Recruitment and job-hunting

Finding a job in Angola

Recruitment and job-hunting

Finding a job in Angola independently will require a little more effort than a company transfer with a major corporation. However, there are resources for expat job-hunters, and a little research can yield a lot of opportunities.

Major oil firms with established operations in Angola are the major employer of expat and foreign workers. Their vacancies are often for engineers, geologists, IT technicians, petro-chemical specialists and environmental scientists, so the correct qualifications are essential to finding your desired job.

Although these positions are usually filled by internal transfers, companies are also occasionally in need of more general managers, coordinators and administrative staff, so opportunities for non-technical jobs are a possibility.

Chevron , BP , ExxonMobil , and Total  are among the biggest oil interests in the country and have Angolan recruitment sections on their websites that advertise vacancies. Company websites like this should be the first place prospective oil-sector workers check when searching for jobs in Angola.

Beyond these companies, several more general recruitment websites and job-listing services exist that expats should investigate. They include:

Websites in English

Websites in Portuguese

Volunteering in Angola is a possibility, and one which appeals to students, accompanying spouses and retirees alike. Information on volunteer programs can be often be found by contacting your native embassy in Angola. Otherwise, there are a number of international organisations that organise volunteering in the country, including United Nations Volunteers  and AMI (a Portuguese NGO recruiting skilled volunteers) .

Expats interested in volunteering independently will probably have to organise their own secure transport to and from volunteering locations, and some programs run from abroad will charge fees for organising your placements.

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