Why are Italians so chaotic??

  • I've been in Italy for 3 months now - and I'm starting to get really sick of it. Nothing works, and whenever you agree upon something with someone, it's sure not going to happen. The usual answer to any question seems to be "yes, we'll do it", but this "yes" means basically "no - but I'm not even gonna bother your with telling you". I know there's cultural differences, I know you should adapt to the locals, but this attitude is really starting to piss me off cause I find it quite rude ...

    07 Jun 2007, 04:57 Claude
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  • what are you talking abou?

    you posted tha same crap - literally - in the Croatian forum

    mary 10 Jun 2007, 09:17 - Verstoß melden
  • Calm down

    Well, you should take it easy, as we do (I am Italian). Learn that nothing is so important, that there is no need to hurry, enjoy what you have... You don't get what you want today? Well, it will come, eventually, one day...

    Silvio 28 Jun 2007, 11:48 - Verstoß melden
  • me

    hey love italian food

    me 28 Aug 2007, 06:52 - Verstoß melden
  • travel

    i'am ilyes i'hope travel in italia
    maill:[email removed]

    ilyes hamrit 28 Sep 2007, 05:05 - Verstoß melden
  • chaotic italy

    i'll post something later today...or not...maybe...keeps life interesting

    barno 26 Okt 2007, 08:39 - Verstoß melden
  • Claude is right!

    Italy is a mess! that's why i'm moving to ireland soon! where are you from Claude?

    Guido 15 Feb 2008, 07:01 - Verstoß melden
  • va a...

    Chaotic! are you kidding me!? your country is perfect, isn't it? Easy..just stay home!

    Jessica 20 Feb 2008, 12:40 - Verstoß melden
  • Why are Italians so chaotic??

    No guys (and girls) do not be rude against Claude.

    I am italian and I agree 100%...
    we should start thinking that people will not come to italy just for the sun and the food, and if NOTHING WORKS here, they are right in complaining.


    Alessandro 27 Feb 2008, 02:29 - Verstoß melden
  • Italy is truly chaotic - i agree with claude

    Yes, I am also new from Kenya and been around for two months in my third month now. I have moved two houses as the hse owners never keep their word as requested. How would an italian on Holiday in my country feel if the holiday he paid for wasnt as he/she expected. It's a small world and i will never advise anyone for this kind of destination.!!!!!!!!!

    Worried foreigner 07 Apr 2008, 10:08 - Verstoß melden
  • I don't know.

    Well, I'm not Italian.
    I have been in Italy more than 3 months.
    What I felt is so many people are just crazy about money and fassion and they do not have real dream. But I guess it's not only problem of Italian.
    Anyway, eventhough everthing is not easy in Italy, I love here. ^^

    foreigner 24 Apr 2008, 08:42 - Verstoß melden
  • Italia

    That's our Land, and Italy and italians are just perfect with eachother.
    It's a mess, it's true, but italian learnt how to live there.
    Italy is not perfect, true, but has its own particoular flavour: or you like it, or you don't. That's it. And just because Italy has always been like that: sun, traffic, chaos, fantasy, ridicoulus politicians, exc..
    It's all part of our Theatre.
    I hope you will still keep enjoying our show.

    Enrico 29 Mai 2008, 02:50 - Verstoß melden
  • as Italian I see italy like a funny cute little kid...

    who's very bad in school, behaves like a rebel breaking rules the whole time pissing the teachers(in this case the eu commission)off..and just like for kids, the reason for such a behaviour lies in the edication, that is in his parents (i mean the italian central and periferic administration)..if the parents give a good example the kid behave well and responsable as a consequence..if the government, like often happened, give a bad example..the result is that nobody trust it fully, everybody get suspicious and take care of his own intersts(i italy definitely the family's and relatives' good...by the way see also the situation with the trash-collapse in napoli where everybody produces it, but nobody wants to take it),while a total absence of political constructive idealism and beliefs, envy, frustrations and arid nihilism are ruling this country!!!local administration should invest with a long term in the furture and stop occupyig the too much confy institutional seats seizing the day and caring about caching votes and euros .young people should realize once for all that that times have changed,for now the web community is more informed and critic! this country can be changed and work better if everyone makes his part and pass first through duties and than through rights(in italy it always works cathegorically the contrary)!im 25 and im fully engaged in making italy an actually civil and democratic country...and come on people from the south lets give it up with the mafia and f*** it up once for all..we're all tire of that and the waste of resources that it brings..taxes have to be paid the the country, not to the criminals!and the guys we are in 2008 i a globalized world..it looks pretty grotesque still having a feudal sistem such as the mafia slowing down the entire country!people from the south wake up and rise against it!

    Francesco 30 Mai 2008, 07:31 - Verstoß melden
  • mess?

    well still It's not a motive for
    disliking the place =P

    andré 27 Aug 2008, 11:52 - Verstoß melden
  • italy south and italy north

    well well well, after 6 years living over here I have to say , I like this country, from south till north ,people are different south and north , work are different south and north, way to speak south and north , you have to see south and north.... if you want to visit go to south you want to leave go to north .
    Italy are south and north

    waleed arayis 28 Aug 2008, 05:05 - Verstoß melden
  • Claude

    Claude, It's better you leave Italy now. Don't look back, just go and the country will be a much better place.

    Gordon Longforgan & His Sexual Organ 25 Sep 2008, 09:42 - Verstoß melden
  • italy is very crazy

    peaple rude,money less,food all time.....
    old peaple alone and sad,kids like adults
    adolecents violents im sure Brasile is better.
    nooooo jobs.nooo human catolics
    were is the religion if peaple dont have simplice heart
    racist and burocratic sisteme
    one shit
    bye i just gone

    desconhecida 04 Okt 2008, 08:53 - Verstoß melden
  • Why are italians so chaotic?

    Because they are never organised! I have an italian heritage and I have been to Italy a few times. I recently spent over 2 months this year and decided to post parcels back to Australia so I wouldn't have excess baggage. It took me at least 4.5 hours to do this simple task each time. Post Offices do not have any customer service or materials available in the one place to be able to do this efficiently. When is someone going to organise the country?

    Rachel 27 Okt 2008, 09:06 - Verstoß melden
  • Oh, the Italians~~

    What a beautiful country, with so much potential...I've been living here for 9 months now, and eventhough I've had a good time for the most part, I have to admit that at times I feel like I live in a 3rd world country, I get tired of getting ripped off all the time, there's no consistency in prices, politicians suck, trash problems....blah, blah, blah....Italy is a great country to visit but that's about it.

    Maria 17 Nov 2008, 10:32 - Verstoß melden
  • One World

    I'm Italian and I lived abroad. Italy have for sure some issue but were I live now there are more money and the state is more organized but I should say that life is not much better. happy

    Pasquale Esposito 28 Nov 2008, 05:01 - Verstoß melden
  • I can't agree with you more......... from Singapore

    Dear Claude,

    I, for one cannot agree with you more on the mentality of most Italians. When they say:"YES" it could mean "NO" and "LATER" also could mean "NEVER." I really gave up on this sort of communications. Shall we propose that Italians go back to British school and acquire Queen English so that they can be universally understood in this globalised world.

    I'm so pissed off oreadi 12 Dez 2008, 01:42 - Verstoß melden
  • italians

    Yes , I agree, nothing, but really NOTHING works in this country. I am so disappointed about this country. I had some experience with Italian chaotic, anti-rule behaviour of any kind when I was a hostelmanager in Britain. Italian did exactly everything which shouldn't be done. Being completely socially non-constructive seems to be the rule.
    They are also very unhelpfull, functionaries of all institutions of the nation seem to look at anyone not Italian if if they are a complete nuissance. I cannot believe this country is European, let alone be of the mighty 8 of the planet. I lived years in India and find the humanness, friendliness, empathy, interest, sharing a 100 times more appealing. There is something VERY wrong in Italy. I sit out my time for work, luckily I can have my tea in a place where there some normal humans talking to me, and yes they are Italian. But I will never come back to this country after my time is over here.

    Piet 06 Jan 2009, 09:10 - Verstoß melden
  • Look

    Italy too caotic to be heaven too stylish to be hell. Love it or leave.

    room101 15 Jan 2009, 11:20 - Verstoß melden
  • generalisation!

    I have to mention something: You ALL write always about ITALIAN and ITALY in general! That sucks! It is the same as if you say every American is fat and every Austrian wears funny hats. I am sure that everybody of you also had very good experiences with Italians...always those generalisations!! Italy and Italians are different, but you´ll encounter the same in every country of the world - there are people who are good and others who are chaotic and hostile- you find this phenomenon everywhere!

    HELL! 04 Mär 2009, 09:05 - Verstoß melden
  • Fed up

    I agree with almost everything written here from the inability to send a parcel at the post office (mine never got to its destination) and I spent 200 euro! to the beuraucracy and even the rude and envious italian attitude toward anyone demonstrating a higher degree of education, a greater financial situation (god forbid if you are foreign and young!). The thing I find the hardest is the way you have to literally argue with people in order to get respected. Example: You are spoken to in a demeaning way (most probably because the itlian in envious - usually because you have a better job or because ou speak english etc etc etc) and when ou let these cases go you see the situation getting worse and the next ime they're "shouting at you as if you are stupid or treat you like you aren't worthy!" But lets reverse and say you stand up for yourself and answer them back in theire very own rude manner or raise your voice at them (like they so often do to belittle you because they are insecure and want to feel better) - then there is an explosion - a huge fight - and then they respect you. This means: You have to FIGHT day in and day out just to be accepted as a human being! This country is worse than a zoo! Animals are more humble than these people who behave like desperate people!!!

    4 years in this hole! 16 Mär 2009, 08:46 - Verstoß melden
  • Go Claude!!!!! You are right!

    Claude - you are on the right page!
    Don't let these defensive people tell you otherwise - they most probably have never stepped outside this hole and are speaking from no experience whatsoever! If they had been to another country they would be ashamed of this mess! I don't have time for patrionism coming from ignorance!

    i barrack for Claude 16 Mär 2009, 08:54 - Verstoß melden
  • Italian Pricks

    Why don't you Italian pricks go fuck yourselves instead of wasting your "enjoyable" time.
    You mother fuckers!

    Fuck you italian pricks 24 Mär 2009, 06:29 - Verstoß melden
  • yes!!!!!!!!!!!claud!

    onely,italians are so racist!: fuked!!!!! people and srry men,if are italian you mother fuckers!!! everyone want to coming here,i said theme:no never!! do it, go another country, if came to this fuked forest land you will be survive all your times here,the naked racism arround! Animals are more humble these people.i will never come back to this country racist ingorant and wild people after my time is over here."it will be a sad day for these fuke racist people whene mario balotelli play in there national team". ARE YOU ITALIAN? MOTHERS FUKERS!!!! EVERY DAY YOU WAKE UP.

    alex 28 Apr 2009, 10:42 - Verstoß melden
  • hihihi

    but there still is italian pizza. very gnam gnam. you really never want to eat that again? and hate italy by every bite you take of your delicious pizza? hihihi

    piccola strega 28 Apr 2009, 11:57 - Verstoß melden
  • mamma mia!!

    you thing that foreigners are traveled continent from continent more than miles kilometres for simple pizza.they are here to work and to their famliy,but not for food or the sun. whay do you thing that? because your country make many gnam gnam? mamma mia!!

    terribile strega 05 Mai 2009, 11:23 - Verstoß melden
  • Rude Italians

    I've been to Italy several times and I've noticed that the Italians in the large cities are extremely rude and insensitive. Their favorite word is "No" which they answer every time they're asked a question.

    Once in Venice I was told very rudely by a shopowner to "drink out of the canal" when I asked for water without bubbles (carbonation).

    My father's family actually descends from northern Tuscany and I don't feel that I'm in any way negatively biased against Italians in general.

    I have noticed that the Italians in the small towns are actually really nice and helpful just like other small town folk in most parts of the world.

    Also, I don't understand why Italian hotels have sheets for bath towels and why their bathrooms don't have shower stalls for the shower nozzles that spray water all over the entire room.

    Piet above stated that people are much nicer in India. Though I do agree that the Indian people are much nicer, friendlier and helpful than most Italians, the Italians treat animals much more humanely than the Indians do (unless you happen to be the sacred cow).

    Andrea 06 Mai 2009, 05:16 - Verstoß melden
  • "Thank you" to "4 years in this hole!"

    "4 years in this hole!" wrote "Fed up" on March 19, 2009.

    May God Bless you for your post!

    Countless marital counselors and priests and attorneys, friends and family couldn't explain to me what you managed to convey in your 9 sentences!

    My Maltese wife adopted the "anger-for-honor" and "let's-fight-so-I-can-respect-you" culture you so-aptly described! ...before she betrayed her vows and took a polygamous second victim!

    I think there must be a Mediteranean gene responsible, probably originating from the Vandal tribe that later sacked Rome.

    unduped 20 Mai 2009, 08:04 - Verstoß melden
  • Why don't you go to Disneyland

    many of the people posting here are extremely childish,only generalisation,even the most little thing in Italy become an issue for them.I've been all around the world and i found many of the problems you are posting over Italy almost everywhere.
    You people if you don't like in Italy don't come,there is no problem for us,usually only the idiot post generalisations,and even more the unhappy ones too.The people who love Italy are much more than you haters,who at the end are always many immigrants who thought to come in Italy and make what they wanted but they have tasted that reality is different.

    Italyownsyouall 28 Jun 2009, 02:15 - Verstoß melden
  • raped in italy twice...italians didnt care..

    I lived in Milan for few years ,studying full time, and I am really really glad to have gotten out of there...I came to italy, with a good attitude,hopeful and excited to meet some italians (I speak italian fluently,my fiance is italian) and what I got in return was complete disinterest, incuriosity, and complete indifference on the italians part..I am originally from Canada, and nobody seemed to give a shit, plus nobody realised it was a country, most of them thought it was one of the united states...whenever I introduced myself, I was allays referred to as the "americana" or the "straniera", and not even in a polite respectful way...more of like a jaded "oh, you're no big deal, really" ...it hurt, I was really trying hard to open up to these awful people and make friends, and I got stared at like i was a piece of shit in public (i dress nicely, I was a fashion student)...anyhow, about 2 mnths into school, an italian guy saw me on the tram going back to my house, followed me to my place, and forced himself into my building...I screamed, I cried, it was only 7 pm,so it wasnt late....NOBODY came out of their apartments to see where the screaming was coming from...as a result, I was raped right infront of my door. I contacted the police, and they hd his info, but of course they did nothing to arrest this scumbag..this happened to me on one of my first visits to italy, in 1992, 2 italian guys raped me,when I was a tourist,and of course again, the police did nothing...Im sure if he were romanian or algerian, they would have thrown him right into jail...but not their nice good italiano boys.....
    When I tried to tell my italin roommate what had happened, she just gave me this look like it was my fault (by the way, I was dressed really unfeminine that night, wearing ugg boots and an old baggy black skirt and big coat,so nobody can judge me on what I was wearing,but in italy, especially in Milan,people stare,and judge you solely on what you're wearing)...I was in Milan for 3 years, and not one italian friend...I think in the south the people are a little nicer, but I dont give a shit when these "open minded posters" preach not to generalise about a culture...my fiance is italian,and even he wants to get out of italy...I have really never been treated like such SHIT in my whole life, so really, I have completely lost all interest in italy and its people...yes ignorance is everywhere, yes there are nice people in italy too BLAH BLAH BLAH, but that doesnt change what happened, and what my experience was in that awful place, which made this foreigner always feel excluded from the italian culture. Thank you, Claude, I'm 100% with you on this one..

    Mona 29 Jun 2009, 11:31 - Verstoß melden
  • I understand you!

    Hi, I am german and living, due to my italian husband for more than 7 years in Italy. All of what you are telling, I can confirm. Before living in Italy, I loved it (in vacation), now I am hating it almost and when my husband will retire, we will go anywhere else, but never within Italy.

    Marion 03 Jul 2009, 02:53 - Verstoß melden
  • Italy is not perfect...but...

    I am Italian, and have been living in London from seven years.
    I remember I used to complain a lot about my country, about how everything was disorganised, about how services were never running prperly...about everything, really.
    On the contrary, I always thought that Britain was the perfect place to live, when i visited as a tourist it seemed so well organised, everybody seemed polite, all better than Italy.

    I must admit I found many problems here too, i go through a 3 hours commute daily, trains are super packed, often cancelled or delayed and unbelievably expensive. The streets are dirty, people don't give a shit and the streets at night are dangerous. I got robbed on the street twice, once in front of my house. Did anybody come to help? No.

    To pick up on a point made earlier, also, not a single english friend! And noth through not trying. All my friends are foreigners like me.

    This gave me a lot of perspective on my country, I must admit.

    Problems are everywhere, different problems, maybe, but problems they are anyway. Italians are chaotic, I am sure British, Germans French and everybody else have their own peculiarities which can be seen as "annoying" to foreign eyes.

    Just my point of view, obviously, sorry if it's a bit long winded

    Gabriel 10 Jul 2009, 08:32 - Verstoß melden
  • "that's life"

    well I'm English by birth but i love Italy; it has so much to offer, and so what if it's not smoothly run? The people on the whole are lovely; the food is perfect, as you'd expect and the weather, beautiful. No country is perfect, and if anyone thinks any country is, they are wearing rose-tinted specs! for example, I find living in the UK unpleasant after 2 decades. But maybe I'm just taking for granted all it's draws' a fresh pair of eyes notice things you forget or didnt see before, but, no matter. you can't do everything on time.And I for one like the relaxed approach; life is there to be enjoyed, stuff time-keeping! *shrugs*blunk Viva Italia!

    Alicia Baker 12 Jul 2009, 09:36 - Verstoß melden
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