Why is it so hard to make friends in Australia?

  • I have been living for 4 months now in Australia - and all my friends are foreigners!!! Why is it so hard to make Australian friends? Sometimes I get the impression that they prefer to stay amongst themselves. This is not really what I expected when I came here.

    17 May 2007, 05:55 Sigrid
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  • friends

    it took me about 4 years to make Australian friends. I just got more accepting of the Aussie Way... YES I LOOOVE Australia - the lucky country - bbq is THE best way of cooking - footy - yeah great!!.. once I could get myself to accept that his is the way, I seemed to find friends. Australians are very conflict adverse. Not like Germans at all.
    I now have a great mix of Aussie and foreigner friends..but I have to say that the true friends concept like I know it from Germany is only understood by my foreigner friends.

    Hang in there.

    Mel 24 Oct 2007, 01:57 - Report
  • Maybe it need some time to build the faith relation.

    Maybe it need some time to build the faith relation. And go on share your empressement ,communicate more with others , i think we would make friends with people around ushappy))
    [email removed]

    Eric 11 Jan 2008, 03:08 - Report
  • moving to Melbourne

    Hi, I have plan to work in Melbourne. It's tough to make friends with the Aussie. Will it be worst as I am Asian? Any advise? Thanks

    Edel 17 Jan 2008, 01:36 - Report
  • your opinion...!!

    hi, i'm a filipino, 47 years of age, married w/ 2 kids. presently, i'm working in thailand in one of the prestigious universities here as grad sch. prof. i'm planning to visit australia, particularly melbourne as i've heard nice things about the place. hopefully when i get there, i might be doing my job hunting and if it works, probably settle down in the city. i need someone's opinion on this regard. do you think it would be a practical idea to move to australia w/ the whole family coming down...? i'm wiling to risk just to make this wild dream of mine come true. anyone, please help...!!

    jpsof prachin 20 Jan 2008, 08:39 - Report
  • melbourne

    is melbourne a nice place to live?

    jps 20 Jan 2008, 08:46 - Report
  • Melbourne is great

    Edel: Melbourne is a great place to live, you shouldn't find it hard to make friends. Being Asian is not a problem. I am of Asian descent and I have friends of all backgrounds. Melbourne is very culturally diverse. Australians are very friendly, but just be prepared that sometimes you may need to take the first step! Melbourne is the most beautiful city. You will love it. Good luck!

    Jpsof Prachin: If your family is as excited about the prospect of moving, I think you should do it! Melbourne is a fantastic place to raise a family. The suburbs are very family orientated and because Australia is so diverse in culture, your kids will have friends from all backgrounds and they'll grow to be accepting of all people. Since you're a uni. professor, your job prospects look good. There are lots of tertiary education institutes in Melbourne. That's just what I think - I don't work, I'm still studying.

    If you need any help or have any questions, just post them here. Don't want to leave my email address here but I'm more than happy to help.

    Ivy 09 May 2008, 02:36 - Report
  • Planning to go to Melbourne, Australia.

    I am very eggzited about moving to Melbourne, after hearing a lot of good thing about this city.
    I hope it will be upto my expectations.

    I love making friends too.


    Aftab 29 May 2008, 02:07 - Report
  • Monrovia

    Hey am very eggcited about the business proposal from Monrovia...sounds like a no brainer...!!!

    Johnboy Ireland

    Johnboy 25 Jun 2008, 02:37 - Report
  • education in Melbourne

    i am thinking of relocating to Autralia as well, and am curious of the education system there. i have a young son who would be attending elementary school. can anyone give me any pointers at all?... any advise is welcome.

    carmen 02 Aug 2008, 08:01 - Report
  • hi

    hi all

    p 08 Aug 2008, 11:51 - Report
  • sydney

    hi, i have heard a lot about melbourne from different perspectives. how about sydney? i have a friend from sydney and it seems like they despise asians for competing with them. i'd like to move there someday but the vibes they give arent very encouraging. what do you say?

    rave 11 Aug 2008, 05:09 - Report
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    Henry Z.R.NI 09 Sep 2008, 04:00 - Report
  • yeah!

    it takes time to know one...

    atasha 05 Dec 2008, 12:05 - Report
  • my favourite social activity network

    It's not hard at all to make friends in Australia. At least not since the advent of social activity networks starting up in the last couple of years.

    These offer a very relax and easy way to meet the locals, and fast track the establishment of a circle of friends in your new (temporary or permanent) home. Plus you get to do the stuff the locals do, let them show you the best beaches & pubs, the grooviest clubs, and the best hiking tracks - without having to go on an overpriced commercial tour or eat banana pancakes all the time.

    This is exactly what I have done, 5 years ago - after having arrived in Sydney 7 years earlier (from Belgium). More: I've actually started up the first Australian activity network of its kinds (and probably the first in the world) !

    I probably should not mention the actual URL of this website (for fear of breaching the forum rules). Though a quick Google search on 'liveliest social activity network Australia' should quickly point you in the right direction.

    The site's not free though - will cost you anywhere between $4 and $10 per month. But for in return you get to join 300 local activities per week, meet great people or create your own activities (for which you can claim a free subscription!) - without having to put up with phoney profiles, marriage proposals or spam. If it is free you want: try Yahoo Groups or Facebook blunk


    Anyway, I like my site, because it keeps me real and away from my PC (and my Facebook profile) Instead, I can participate in all kinds of activities that I didn't even know existed, or that had been inaccessible to me for all kinds of reasons.

    I have established a very wide network of great friends and contacts.

    I have been on helicopter flights, sailing weekends, bush trecks, treasury hunts, gallery tours, private wine tasting nights, dinner dates, snorkeling weekends, the top of Mount Kosciusko, Shark Island, mussel parties, High Tea's, wine tasting tours, deep ocean fishing trips and canoing weekends. I have played kubb, aqua-golf, supa golf, mini golf, roller blading, soccer, basket ball, ten pin bowling, ultimate frisbee. I have been close and personal with grey nurse sharks, orka's and stingrays (the one that got Steve!), ...

    Best of all is that all these activities I am doing in the company, and sometimes under the guidance of old and new found friends.

    I also like my social activity network because it is informal, personal, non-judgmental, tolerant, empowering, open minded and all inclusive.

    And because all activities here are organised by people just like me, who invite me because they enjoy my company (i hope), and not because i am on a bulk email list of some commercial operator.

    Jelle 06 Dec 2008, 01:18 - Report
  • hello guys

    i'm a Belgian man who love to live and work in Australia. I have read lots of information on Aurstralian sites concern my travel. As an European i can travel with tourist visa for 3/6/12 months, BUT i may not work during my visit! I want to stablish a new life there and have read on site that i can apply for a substantive visa while i'm there.
    If they put 8523 on my visa, i can't apply for a substantive visa of bridge visa and have to return home.
    Can anybody help me please, how can i arrange this, some say: apply for 6 month visa and not 12 month, then they don't put tht 8523 on your visa and you can apply for another substantive visa for 2 years on base of cohabiting with someone etc.....
    Thanks all in advance

    Damiaan 07 Dec 2008, 12:12 - Report
  • from Uruguay to Israel to Australia


    I am a 37 age woman married and with 2 kids (8 and 4 years old). We are south american and moved to Israel 12 years ago. We feel that we finally get used to the culture here but find very difficult to raise our kids here and are thinking about moving to Australia but have never been there. Any kind of comments, suggests or ideas will be welcome. My email is [email removed] and I will be delighted to receive your support in any way (by this forum or by mail). It is quite difficult for us to make a decision, specialy to think about starting over once again, which is not easy.

    Thanks in advance !

    Maia 14 Dec 2008, 09:25 - Report
  • student

    hi there ,
    my name is Jinn Feng,
    Chinese girl
    and i'm a high school student
    my Email:[email removed]

    Jinni 12 Jan 2009, 02:22 - Report
  • looking for a aussie friend .

    hi there name :bobby william.
    graduate university of east london 08.
    want to make aussie friend i love australia and my wish is to make aussie friends ,well if any of the girl interested . please write to me on [email removed] ,orginally iam from london.

    bobby will 22 Jan 2009, 09:44 - Report
  • moving from Ukraine to Australia

    My name is Olga. My family think about moving to Australia because there is difficult political situation in our country. If someone Know something about Ukrainian community in Australia I will be appreciate for the given information.
    Best regards

    olga 12 Mar 2009, 11:06 - Report
  • It is hard to make frineds here

    Im living in Brisbane now and have been living in this area for about a year and a half and my partner is Auatralian.
    Not only that i find it hard to make friends here even in a group of my partners friends, I find girls here downright offensive and I had to cope some things that i never thought will happen to me especially with adults!. Like going to my partners friend for dinner, I was sitting next to a girl I never met before (we were invited and also a few of his friends that my partner and I never met) and she just got up lifted her chair and shifted to the other side of the table! And thats just one of the things..
    Guys here are much much better but it still feel they keep you abit far. Too Formal and cold for me.
    I have travelled alot and didnt had any problems making friends, especially in Germany (lovely country happy ) and really the only people that are easy going and friendly here are people from other countries.
    Now after a year and a half here i have a pretty bad opinion about females here and its a shame cause i do love this country.
    I gave up trying to make friends here really. Im lucky to have my partner and his amazing family.

    Sorry for the harsh words, but for the longest time i thought something is wrong with me, and then after talking to other tourists here i felt good knowing im not the only one coping with this situation.

    Me 16 Mar 2009, 07:08 - Report
  • Needed Friendship

    Hello to All,
    Dears i am arshad from pakistan.
    i am needed a friends in all world if any body interested plz contect me as soon as posibleon .
    [email removed]

    arshad 29 Mar 2009, 06:03 - Report
  • Don't beleive the hype! - Aussies are revolting

    The easiest way to make friends in Australia is get a simple medical procedure performed before you arrive - It's called a Lobotomy. Australians are truly the most primitive in-bred people the so called 'civilised' western world has ever produced. The most disgusting and devolved of the locals (which account for a least 75% of the population) are known as Bogans (a name the fools wear proudly). These people are are descended from the worst criminals of the British Empire, who were so disgusting that they had to be shipped to the opposite side of the planet, who then proceeded to inbreed and deteriorate generically for another two centauries. The resulting 'people' are incredibly stupid, xenophobic, uncultured and totally naive about anything occurring in the world other than the success of their local sport club - which they worship with a sickening religious zeal. Bogans are difficult to describe in words (you have to see them in nature to get the full effect) but try imagine the most revolting white-trash from the southern US, replace the drawling American accent with a truly 'chalk-on-blackboard' loud nasally twang, replace the word God with the name of their Footy team, replace Pick-up trucks with Utes, and remove another 50 IQ points and you have a fair idea of that to expect from the average Bogan Aussie. They are at their absolute worst when they any get alcohol into them (which is unfortunately most of the time). They become surly and violent - Try imagine the worst British Chav and double the foul attitude. In the big cities you may be lucky and encounter the remaining 25% of Aussies that have less genetic deterioration (primarily because they are only a few generations removed from there immigrant ancestors, or are not of Anglo decent), or Europeans like myself who are marooned on this desert island hell-hole. However once you get to the country towns you will only find the worst that the human species has to offer.

    Michael in Bogan Hell 30 Mar 2009, 08:07 - Report
  • why is it so hard to make friends in australia

    Hi Sigrid
    I've been living in this hell-hole,Brisbane area for about 10 years, and I have not made one australian friend. I am about to move back to Europe, because I have never felt so lonely and never seen so many trashy people (barefoot). I really don't like it here! Your neighbours are on top of you, but you never get to know them, or to say hi to them!

    Fed up with Australians 02 Apr 2009, 05:57 - Report
  • Do Australian man like Ukrainian woman

    How do you think it is easy to get marriage in Australia or Canada

    Anna 02 Apr 2009, 10:49 - Report
  • Job Support

    Hi My name is burney, Recently arrived from India as a Permanenet resident. I don't have much connections in Melbourne, If somebody can able to help me some opening it will be greatfull, Basically i am a computer hardware person. Married with two children

    Burney Mendez 13 Apr 2009, 12:25 - Report
  • Hi ! Everybody

    I am a student of University here in Bangladesh. Religion- Buddhist.I am very poor student. My family can't provide for me properly. So plz if anyone able to some help me contact with me. It would be very kind of you for me. Contact details- ( [email removed] )

    Tungulo 23 Apr 2009, 01:06 - Report
  • hi ,i am trying to find friends for a romanian girl who is lonely in taz

    If any other people from Austrailia feel lonely and would like to make friends with her please reply back .

    Paul Klein 25 Apr 2009, 05:00 - Report
  • You speak like you're one of us!

    You seem to know us so well. Hang on are you one of those whining Brits I see on Bondi beach? You know the type - a sunburned pig wrapped up in a rubber band, swilling warm beer and needing to be rescued because you inevitably select the spot with no waves (LOL).

    Yes, we are revolting. But only a percentage of us. We are a beautiful, hardy people from many places. That is what makes us so lovely. Even if we are white Australian, we've had enough new blood over the last 2 centuries to make our features fine and our bodies strong. England on the other hand? Think bad teeth...

    By the way if you don't happen to be whiny Brit, I 'm sure I can still better your uninspired prose with something far more insulting.

    Proud But Educated Australian 27 Apr 2009, 10:42 - Report
  • join Indiancrib.com

    A great site for international students for social networking!!!

    Sid 27 Apr 2009, 04:52 - Report
  • Yes I can help you

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    S.Babar Rizvi 03 May 2009, 11:17 - Report
  • Hey can any body knows the Gce Advanced level

    I want to know about the accounts paper of A2 as im preparing my A2 for next year can any one help me to find out what has came in accounting paper

    Methew Hauritz 05 Jun 2009, 11:14 - Report
  • aussie females

    ive been here 10 years and still have a problem with Aussie girls responding to meand making friends..i think they know no different and there life is simple. they have nothing better than to bitch and slag off others....i feel sad that it all such an effort all the time to make friends...my suggestion is that u chose other nationalities to bond with,

    jenny 07 Jun 2009, 03:25 - Report
  • Typical

    to the comment 'you speak like your one of us' hmmm not australian by any chance? I love how you say 'whining brit'!!! Slight contradiction there dont u think?? bad teeth?? well we dont have to pay for out Dentil and medical bills, as for u aussie's.. never seen such yellow nashers in my life! Oh and warm beer? yeah i dont think so. heres a tip, how about being more open minded and actually think before you say, no wait..shout something.

    abra cadabra 12 Jun 2009, 07:08 - Report
  • To settle in Australia

    Hi, I am an Indian software professional. I am married with 2 kids (7&4 years). I am planning to get a PR and find some job and settle in Australia. Can someone tell if it will be wise decision. Is it easy to get job and be accepted by the locals.

    eskay 28 Jun 2009, 05:41 - Report
  • From an auzzie girl

    Hi I am an Australian girl who is about to travel abroad and so stumbled onto this site. I understand that it can be very scary and intimidating trying to meet new friends, and i really think this applies in many places. But most auzzies that i know really enjoy meeting people under most circumstances. within the crowd that i hang out with i have friends from new zealand, england, india, brazil, hungry, canada and asia. we all get on great and to be honest even though we often have bbq's in summer, we have tried to do activities that include their cultures as well. for example we had a hungi (a new zealand tradition) and we had a brazillian party to celebrate one of their holidays with brazillian music (admittily some of my australian friends weren't as good as dancers as the brazillians).
    I'm not trying to say all australians will welcome you with open arms i just wouldn't want anyone to think that all australian's are cruel and have no intesert in others. It can't be too hard to make auzzie friends if i have so many foreign friends happy

    Kelly Thompson 05 Jul 2009, 02:57 - Report
  • Thank you Kelly

    I'm sorry to read that some people on this site have problems making Australian friends. Making friends in a strange country can sometimes be more difficult than making friends in your own country, but don't give up! There are alot of friendly Aussies who are educated (socially) and interested in other cultures. That's what makes Australia so interesting: its cultural diversity!
    Welcome to Australia!

    Vicki 11 Jul 2009, 03:50 - Report
  • Bogan Hell

    I'm afraid that this post is all too true, particularly the inference of insularity and poor education. There is also a dearth of good design and quality; so much so that I actively avoid anything that is made in Australia. The other things that spoil life here are: the grinding corruption in politics, civic and corporate life; the work practices that are entrenched in the Socialist dark days; the lack of skills outside a narrow band of 'training'; the attitude to alcohol which is far removed from the social pleasure in the UK; and where are the old folks? Not in the snug of the Thorn Tree with a half and friends!

    Bob Cat 01 Aug 2009, 03:49 - Report
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