Currency in Angola

The Angolan kwanza

Currency in Angola

The New Angolan Kwanza (KZ) is the currency used in Angola. It’s split into 100 cêntimos and is issued and managed by the Banco Nacional de Angola.

Currently, printed banknote denominations are 10, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000 Kwanzas. Coins are split into denominations of 1, 2, 5 kwanzas 10, 50 cêntimos (10 and 50 cêntimo coins are no longer used as their value is negligible).

The international currency code for Kwanza is AOA, and the currency symbol is Kz.

It is advisable to bring American dollars instead of euros with you as euros are scarcely recognised in Angola.

Importing and exporting money

There are restrictions on the amount of money that you can bring into and take out of Angola. The limit is currently at US$15,000. If you wish to import more than this amount you should declare it when arriving in Angola with the official forms. If you are re-importing currency over the $15,000 limit you will need to show your original declaration form to customs at the airport.

You will need to obtain authorisation from the National Bank to export the currency if you have made over $15,000 whilst in the country.

Be alert that if you fail to make the necessary declarations on import or export money of over $15,000, the money could be seized. You should verify the current amount with the National Bank  as it is subject to change.

The current regulations  regarding import and export of currency set out in 2012 are:

  • Adult residents can take out of Angola the equivalent of US$15,000 in foreign currency and non residents can take out US$10,000.
  • You can expect to be searched at the airport to ensure you are not leaving the country carrying more than the allowed amount of Kwanza.
  • The total ban on exporting Kwanzas has been lifted and residents and non residents can take out of Angola Kz50,000 in addition to the dollars or foreign currency mentioned above.
  • On entering Angola, residents need to continue to declare amounts over US$15,000 and non residents amounts over USD10,000.
  • Destruction of Kwanza notes is illegal.

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