immigrants and candian culture

  • I have read somewhere that immigrants that live in Canada are encouraged to keep their own identity, roots, heritage, etc... I can understand that it is interesting to have a multicultural society, but why does the government also not say that immigrants have to adjust to the Canadian culture? This way the canadian culture disappears right??

    Like with what Quebec wanted. Quebec is the biggest region in Canada where ethnic culture and study of heritage is very important. This was why Quebec was thinking of separating from Canada, because they have taken the statement, 'Do not forget your true culture and heritage,' to a whole new level. They believe that their culture is being lost.....

    so, why does the government do this?????? Or do immigrants also take over the canadian culture??

    30 Mai 2007, 04:55 Maggie
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    Canadian culture is a mixture of multiple cultures. There isn´t really a Canadian culture like a French culture or Spanish culture (or most European or Asian cultures) as Canada is very new and majority of the population are only 2nd or 3rd generation. That being said, English is the language spoken, hockey is a favorite past time as is skiing and hiking. We are very polite and believe in human rights for all. We, or at least, I enjoy the fact that I hear and see different languages and restaruants from around the world and get to learn about different holidays and cultures as well. Quebec culture is influenced more by France rather than England, as is the majority of the rest of Canada. I believe that since France, along with England, were our founders, we should all be able to speak French fluently (when in reality, we don´t), whereas in Quebec, they feel as though English and Anglicization is forced upon them.

    Just my thoughts, from a loving Canadian

    D 14 Jun 2007, 07:11 - Verstoß melden
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    I am thinking to imigreted to Canada, I have two children i want to have information about the live there and of course the culture , because for me is very important that my children have to know them parents culture and of course the culture where they are living.Can you help me to have information??

    anonymous 02 Okt 2007, 03:31 - Verstoß melden
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    I think that the fact that quebec wants to keep their culture alive is extremely respectable.They have a right to keep their own culture,if that's not good enough for immigrants then don't move to quebec.The fact is that the french canadian culture started there,and it's not that big of a deal.If you want to keep your own culture,then simply stay where you are.

    xXmarilynmansonprincessXx 29 Okt 2008, 03:36 - Verstoß melden
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