north cyprus buyers

  • hi,
    is there anyone that has, or is buying property in any sea terra complex`s. I am looking at the reserve project they are building and am interested in talking to other buyers.

    13 Jun 2007, 09:44 ymamada
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  • Have land for sale in Northen Cyprus

    am a Greek Cypriot, and now living in the US permanently.
    I inherited few pieces of land from my parents and I am interested to sell them or swap them with properties in the South.

    Suemonbon 07 Jul 2007, 04:49 - Verstoß melden
  • Land 4 sale in Northern Cyprus

    Pls send me details:
    [email removed]

    Abdel 22 Jul 2007, 09:48 - Verstoß melden
  • Traitors Greeks Cypriots

    For the greek cypriot living in the Us, please give back your Cypriot identity, your not cypriot!!!
    to all others who BUY in the NORTH the INVADED SIDE over 90 percent off land there is GREEK CYPRIOT THINK BEFORE YOU BUY< andif you do, i hope you loose your money.

    Christakis, not anonymous!!! 27 Jul 2007, 08:59 - Verstoß melden
  • greek cypriot's

    Hmm See you didn't have the balls to leave your name coward.
    Its about time you put all this hate behind you everyone is allowed a life even you,so let the greek cypriot's get on with theirs. Just remember it was the Greeks that stole their land in the first place leave these very nice people alone you get good and bad in all races even yours.

    Lesley Davies 09 Okt 2007, 03:18 - Verstoß melden
  • caesar resort

    hi anybody with advice on buying in north cyprus resorts with info on title deeds as i am looking to invest in the above resort and would liketo hear any opinions. thanks nic

    nic 06 Nov 2007, 01:30 - Verstoß melden
  • North Cyprus developments

    You'll find lots of real buyers discussing many of the major developments in TRNC at
    Also, just found the reviews on property developments with linked forum postings - neat!

    sungoddes Jane 15 Jan 2008, 11:46 - Verstoß melden
  • property in the TRNC

    Have lived here for 10 years , find yourself an honest builder,rare in the north or south,and go ahead.40% of the land on this island is owned by Turkish cypriots and they will not get a single inch back!!I was here in 1958,1962and 1964 and have seen what the greeks did to the Turkish cypriots ,they should be ashamed of themselves !!
    Look at history there you will find the truth and there has been peace on this island for the last 30 years because of the Turkish army and next time any of you land at Larnaca remember that is on Turkish cypriot land,like the hospitals,motorways etc etc.! It is time that the greeks told the truth and stopped liying to their children !!

    J.G.Hobart 18 Jul 2008, 01:52 - Verstoß melden
  • Ignorant comments

    J G Hobart, noone lies - there is always fault on both sides but the fact remains if you look at your history books that although Cyprus has always had a history of invasion it is nevertheless GREEK! By your arguments it could be considered British as the British like the Turks also occupied Cyprus for a number of years.. or even Venetian as the Venetians occupied Cyprus for centuries... just for the record Turkey, Greece and England all signed the Zurich agreement guaranteeing the independence of the Republic of Cyprus in 1960 - they then chose to dishonour it when it suited them. I'm sure the Greeks did many terrible things to the Turks during the invasion (there are always crimes on both sides in war) but the fact remains that the Turks are illegal invaders and this fact is recognised by every country in the world except Turkey. Successive Turkish governments are well known for invading land that is not rightfully theirs and for a whole host of war crimes. I am a quarter Cypriot myself and it makes me sick that various family members lost everything they had in the invasion, and the homes they worked so hard to build are probably being lived in by people who do not rightfully own them.. profiting from other people's misery and loss - what respect I have for you all!

    Stephanie 06 Okt 2008, 04:59 - Verstoß melden
  • Noirth Cyprus new build villas at GBP 120 000 established developer/agent

    I am representing an agent/client of mine in Cyprus here in the UK, we are currently building an amazing villas for GBP 120 000 only (with the pool )
    anyone who would like to know more information?

    Kat 07 Okt 2008, 03:03 - Verstoß melden
  • North Cyprus new build villas....

    [email removed] for more info and photos

    Kat 07 Okt 2008, 03:04 - Verstoß melden
  • Land for sale Northern Cyprus Bafra

    Dear Sir, I have approximately 17000 sq m of seafront property for sale in Northern Cyprus..should you be interested please visit

    where there is more detailed information.

    Many Thanks
    Charles D Maou

    Charles D Maou 05 Nov 2008, 10:03 - Verstoß melden
  • How dare you

    how dare you sell our cypriot land you turkish scum to other people from other countries its obsured. very family ahs alot of land and buildings in northern cyprus but can not touch it because of turks and you peaople want to buy something that the peaople who orgianlly own it are not selling very rude very rude.

    panayoigtis 27 Jan 2009, 09:26 - Verstoß melden
  • youve been compensated already!!!!!!!!!!

    i would learn to spell first the only one that looks stupid is yourself

    mr i rate 28 Apr 2009, 08:04 - Verstoß melden
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