working & living as freelancer in Lux

  • Hello all,
    I hope you can help me.
    I'am since 5 years a freelancer (IT, SAP Consulting).
    Now, I want to live in Luxemburg and need some information about business & finacal questions.
    - it is possible to life as freelancer in Luxemburg,
    or must I start a business (what are the costs ?)
    - what about the tax shelter for a freelancer.

    It's important for me to know how high the tax is.
    I hope it's not so high as in germany.

    Please let me know some information or a contact.
    Please wright to [email removed], subject or RE: tax Lux.

    Thanks a lot

    Matthias Wolfstein

    10 Okt 2007, 01:35 mawo
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    Hi Matthias.

    I just read your note .
    I want to start business in Luxemburg.
    I hope you have accomplished your goal as a
    freelancer in Luxemburg.

    Thanks a lot
    Tassos Koutsogiannis

    Tassos Koutsogiannis 24 Apr 2008, 09:49 - Verstoß melden
  • we can help 4

    ^laese send me your request , i am a finnacial consultant having a samll fiduciaire where we can find all teh solutions to your questions

    [email removed]

    pierre deventer 03 Feb 2009, 05:34 - Verstoß melden
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    Ali Akbar Khan 24 Mär 2009, 01:31 - Verstoß melden
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