North Cyprus is better than the South

  • After spending several years in South Cyprus, I have just moved to the North about 6 months ago. Wow! What a relief!

    The people are great, the cost of living is less and the property cost me half of what I paid in the South.

    With the money that was left over, I purchased a rental propety at "Blossom Kyrenia" that gives me a four-year, ten percent annual guranteed rental income.

    Life could not be better. Riddens South Cyprus, Welcome North Cyprus!!!

    01 Jan 2008, 10:16 Tim Higgins
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  • I also moved

    I also moved to the North from the South. After years of paying attention to the propaganda of the Greeks I went for a visit myself to North Cyprus.

    I went home to the South, sold my house and moved North without even a second though in mind.

    James Rogers 01 Jan 2008, 10:18 - Verstoß melden
  • Yes -- the North is the place to be.....

    I agree that the North is the place to be, BUT just as in the South anyone moving North must be careful as to the honesty of the developer.

    I bought a property from Evergreen and it was a sham. However, I got lucky and sold it.

    If anyone is looking for a good developer, I suggest Blossom Properties. They have a quality build and are very honest and friendly.

    Their contact information is:

    I suggest speaking to their Managing Director Allen Kleg at +447822101002 or [email removed]. Even if he does not have the property type you are looking for he will send you to someone who has.

    George Breyer 01 Jan 2008, 01:25 - Verstoß melden
  • moving to cyprus

  • buying in the north

    I went over to north cyprus and at first was really impressed,but when I looked into buying there I found that the build quality left more than alot to be desired even down to using unwashed building sand in every thing remember concrete cancer in the 70s and the list goes on and on,far to expensive for that standard.

    viking steve 02 Apr 2008, 10:15 - Verstoß melden
  • Lack of infrastructure

    The infrastructure in TRNC cannot keep pace with development.
    Many developments now are lacking the bascis of electricty and water and are told they will have to wait for several years in some cases.
    Dont buy in the North.
    You will just be buying problems.
    My friends are beside themselves as their dreams have been shattered. They cannot move into their new home and are now having to pay rental and this could go on for several years.

    Dennis 15 Mai 2008, 08:28 - Verstoß melden
  • Is it better to school in the south or North

    I would like to know if schooling in the south is better and if i can get a job as an international student?

    Joe Fircha 17 Mai 2008, 11:34 - Verstoß melden
  • plus bon

    north is plus bom

    aly-maka 15 Jun 2008, 09:05 - Verstoß melden
  • North is better than South

    I'm 19 years old and i travel to Northern Cyprus every year since i was 13 and have travelled all over the north side of the Island. I recommend it to anyone!!! I went to the South for a week one time and seriously didn't like it, it's like a mini England but more hot (of course) I'm currently looking for a full-time job on the North side.

    Abigail 12 Aug 2008, 11:25 - Verstoß melden
  • north is not good saraly

    i work in cyprus but if you think north is better you thing wrong north is so cheap saraly

    just 30% from south and for me i am budish

    is not easy to stay with muslim and turkis is pool country like thailand why i have to move to there is better i work in south more good money

    raranda 16 Sep 2008, 05:04 - Verstoß melden
  • doing masters in North Cyprus

    can any one advice me? i am an international planning to do my msters in North Cyprus but i really want to know if i can get a part time job to support my self as a student.
    Please i need your honest advice.
    if north or south is better pls let me know.
    write me on [email removed]
    waiting for your response.
    Thank you

    prom 17 Sep 2008, 01:29 - Verstoß melden
  • Hey u planning your masters in north cyprus

    pls ıf you have another option thıs will be better pls dont try to come here for your masters ı am a student here undergraduate ın northern cyprus one this place a bullshit ıt ıs not europe but africa ıt ıs so worst u cant get a job of at all and even ıf u are lucky u wıll work the worstest job and they wıll pay u the cheapest they wıll pay u about 20$ for 8 hours pls if u have a better place dont come here 2 the turkish people are animals not the cyproit but the turkish poeple are too much on this part of the island they smell they are f***ing animals number two u cant have a girl friend only if u are lucky.need more details my email is [email removed]

    femi lawal 19 Nov 2008, 05:36 - Verstoß melden
  • Moving to North from South

    Hi everybody. I've been studying on north Cuprus for 3 years and now i'm going to transfer to the University on the North. I'm a foreigner here, i have a student visa. I wonder whether i have to leave south from Larnaka Airport and reenter Cyprus through Turkey or maybe i can just pass the border. My visa on south will be expired and i don't want to be black-listed or something..i want to do it legally but i think it's stupid to make thousands of km flight if i can just cross the border. Is it possible to arrange my final leaving from South on the border cross? Please..I need that information!
    Here is my email: [email removed]

    MissKNK 23 Dez 2008, 09:17 - Verstoß melden
  • Moving to North from South

    Hi everybody. I've been studying on South Cuprus for 3 years and now i'm going to transfer to the University on the North. I'm a foreigner here, i have a student visa. I wonder whether i have to leave south from Larnaka Airport and reenter Cyprus through Turkey or maybe i can just pass the border. My visa on south will be expired and i don't want to be black-listed or something..i want to do it legally but i think it's stupid to make thousands of km flight if i can just cross the border. Is it possible to arrange my final leaving from South on the border cross? Please..I need that information!
    Here is my email: [email removed]

    MissKNK 23 Dez 2008, 09:27 - Verstoß melden
  • hello there

    Im an international student in north cyprus, and i just wanted to know if it is possible for me cross the border to the south with my trcn residents permit/visa....please tell me me how i have to go about my crossing the border with me not being a citizen of email address is [email removed]

    toby dallas 01 Jan 2009, 03:03 - Verstoß melden
  • Don't visit north cyprus

    North Cyprus isn't even a registered country. Almost 99% of the property there is stolen and is under debate on being returned to the original owners, or being compensated for. Most land sales are illegal and will be under heavy scrutiny as soon as any sort of solution is given for the north-south Cyprus division. I can see most of you are UK citizens, but you haven't even heard the official statement from your own government that recommends not to buy property in the North?

    dias 04 Jan 2009, 09:19 - Verstoß melden



    A GREEK CYPRIOT 15 Feb 2009, 06:10 - Verstoß melden
  • Small minded and self-indulgent

    All of you Brits going to the North deserve to have your houses taken when the Greek Cypriots get their land back. It is appaling that you are encouraging and funding the illegal occupation by going there.

    A Brit 24 Mär 2009, 10:29 - Verstoß melden
  • do NOT listen bitchy greeks go see yourself

    I would say do NOT listen negative messeges here from greek people
    go yourself and spend some time in south and north judge for yourself, north cyprus has more to offer history,living expenses people etc.
    I have lived south (larnaca) 2 years and now living in Kyrina wow what a differences
    I got fedup with bitchy greeks keep saying do not go there you may get killed or mugged etc.
    I got only one thing to say those bitches
    SHUT THE FU*K UP it is NOT true
    go there and judge yourself

    Peter Smith (UK)

    P Smith 27 Mär 2009, 05:49 - Verstoß melden
  • Dude Really Read Some History..

    Cyprus was once a place of pirates and conquered in 1578 by Ottoman Empire (Turks). So as history says, so it belongs to them. And if u really read history, u would see the cruelties and massacres of Makarios (the first greek president). Turkey negotiated for 16 years, didnt make a move. (from 1959 Zurich Agreement to 1974 Peace Operation). finally when the massacres went on, it was impossible to overlook, so Turkey carried on a peace operation to save Turkish Citizens.. So Turks didnt kill anyone.. On the contrary, greeks did it..
    Please read the history with ur eyes not with ur ass..

    PEACE AT HOME, PEACE IN THE WORLD 27 Apr 2009, 07:46 - Verstoß melden
  • Illegal

    Makes me so angry that people are actually buying on illegal grounds, please can people think before they spot a cheap deal and have a heart!!!!!!

    Nicholas 12 Mai 2009, 03:47 - Verstoß melden

    Get lost you bitchy greek cypriot! Both North and South have lost land or loved ones, not just you greek cypriots. You need to get your facts right and learn the history of Cyprus and not listen to the rumours which are totally wrong and unfair on the poor Turkish Cypriots! Turkish Cypriots have as much right to remain in Cyprus and have been there for many hundreds of years, the greek side should never have been allowed to become EU members alone!TURKS RULE CYPRUS GREEKS ARE JUST GREEDY AND WANT IT ALL!!!

    Proudtobeturkishcypriot1965 21 Mai 2009, 12:56 - Verstoß melden
  • Thank you Peter Smith, UK

    At last, somebody who has been and seen it for themselves! The greek cypriots are greedy and make up untrue stories to scare the tourists from going to the North! It is true when you say the north is unspoiled, there are some beautiful places to visit and if you want a perfect relaxing holiday, it is so much nicer than going to the busy, commercialised ruined south which is full of tourists and turned into a little britain!

    proudtobeturkishcypriot1965 21 Mai 2009, 01:05 - Verstoß melden
  • Hahahaha

    It makes me laugh that the above message came from a guy called Paul Smith who claims to know Cyprus..... Smith must be a new greek name?? you dont know anything about Cyprus so dont claim to know, how have the turkish people got a bad deal out of this? they have illigally taken a country that is nothing to do with them, its like poland taking over parts of England with your families houses being taken over, im sure your be fine with that mr Paul Smith ( the greek man )

    nicholas ( a greek who has a say ) 22 Mai 2009, 01:22 - Verstoß melden
  • For your information Mr Nicholas

    Who said my name is Paul Smith?? I was actually responding to a message written by Peter Smith (not Paul) and if you took the time to notice at the bottom of my message i AM turkish cypriot as my user name at the bottom kinda gives it away! I know only too well the cyprus history and have actually been told by a greek cypriot man recently that the greeks from mainland greece started the war in 1974, ethnic cleansing as a result of greek on greek killings. And furthermore, my husband's father, uncle and brother in law were shot and buried in a mass grave along with 13 others in 1974 by your greek murdering brother so don't try to tell me i know nothing about Cyprus, I am a proud turkish cypriot and we have as much right to be in Cyprus as do our fellow cypriots. Remember, both communites were living together happily before these troubles began. Ha ha ha ha!!!!

    proudtobeturkishcypriot1965 23 Mai 2009, 02:29 - Verstoß melden

    Please see above and everyone will know why us greeks are still hurting....

    Sorry i didnt recognise your username just like i dont recognise the north as they are both illigal.

    Please can everyone see below and take 5 minutes out to help us get back our homes.


    SAMPLE LETTER, Please remember as always to maintain a courteous and professional tone:

    Dear Mr. President

    As a candidate you promised an end to Turkish occupation in Cyprus. I urge you to keep that promise by making Cyprus a priority from day one of your term to achieve:

    Removal of all Turkish troops from Cyprus.

    Return of all occupied Cypriot land stolen by illegal Turkish military invasions

    Reparations to all victims of Turkish Crimes against Humanity.


    We hope obama sticks to his word as he has mentioned quite often how he will help the greeks against this violence.



    (we can make a difference if we speak up)

    Nicholas 26 Mai 2009, 01:18 - Verstoß melden
  • B


    WINDOW 27 Mai 2009, 12:22 - Verstoß melden
  • property in northern cyprus

    Im British-But what are u STUPID brits up to? These homes belomg to greek cypriots who were forcebly removed from them in 1974-FORCIBLY removed. They didnt give up these properties, they never sold them, they were kicked out of them and these homes still belong to them. Now what are u gonna do if there was a reunification? do u honestly think after a reunification that these people wont come back for their homes? How can you live with your selves knowing that these homes belong to people? you are so greedy-and completely oblivious arent you? shame on you all. The European court of justice ruled in the case of a british couple buying a greek cypriot property that they must give up their house in england as compensation to the greek cypriot-its true. They are now going to the high court to try and get this overturned-however it may not look good. Brits-remember that the state of northern cyprus is NOT recognised state by any other country in the world-only turkey. Why would you want to live in s state like that? there is no representation out there, no laws are valid outside of northern cyprus-there are no treaties, nothing. The houses are cheap because they already belong to people-who WILL challenge you if you buy them. My neighbour stupidly bought a house in northern cyprus-and the court ruled against her, she lost £65k and theres nothing she can do-remember, england does not recognise jnorthern cyprus as a country-its a divided land where beautiful ancient churches now have animals kept in them by the turks. If u buy a house in northern cyprus-make sure it is turkish cypriot or british owned from before 1974, if not, then you are taking a massive risk-and if u think these homes will be forgotten about by their owners-they will never be. If u think its an elderly greek who might pop their clogs b4 they get a chance to get their house back that some selfish brit bought-remeber these people have children who are entitiled to it.

    nancy n 14 Jun 2009, 07:37 - Verstoß melden
  • oh

    and by the way stupid turl above-if ur silly country didnt illegaly invade cyprus to begin with then your family would not have been shot-would they?
    Oh-amd another thing-if u think you are so right then why is northern cyprus not recognised anywhere in the world? huh? answer that one!
    your selling peoples properties to unknowing brits! (or maybe they do now but pretend not to!-more fool them for bying-did you not watch that programme on itv recently!)There were turkish cypriots living in cyprus pre 1974, and no greek is against those people-remember, turkish and greek cypriots were living in unity pre 1974. Greeks will be happy to live alongside turkish cypriots in the north. All they want is their properties/homes back. there are turkish cypriot and greek cypriot communities who are friends with each other in england, and who socialise with each other, and many turks are sympathetic to the greek side.

    nancy n 14 Jun 2009, 07:52 - Verstoß melden
  • listen to good advice

    its true-brits please do not buy in northern cyprus and support the illegal sale of homes and illegal country-you will be sorry i can tell you that from now-listen to the governments advice. go against government advice and you're on your own. Dont listen to stupid teenagers-and if your passport is stamped with northern cyprus stamp you will not be able to visit the south. The south is much more nicer, cleaner, built better, safe houses to buy, more things to do, better beaches, troodos mountains, and absolutley no poverty whatsover.

    Janet 14 Jun 2009, 07:58 - Verstoß melden
  • from the british foreign & commonwealth office-READ!

    The ownership of many properties is disputed in northern Cyprus, with many thousands of claims to ownership of properties from people displaced during the events of 1974. Purchase of these properties could have serious financial and legal implications. The European Court of Human Rights has ruled in a number of cases that owners of property in northern Cyprus prior to 1974 continue to be regarded as the legal owners of that property. Purchasers could face legal proceedings in the courts of the Republic of Cyprus, as well as attempts to enforce judgements from these courts elsewhere in the EU, including the UK. Property owners and potential purchasers should also consider that a future settlement of the Cyprus problem could have serious consequences for property they purchase (including the possible restitution of the property to its original owners). In particular, prospective purchasers should consider the implications of any future settlement on land / property:

    in the north that was Greek Cypriot owned
    that was subsequently classified as exchange land / property by the Turkish Cypriot "authorities".
    The leaders of both communities started settlement negotiations in September 2008. Property issues forma key part of these negotiations. Until those negotiations are concluded and a comprehensive settlement agreed, the issues and risks identified above will continue to apply.

    If you have purchased a property and are encountering difficulties, you should seek qualified independent legal advice on your rights and methods of redress. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the British High Commission do not offer legal advice nor become involved with property disputes between private individuals, although we may be able to direct British nationals to organisations who may be able to help.

    The website of the British High Commission in Nicosia contains information about purchasing property in Cyprus, including frequently asked questions, and information for people who are experiencing difficulties with a property purchase. This can be accessed via the following link:

    DANIEL 14 Jun 2009, 09:16 - Verstoß melden
  • Buying stolen goods always cheaper

    It is dispeakable that British nationals interject themsleves in the Cyprus conflict and they are buying stolen properties. Both Greek and Turkish Cypriots are people connected to their land and just because there was a war very few are prepared to give up the properties of their ancestors. Whatever arrangement we come up it will between just us Cypriots. The British and other foreigners should stay out of this and do not commit felonies by accepting stolen property.

    Kyproleon 23 Jun 2009, 03:57 - Verstoß melden
  • TRNC (the legally DEFENDED territories!)

    Land and property in both South and North was lost by Greek and Turkish Cypriot owners respectively in 1974. For example I believe that Larnaca airport is built on Turkish Cypriot owned land. The Turkish invasion of 1974 was precipitated by a Greek mainland inspired coup. The action was proportional to the threat to the security of the minority Turkish Cypriots. The UN and the world at large implicitly acknowledges the status quo in the island (and in effect the Turkish Cypriot administration). Indeed the UN proposed a balanced peace plan which was accepted by the Turkish Cypriots but rejected by the Greek Cypriots. Greek Cypriots consistently fail to acknowledge these facts and to my knowledge have not made any sensible proposals (or counter proposals to the UN plan) for a solution since. The residents of TRNC (the legally defended territories!) would be understandably cautious of any Greek Cypriot administration based on the Greek led coup. The responsibility for compensation to land lost by Greek Cypriots should I believe rest with the Greek Cypriot administration and/or the Greek mainland government who sponsored the coup that led to the Turkish invasion. After 35 years of isolation it is only to be expected that Greek and Turkish owned land has been utilised in the North and South respectively. It would be refreshing to get a response from a Greek Cypriot acknowledging the above and outlining a genuine proposal for peaceful reconciliation.

    Jonathan Collins 11 Jul 2009, 11:04 - Verstoß melden
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