A multilingual nation


Due to its location and history of ruling, Andorra has a mixed bag of languages. The official language is Catalan, which is the most spoken language within the national media and government.

Other languages

Although Catalan is the official language, only 33% of the population speak it. Spanish is the most used language, with around 60% of the population using it from day to day. This is mostly due to the influx of Spanish immigrants.

French and Portuguese are also spoken within the Principality, however, they are used less often than Spanish and Catalan.

With the mix of education systems that are present in Andorra, many younger Andorrans tend to speak at least two languages to a high level out of Catalan, English, Spanish and French. You are likely to hear several different languages every day due to this fact, as well as the influx of tourists that arrive throughout the year.

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