the truth - i am an indian - british people have a horrible image of indians - because the majority of indians are horrible - indians are racist to everyone who is not white.. and yet complain about racism all over the world. but my appeal to british people - do not judge all indians as the same - there are 1.2 billion indians who are extremely diversified - very few indians are truly sophisticated and cultured - and most of those are upper class old money indians. the nouveau riche indians are to be avoided like the plague - and middle class indians sadly may be nice people deep down but lack sophistication to move around in british society. they also do not want to change or adapt to british culture but i guess the ones born in uk who integrate are not all that bad.

    i find british people to be extremely tolerant - and i agree india became a shithole after the british left. there was virtually no crime or corruption in india when the british governed india - and now crime & corruption in india are the highest in the world. indians living in the uk should stop accusing british people of being racist - and not take it personally - rather they should try to integrate into british society, learn their mannerisms and behave like them.. otherwise whats the point of living in uk?? only to make money?? sorry but that ain't a good reason either - even if the british made a lot of money in india - they gave it much more.. and when they left india they bought a lot of indian culture with them to britain.

    an advice for all indians who hate british people - please look at the mirror yourself before pointing fingers at others.

    UKindian 10 Dez 2008, 01:23 - Verstoß melden
  • Came for spices to INDIA

    these bludy british came for spices and just eating all dishes ,,,and slowly invaded india by their f***ing jackal minded techniques ,,,,as india was the richest country in the world before with lots of gold and wealth...
    these idiots have taken all our indian money and want to save the money here now....bull shit...

    eagle,,,,,, 14 Dez 2008, 06:47 - Verstoß melden
  • Paki

    the people that did where in the london bombers where pakis

    James Baker 18 Dez 2008, 12:56 - Verstoß melden
  • Vijay

    Answer this
    in your view of a traditional british person
    they are white. not brown

    James Baker 18 Dez 2008, 01:00 - Verstoß melden
  • yep

    f*** britain,they shitty weather,their crap food and their music.all the time you hear 'british writers','british music',f*** them.they hate everyone and they don't care,cause their safe on their shitty island.arschlochern!

    era 19 Dez 2008, 06:02 - Verstoß melden
  • BRITS !!! Pull my leg ! Lets see !!!


    i like in us. i hate uk becoz of racism! so came to us and so happy to be here !
    so yea i had layover duration at heathrow airport. not even a single english person was good ! f*** yaa f***in english ! i said to english lady - i lost my receipt for luggage ! she was enplaning me the meaning of receipt! so, u people can't comprehend ur own language.
    honestly i offened uk in uk !! i am so happy ! she was pissed off when i said thank u uk , what a nice impression u gave me. if i had little more time, u bet that lady was out of that airport, coz great grand daughter of the queen of england is my friend !!! i should have called her and would made her realize this what ur country ! but yea since she is my friend .. i would not be that rude ! anyway enough of this. besieds this...hahahaa english people u are crave so much for coming to us and i realized us create problem for us visa ! glad to hear that !!!
    candidly, its time we should rule you bloody brits ! :d
    no offense by the way ! bb go together ! bloody brits ( english when i say brits )... inversely, i shall give respect to those english people who are really really good !!!! like every country there is good and bad..so in uk u will find lot of good people too ... but majority of them are bad !!! go for impoverished place in uk. people are good there ! sorry for any grammatical error i might have committed while writing this rubbish... !! i knackered !oh my gosh its 1:34 am in the morning !
    anyway, love u brits ( good ones),
    hate u bad one !! happy
    long live the queen ! happy

    Sahil 21 Dez 2008, 08:34 - Verstoß melden
  • Sahil

    Imagine last line coming out of Lalu parsad yadav's mouth ! happy
    Would be damn hilarious ! big-smile

    Yeh angreezoo nein humpa raaz kiya tha naaa... aab hum apni bhaaisoo ka dhood idhar beche ga ! big-smile No offense to my country either !

    Oh my god , I just realized I offending all teh countries !
    yea I forgot to mention this to ENGLISH people.. yea ...
    It was u who started this. U didn't ask u to come over to India.
    Besides that English Accet ! lol... Gorgeous ! I love it with a passion ! big-smile
    But yea.. i mean we like it coz its funny...lol
    aaover instead of over ! Long "o"s !! good !!
    So yea ,
    I love Brits...but ain't that interested to come to UK. But yea I have a great sense of humour ... so I can set Indian image in UK...!! I am a famous personality at my college in UK. Furthemore, an ACTOR ! happy... Model..
    Oh nooo...and my ENglish Accent is not a lame one !!! I talk in flawless smart south london accent. I had english roomies in US. quite ironic .. never been to UK... people in US reckon me as ENglish.... so Yea in US.. I more of fighting for ENglish rights..like make them feel english dun like ur country ! big-smile
    ANyway, I should stop pulling people's leg.. But I love it !!!
    So yea Brits,
    U have seen Indians... who were of little older generation. Current generation are like me !! happy
    And I guess half of the England population is Indian... So dun worry ! Brown ??? Oh noo.. we are not really brown.. Some of the south Indians are.....! Not the North Indian ! We rather are tanned ! big-smile
    Okay bbye !
    Long live ethe queen !
    BNP is lunatic.. reckons UK government is not doing anything. And opposes vehemently against immigration! Who disagree with me - Wake u dolly day dreams...
    UK is primarily running on the income coming from Abroad based on students pay for ur coll.
    And some english ! 1st posting - Indians steal their grants !
    Okay - Indian currency is too low. We can't afford 85 rs per pound !
    while in India 85 rs is a lot of money ! Indians really need scholarship for that and they get it by stuyding hard not like some of the english waiting for money to folw into their hands doing nuffin .......

    Goodbye ! Hope I wasn't racist!!!
    Love live our noble queen !

    Adieu my beloved brits ! By no means I bear any bad thoughts for you. For some of you are really kind ! Not ALL though !!! happy

    Again sorry for typos and blah blah stuff !

    sahil 21 Dez 2008, 08:51 - Verstoß melden
  • Not Sahil again !

    Oh i just noticed I typed in while I am a famous personality in UK !!! NO NO nonononoooo...
    in USA !!
    Hell no... I dun wanna study there ! However based on my 12th score I could have gotten into cambridge..and other good unis...
    Final good byeeee !!!

    I love you brits !
    I wanna marry an English girl because when they say Kiss me slowly ! American girls are like... harder.....blah blah..lol...
    If there is cute lookin english FIT..I must say ... well use Hot word instead of fit ...okay ? be modern !...
    So yea..any good looking english girl readin my stuff.. wait no more... ! I been dying to look for a single english girl whose nos in US is really none ! sad...
    do send me an email..:

    Yep ... 079 is my nos... I have License to F**k..lol...
    I hope that will make ur day ! happy
    HOGWASH ! big-smileDD yea I know... but its true too !

    sahil 21 Dez 2008, 08:58 - Verstoß melden
  • Sahil is back again !!! Oh noooooo

    Everyone PEACE !!!

    Think again...
    Dun cuss brits !
    And Brits give Indian a chance !
    I know lot of Indian in UK were illiterates ! What should you expect ? Jus notice their move for a day u will notice that illiterate Indian was forced to come to UK so that he can gain some benefits..for their Children.But once they erach UK.. they are like Oh my god ... No job, no nice people...blah blah.. They think maybe they should come back to their home country. But thinking their friends , and other people will pull their leg all the time if they came back.. so they rather stay their.. and they can't mend their ways.. so ...yea.. stick to their own ! but believe me.. they like UK.
    And about the thing Brits ruled India.
    I know we can't forget it... but its time to move on !!!!
    Our present is making our future always remember that !
    Just assume brits are really friendly, so they will be !!! There are heck a lot of good people out there !!
    Anyway, I feel as if I a smart BLOKE in this Blog..!
    Again I am Indian..jus studyin in USA at the moment. And I have met lot of english people here who holded bad image about Indians... not that I have brainwashed them... ! they will be good to yaa ! big-smile
    Brits lover and Indian lover and ofcourse my friend Pakistan ! happy
    This is earth and we all are living beings... including aliens.. So plzz be friendly.. this world is about to end !!! happy
    Bbye !
    Its 2 in teh morning now ! I must sleep at once now !!! happy()
    And yea Single english girl looking for a handsome going to be a movie star in hollywood... plzz.. respond to me on given email address in my previous posting... ! big-smile
    If i won't get an ENglish , American girl will be my last resort ! big-smile

    Sahil 21 Dez 2008, 09:13 - Verstoß melden
  • Sahil again ! Hell nooo

    for the grammar.. its 2in the morning here in US.. I could hardly read my laptop screen.
    I found lot of typos and grammar errors. Please ignore them. I must say I am a professional writer..i mean after writing a dissertation on great depression of 1930 for ur econ class.. u ought gave good english skilss.. So I possess them ! happy... Its in my blood.. I feel as if I was that Lord who ruled India..lol.. Dunno why,..Wierd.. !
    English girls contact me again ! happy
    I might love to crash at ur place..if I ever pay a visit to UK.

    sahil 21 Dez 2008, 09:19 - Verstoß melden
  • Indians

    I really am sure, being a "F"ing Brit you don't hear my arguments in our country.

    Personally I have filed a complaint to my local Muslim owned petrol station from being short-changed over £40, my employee's have moaned time and time again about it from the same garage !

    Personally I don't consider myself a racist and I have many Indian, Black, Asian friends.But when I hear people allegedly Muslim are being detained for terrorist charges in my specific locale for attempted terrorism, I start to wonder are you the racist, or are we funding your Racism \ Terrorism against your / their own Qur'an ?

    Britain is both Catholic or Protestant and multi-culturism is accepted and applauded, that puts the Great in Britain. Most Muslims are a great example to themselves and other Muslims !

    Can't I go to a Muslim country like Afghanistan and build an eccentric grand and massive Catholic or Protestant Cathedral, answer me this ?

    Bag Bag 26 Dez 2008, 04:35 - Verstoß melden
  • for the foreigner

    full english, roast dinner

    jimboblol 27 Dez 2008, 12:57 - Verstoß melden
  • BAG BAG are you serious????

    can you go to afghanistan and build a cathedral?? bag bag you kniow that your f***ing imperial country can do what it wants. i am afghani and you and the americans destroyed my country and then you ask can you build a cathedral.well you seem to think you can do everything else that you want so do you really think that you could not build a cathedral. are you like you brits say taking the pis?

    Ul-Haq 31 Dez 2008, 07:33 - Verstoß melden
  • Ul-Haq Are You Serious

    I purely used Afghanistan as an example and I am certainly not British. If the population had a vote on going to Iraq or Afghanistan the majority wouldn't have entertained war. You cannot blame the population for the mistakes of it's leaders !

    So getting back to my point, we cannot build cathedrals in the vast majority of Indian countries, yet there are even prayer rooms in major shopping centres like the Trafford Centre!

    Bag Bag 31 Dez 2008, 06:06 - Verstoß melden
  • Yes i am serious

    Yes I can blame the british population for the actions of its leaders because they voted the goverment in!Indian countries?there is only one india but i think you mean DESI countries. There are mosques the uk because there are muslims living in the UK but the only none muslims in afghanistan are the imperialists army such as uk and america. So why build cathedrals when they are only going to be there for a short time?So you want to build cathedrals for the soldiers and then when they leave what will the muslims do with a bloody cathedral??Think BAG BAG god has give every person a brain but you do not seem to use yours!

    Ul-Haq 31 Dez 2008, 11:59 - Verstoß melden
  • foreigners in Britain:

    If you hate Britain so much why do you live here?
    no one is stopping you from leaving, in fact most people want you to go. So do us all a favour and pack your bloody bags.

    true blue 04 Jan 2009, 02:31 - Verstoß melden
  • Ul-Haq Are You Serious

    Apologies Afghanistan is a terribly bad example but the point still stands, we still cannot build cathedrals in most Muslim states and if we do they get burned down and stones thrown at them, and this doesn't happen to Mosques, Synagogues etc in the UK.

    I did not and have never voted for the labour party which clearly we both agree has ruined both our countries. I do not even consider myself British. The population didn't get a vote on war like it didn't get a vote on joining Europe.

    Brains doesn't come into this I am just trying to give you my opinion if you'll listen to it. I am no racist, but I do have my ideals principals and opinions, and I am sure you have yours !

    Bag Bag 06 Jan 2009, 07:41 - Verstoß melden
  • Most mulsim countries allow churches to be built BagBag

    BAGBAG in most muslim countries there are churches for christians, with the exception of perhaps Iran and Saudi Arabia. Churches rarely get stoned. Except perhaps in Iraq where they have ethnic and religious conflicts because the country is in disarray, the same can be said of Afhanistan and Pakistan were extremist militants run amok. India has also seen an attack on churches but that has been by Hindus and Sikhs because they see christianity a threat to their religions. There have been no recent examples of muslims attacking christians in India. These are in the main poorly educated peopl with whom religion is their main focus in life. Apart from these few examples christians can peacefully practice their religion in all other Islamic countries.

    Nigel 15 Jan 2009, 09:20 - Verstoß melden
  • I have no problems with Indians

    Seems like a nice bunch of people, work hard and get along with other people. Some tend to think they are special and above everyone else but I guess that comes from the caste system. As for British people being racist, most are not, they are just sick of other people coming to their country and taking there jobs and trying to change their culture.

    joe 17 Jan 2009, 08:23 - Verstoß melden
  • think before u write .....

    it is not about race... world is divide into rich n poor .... rich gets away with it and poor gets the blame ... i am a British n mix race as my mum is Indian and dad is English... n i don't like britian nor India.... greed is every where...

    piya smith 17 Jan 2009, 07:23 - Verstoß melden
  • you lot are a bunch of pricks

    hi im a white british male and yh there are a few rude and ignorent indians around but just because you get a few dont mean you can say all indains are the same you pricks
    what happened to equal rights.

    martin caskie 17 Jan 2009, 11:55 - Verstoß melden
  • about culture

    Multiculturalism could be good. Look at US, Canada and Oz. The problem is - people come here and don't fit it. They dress like tribal morons (as if it is gay pride), speak gibberish (as if it is their effin homeland) and neglect this country traditions. I don't care of skin colour as long as I see person dressed according to Europe and speak fluent English with no accent. If you are so proud of your country so that you dress like at home, speak in 'your goddam ways' then why leave your motherland?

    Al 25 Jan 2009, 10:18 - Verstoß melden

    You Haven't been to the US, there are cities in California Texas and New Mexico where White Europeans are nonexistent, and second, third or even fourth generation Hispnics still have their traditions (language, sports, food etc).

    In Southern California Minorities make up 75% of the population with hispanics being the majority 60%, 10 Asian(mostly East Asians) and and 5% African Americans. White Europeans are approx 15 % of southern California and most of them living in rural places.

    My point is, you can't change people you just accept them. There is nothing wrong with speaking your native language, here in Mexico we call them Bilingual.

    Ruben Erosa 27 Jan 2009, 01:03 - Verstoß melden


    BOMBER 08 Feb 2009, 12:27 - Verstoß melden


    THE GREAT ONE 08 Feb 2009, 12:28 - Verstoß melden
  • jeez

    take it easy people! Have you heard the saying 'do onto others as you would have them do onto you'? I think both Indians and British people should just chill. I am Indian living in Oz and lovin it. India is pretty messed up right now. Its that way for a million reasons. The British occupation was one of the reasons but by no means the only one. Its getting better but you can't change the direction of India overnight. Both Brits and Indians have preconceived notions of each other .. not surprising given our history. The problem is this attitude is self-fulfilling. I try not to judge an individual when I meet him or her .. thats the best approach.

    Krish 26 Feb 2009, 02:21 - Verstoß melden
  • tom agrees

    tom agrees

    tom 06 Mär 2009, 12:59 - Verstoß melden
  • half indian half swiss

    Hi everybody, my name is ishan and I was born in Switzerland and have done my graduation over there. Currentlty I'm in delhi to undergo a one year practical training in wal-mart. To enhance my english i was planning to for 2-3 months to UK but my father who's indian thinks that the situation for indians is not very pleasent overt there..Is it really true? I mean I've been living in Switzerland my hole life and I've been experiencing racisme over there too.
    By the way...sry for my grammatical mistakes..
    Thanks for your responses.

    Ishan 09 Mär 2009, 09:32 - Verstoß melden
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