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  • When I became ill early last summer, I was afraid to go to the doctor just incase I had something major. You see during that time I didn’t have insurance. Most of you are aware that if you try getting insurance with a pre-existing condition, well obviously, your application would be rejected. So being sick as I was, I refused to see a doctor. And as a self-employed individual with 4 children and a housewife, being able to afford insurance was hard. So I shopped around for health insurance. I was able to check on this website, they were able to get all the quotes of major insurance companies in so I can compare. Worked out pretty slick. I decided to get the 20/80 plan.

    As I waited for my physical I applied through the same company for life insurance to secure my family. The life insurance became effective immediately as soon as they received my payment. A week after taking my physical, the insurance company wrote me and told me I was approved for insurance. I waited another 2 weeks before seeing a doctor. Anyways, after seeing the doctor with some tests which include but not limited to MRI, EKG and blood tests, the doctor concluded that there was nothing wrong with me. He stated that I was just under a lot of stress and prescribed me some medications to temporary treat my anxiety. Anyways what I am trying to get at is that for those of you who don’t have insurance, don’t wait until you start feeling something before you do. And, if you have children or dependents, I highly recommend getting life insurance. Depending on your age and the amount you want to insure yourself for will determine your premium, regardless of how much, I recommend just getting it. Anyways thought I share my story. By the way the site I visited was

    26 Apr 2006, 06:53 Anonymous
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  • Swiss health insurance

    In Switzerland the basic health insurance is compulsory for all people (swiss or non swiss). If you live in Switzerland more than 3 months, you must apply a health insurance by a regular insurance company. A website is very interesting popular for that :

    Previous conditions are covered by the Swiss compulsory health insurance companies. For this reason it is strange that you was not covered.

    Anonymous 15 Mai 2007, 05:21 - Verstoß melden
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