Public transport in Angola

Railway, bus, taxi, airports and harbours

Public transport in Angola

After the end of the Civil War in 2002 many parts of Angola and of its infrastructure were destroyed. Step by step the government is trying to build it up again with the help of Chinese investment.


Angola has three unconnected railway lines throughout the country:

  • Luanda Railway (Caminho de Ferro de Luanda or CFL) in the north
  • Benguela Railway (Caminho de Ferro de Benguela or CFB) in the centre
  • Moçâmedes Railway (Caminho de Ferro de Moçâmedes or CFM) in the south

Current information on the Angolan railway system can be found here .


Due to the poor road infrastructure the bus services are limited. Some buses serve routes throughout the country, but they are usually very crowded. However, in the capital Luanda the private bus company TURA (Transporte Urbano Rodoviario de Angola) operates. Furthermore, most hotels will provide airport shuttles.


Taxis are mostly privately-owned, but not very common in Angola. Instead, you will find white-blue painted minibuses offering their services. In Portuguese they are called Candongueiro.

Airports and harbours

Angola has about 193 airports, but only 31 of the bigger airports have paved runways. The major international airport of Angola is Quatro de Fevereiro Airport situated near Luanda. Angola International Airport is a new airport and has been under construction since 2008. It will be the largest airport in Africa. The opening is scheduled for 2015/2016.

The port of Luanda is Angola’s largest port and connects the country to the rest of the world by sea. There are no official ferry services to other countries available.

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