• hello, am a Ugandan by nationality and birth. I come from the northern war-ton area of Uganda and i am 22 years old. I completed my college but could not join the University due to various problems that happened to me in that am now staying the refugee camp with my mother and brother. I would really love to join the University so as to complete with my education to seek for a brighter future so if there is anyone who can give me a hand help towards my education, i would be so pleased with everything. you can contact me at or telephone +256777140344.
    Thank you very much.
    hoping to hear from any willing and handhelpful person.

    22 May 2008, 07:43 ACHAN LUCY
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  • seeking for a sponsor

    hallo i am a Kenyan female aged 24 having been in campus for three years.I am supposed to clear my Diploma clinical medicine this year but since the last war in my country i am unable to complete due our sources were terminated please i am seeking for a well wisher God bless you my email address is trizahsh@ phone line 0752512478

    teresiah wanjiku muritu 05 Jun 2008, 11:07 - Report
  • i need a sponsor

    im alexei im 19 years old, im from aguascalientes mexico, and i want to study financial administration n australia, but i need a sponsor , so please send me a message to or call me to 0014491716589, thanks for help

    javier alexei berrones guerra 08 Jun 2008, 05:54 - Report

    I am a tanzanian boy aged 24 years old looking for the sponsorship at the level of Bachelor degree. l was admitted at ST. AUGUSTINE UNIVERSITY OF TANZANIA in the academic year 2007/2008 bachelor of Arts in SOCIOLOGY but l was unable to attend the studies due to the lack of funds. Currently l am at home doing casual jobs so as to help my parents' meals, accommodation and other necessary expenses. but l still need to study.
    If there is someone ready to help me financially l will be pleased so much. I am also ready to work in the company or an organization which will sponsor my education. You may directly communicate with me via email; OR Phone number
    +255 753 789 893

    MASABU ELIAS WILLIAM 05 Jul 2008, 02:50 - Report
  • Request For financial assistance/sponsor

    Am male ugandan aged 28years,hailing from a family whose main occupation is making local pots out of clay.i sat for Mature university entrance examinations and i was admitted on private program for Bachelors of Guindance aqnd counseling for three in second year but i have totally failed to continue due to lack of money.Therefore am kindly requesting for any one to help financially so that i can finish.i will be greatful if i hear from you.i wish you well all the viewers and keep seeking God's providence to prevail so that He can lead you to the right destiny.God bless reply me using this email;

    NIYONZIMA EDSON 10 Jul 2008, 10:07 - Report


    My names are Achien'g Migire aged 23 years old. I am seeking for financial aid so that may be able to enrol for a Nursing Course. I have not been able to raise the required money since I was the age of 19 years old due to the fact that my parents died after completing my year 12 'O 'Level studies. I have been doing casual jobs so as to feed my younger three brothers and I need to further my studies. I would love to enrol for a nuring course anywhere that any of the willing sponsors will choose with regards to what he/or she (sponsor) can afford.
    My contacts are and +255-753-267-200.

    ACHIEN'G 26 Jul 2008, 11:50 - Report
  • am looking for asponser

    hi brenda is my name am a ugandandan lookg for someone tohelp mi further ma studies i did a diplom in education but looking forward to doind adegree in counselling am an orpharn any body out there ready and willing to help mi please contact mi through ma email adressie iwont disapointyou God Blees

    brenda 30 Jul 2008, 12:10 - Report
  • Looking for sponsorship.

    Iam called Josephs Nicholaus.I come from the central part of uganda.Iam aged 19 years.Iam an orphan.I lost my dad two years back and ever since then i did not complete my high school studies.Iam looking for someone to sponsor me so that i can finsh my high school and perhabs become a better asset to the world.Please any body there who can sympathise with my cry, help me.Reach me out on or call me on +256 772 370165.I will be greatfull to hear from you.Thanks

    josephs Nicholaus 15 Aug 2008, 03:59 - Report
  • can any one please help me.

    if possible please call me on+256751885194/+25672484172.
    i need to please complete my education.

    rom nib 25 Aug 2008, 05:51 - Report
  • looking for sponsorship to UK

    Iam Deogratious a second year student at kyambogo university offering bechalor of infomation technology and computing so iam looking for sponsor who can help me complete the university tuition and taking me abroad for more studies contact +256775904594

    owunoyi deo e-maail 29 Aug 2008, 01:09 - Report
  • looking for sponsorship

    Iam deogratious a second year student at kyambogo university offering Bachelor of information technlogy and computing,iam looking for someone who can help me complete my studies and if he/she can still manage take me abroad for studies i will be so grateful.
    i will be happy for any kind of response
    and when it shall come to +256775904594 my E.mail
    God bless you

    owunoyi deo 29 Aug 2008, 02:20 - Report
  • requests for sponsorships

    I am an educationally minded Nigerian,was looking for sponsors to embark on a degree programme on informaton technology and engineering,was in SE Asia(Malaysia,im 31,and had my diploma certs on business info systems and computing,would be appreciative of the effots made by any from elsewhere to see me through with these programmes,be most glad if i get replies 31 Aug 2008, 04:33 - Report
  • looking for sponsor

    AM ALEX,
    and i have just finished a diploma in microfinance,i was looking for some kind sponsor to help me finish my bachelors in the same course so that i can also help my brothers sitted home so that they can also go back to school plus my can contact me on this email address or+256-752893855

    ssemwanga ales 05 Sep 2008, 10:10 - Report
  • Need for a sponser

    I am a Uganda aged 27years. I was admitted at Makerere Univsity to pursue a Bacheolrs degree in Commerce. I would like some one to help me to sponser me.

    I would be very greatful if am helped. Contact me on email address or Telephone 0772-542410

    Nakibuule Josephine 17 Sep 2008, 10:42 - Report
  • Looking for a sponsorship for my education

    Iam a student in Uganda looking for some one to sponsor my education. The reason why am looking for a sponsor is that am an orphan with no body to pay my school fees. My daddy died when I was 8 months. My mother is the one looking for me. We are 2 sisters and 2 brothers. My elder brother completed 'O' level and could not go back because my mother wanted to push us also. Am now in senior three but my mother has failed to pay school fees for this year.Incase you want my school reports to see my performance I am ready to send them to you. Am completely deseparate I realy need some one to help me.

    Incase of a reply kindly respond to email com.

    Yours faithfully,

    Kantamu Precious
    Senior Three
    St. Mary's Vocational Boarding school

    Kantamu Precious 19 Sep 2008, 03:42 - Report
  • Looking for a sponsorship for my education (Revised)

    Iam a student in Uganda looking for some one to sponsor my education. The reason why am looking for a sponsor is that am an orphan with no body to pay my school fees. My daddy died when I was 8 months. My mother is the one looking for me. We are 2 sisters and 2 brothers. My elder brother completed 'O' level and could not go back because my mother wanted to push us also. Am now in senior three but my mother has failed to pay school fees for this year.Incase you want my school reports to see my performance I am ready to send them to you. Am completely desparate I realy need some one to help me.

    Incase of a reply kindly respond to emails address: .

    Thank you very much.

    Yours faithfully,

    Kantamu Precious
    Senior Three
    St. Mary's Vocational Boarding school

    Precious Kantamu 19 Sep 2008, 04:36 - Report

    Hi all,
    Am a Ugandan,aged 19,a christian.I was admitted at Kampala International University,to do a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery but my dad has no money.we are five children,my elder brother who finished senior six but because of no money,he had to drop out followed by me and three more.I will be very greatful if am helped.Thank You and God Bless You. Contact me on email address or 0775311948,0712334943

    NAMAGANDA PHIONA CHRISTABEL 23 Sep 2008, 10:45 - Report

    I am a cameroonian age 20, a chritian and a holder of the ordinary levels certificate from saint josephs college sasse . i am presently a holder of the A levels certificate examination.presently i cannot longer go to school due to the shocking death of my dad who was sorely the bread winner of my existence. i am desperately looking for a sponsor because i want to further my studies to the university due to my brilliant passes in the O and A levels. in case of any sponsor i want to assure you of no regreat and a sample of my ordinary and advanced level certificates will be sent to you. THANK YOU ALREADY AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU ABONDANTLY. MY CONTACTS ARE AS FOLLOWS
    NUMBER> 0023779671021/ 0023777447641

    NYANJOH SOYANG HANS 26 Sep 2008, 08:48 - Report
  • hey

    iam nicolaous from uganda iam 16m am in s2 am looking for a sponsor from any where i lost my dad when i was 13years old and the goverment have been paying my school fees because i performed well and the goverment is stopping paying my school fees in senior three and now i will not be eble to pay my school fees my mom sells banana at the street but the money she gets is for house hold but beage hambley to help me any one out there who can help me to contact me on

    +256777715037 thats mi phone number and i will be very gland to see any one may GOD bless u all who are helper.thank you so much

    nicok 28 Sep 2008, 10:39 - Report

    I am a Kenyan citizen orphan aged 26. I am currently willing to join the British Army and one of the requirements is MUST have a sponsor who leaves' in UK. I am a born again living in Kenya and is currently looking for a sponsor to enable me achieve my dream. For anyone who is willing to support me as a sponsor, my email number is

    cell phone number +254738655991


    MUKUNA WILSON PETER 30 Sep 2008, 03:14 - Report
  • a need a sponsership

    a really want to further my studies the problem is that a have got a single mother and she is not working my father passed away when a was young please can you help me to archive my goals a want my dream to come true whoever is willing to help a will never dissapoint the person a will put my effort you can contact me my number is +27735034122 or you can email me /

    patience buhlebenkosi mabuya 05 Oct 2008, 05:09 - Report
  • seeking sponsorship

    i am living in southafrica durban refugee center.please find me sponsor,i really need study.please please

    B.T Ayalkebet 10 Oct 2008, 08:40 - Report
  • looking for sponsorship

    I am coulter deo a ugandan by nationality i am looking for some one who can help me complete my studies by hlping me financially because i usually miss lectures which affects my performance because during day i work as cleaner in the morning hours and in the afternoon when peaple are many i work as a hawker to enable me get some finance so any help given can help change my life. Iam in one of the ugandan university.iwll be happy if it shall come to pass.
    I cry for help
    God bless you

    coulter deo 14 Oct 2008, 03:22 - Report
  • please could u help me?

    FIRST THE MERCY & PEACE TO U FROM ALMAIGHTY GOD.My name is Eyob.i am Ethiopian.I have been graduated with a Degree.Iam looking for some one to sponsor my education. The reason why am looking for a sponsor is that am an OROPHAN.i have no mother & father, but I have one brother am helping him. Now we are in trouble b/ce I began my Master education, unfortunatily we failed to pay school fees for this year.If you want my school reports to see my performance ( I am a great distungush student in my Degree)I am ready to send to you.I REALLY NEED SOME ONE TO HELP ME.

    emails address:

    Thank you very much.

    Yours faithfully,


    EYOB WUBISHET 15 Oct 2008, 09:46 - Report
  • In need of sponsers for my Education

    hi..dis is Dinesh from India.I have completed my degree in B.Sc-Electronics n i have a keen interest to do master but financially em looking for adaption n sponcer for my study.

    e-mail id:

    Dinesh 15 Oct 2008, 03:42 - Report
  • In need of sponsers for my Education

    hi..dis is Dinesh from India.I have completed my degree in B.Sc-Electronics n i have a keen interest to do MBA but financially em looking for adaption n sponcer for my study.


    Dinesh 15 Oct 2008, 03:53 - Report
  • In need of sponsors for my education

    Please reffer to the head above I’m a ugandan male here to seek for your support in getting sponsorship of studying,i would wish to do IT but financially i can't achieve my dream.
    My father is only a small peasant who can not support my studies and my mother who was employed died 11 years ago hence only support from volunteers like you can make me go on.
    I’m recently am a student of CISCO at Uganda Institute of Information and Techology. I’m Still unstable due to many obstacles I’m facing by not paying my tuition fees and other costs accordingly.
    I wish you will consider my request.
    Thank you!!!

    Nb;I will be ready to proove all of my informations.
    Your sincerely,
    Kukundakwe Caleb


    Kukundakwe Caleb 18 Oct 2008, 11:50 - Report
  • In need of sponsors to further my education.

    Iam a female in Senior five but l have a problem of getting school fees. My father was deleted on government pay roll because of taking alcohol since 1994. And my mother is the only source in our home. During holidays we get jobs like diging in order to get our school fees. Sometimes we are stopped from doing exams. We are eight children in our family.My mother is a peasant who cannot afford all our needs.
    I hope for your kind assistance. Thank you.
    Yours sincerely,
    Annah Nuwagaba

    Annah Nuwagaba 30 Oct 2008, 01:47 - Report
  • i need a sponsor for my study here in the philippines!

    hi!i'm a freshman student here in philippines but i cannot make it this sem because we are facing financial problem.i'm seeking for those who has a good heart te help me in my problem!actually, the class is going on but i cant still enroll untill friday (nov7,2008),i still have balance last sem that made my account so big!i hope there someone can help me!i'm begging you ....God bles and hoping for your kindness and understanding!

    this my no. 09177484776 05 Nov 2008, 03:48 - Report
  • I am looking for a kind hearted sponsor to help me finance my studies.

    To those who have a kind hearted people out there who have been blessed to share there blessing with me,and help me in my studies..

    I am Giovanni Jumalon,22 years of age and taking Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.Im currently in my 3rd year regular standing and wish to finished it by year 2010 but due to financial crises i may not able to continue my degree...i hope and plead to those kind hearted people to please help finished my studies.
    May God bless you as give you more blessing as you have shared your blessing to me...

    here is my contact info

    contact number +639184363752

    Giovanni Jumalon 07 Nov 2008, 04:47 - Report
  • I need a sponser of my secondary Education

    Hi, am jovia julian Nalubinga am a Ugandan by nationality aged 11 years.I had completed my primary education waiting to go for secondary education unfortunately my father was kidnaped 1996 during the war never come back.I have been staying with my gaurdian since and now cann't afford pay school feesfor my secondary education. I request for any sponser who can pay schoolfees for me so that I get my dream of becoming a doctor.

    Nalubinga jovia julian email 07 Nov 2008, 02:18 - Report
  • seeking assistance.

    hello every one,am Adyero Isabella from Gulu district in Uganda,a war tone area am kindly seeking help from any interested persons. i come from a family of 9 childern and am the last born. i have lost all my parents induring this fatal war in gulu and i seeking help, support and assistance from any willing person.for any help to be rendered please contact me on

    ADYERO ISABELLA 09 Nov 2008, 11:24 - Report
  • askimg for sponsership

    i kindly request for tertiary education sponsorship to any country. just finished my A levels. i am a young man aged 20. please contact me on 00263912359282 if you can help. or email me on

    b.kudabvanji 10 Nov 2008, 01:03 - Report
  • Hello

    hello! i am looking for someone who could help me and support my studies here at universidad de zamboanga...i am taking up nursing 3rd year college but i cannot enroll these semester because of financial parents was broke up and no one will support me anymore.thats why im trying to publish my letter..i reallty want to continue my studies because soon ill be graduate..pls help me..or rply my message thru my e mail add...

    Joselita P. Jacobe 11 Nov 2008, 05:23 - Report
  • Could you please kindly sponsor my studies?

    I'm a first year student at the local University here in Tanzania.I'm seriously looking for a passionate person to sponsor me about 300USD to cover the fees that is not covered by the Government.Unfortunately,the timetable here does not give me spare time to even work for a part time job.
    Both of my parents died a couple of years ago,and left me with my four siblings.I kindly would like to invite anyone out there who could help me with this under any conditionalities.

    Rashid Nestory 12 Nov 2008, 08:50 - Report
  • I need a suger mummy

    I'm a black african seeking for a woman that will take me as sex boy.I will give you all it takes to sertisfy your sex mode.I don't care were you came from hence you need me.

    My email:.

    Kingsley 12 Nov 2008, 05:13 - Report
  • Looking for sponsorship

    Hi, to every one who will read and understant this letter of mine, am a male ugandan of age 18 years old from northern part and am requesting any one who can help me in paying my school fees for A level and above ,
    i shall be very grateful if you could help me
    ochan promise()(+256-775258414)

    ochan promise 13 Nov 2008, 07:56 - Report
  • In need for a computer sponsor

    To whom it may concern
    im desparate in need for a computer sponsor the reason being that i cant buy one on my own and i find it too dificult to acomplish my asignment at the end of the day.

    thank you

    Syshaa 16 Nov 2008, 01:12 - Report
  • Looking for sponsorship for education.

    I am linda Jeremia,A young Malawian lady looking for education sponsorship to finish my education.Am studying Rural And Community Development.Am ready to study at any university abroad.My contact Phone number;04003995/09682851.

    Linda Jeremia,E-mail Dress; 20 Nov 2008, 11:35 - Report


    OSMAN MOHAMMED 21 Nov 2008, 02:36 - Report


    OSMAN ALI 21 Nov 2008, 02:45 - Report
  • looking for a sponsor

    I need sponsorship to further my journalism course.i am a kenyan lady with a Diploma in Journalism but haven;t been able to get a job in the last three years. i need to go back to college but lack finance.please help me out

    Isabella Masafu 21 Nov 2008, 03:30 - Report
  • So much in need of a sponsor for my university education

    Iam Namara christine a female ugandan aged 26. i finished with a second class upper diploma in secretarial studies last year 2007. But i failed to get money for my further studies yet i feel like studying a degree course. I am so bright and always serious when it comes to books.i beg any interested and kind person to give me a helping hand.God will reward you so so much. Thank you. let me hope for a positive response from anywhere around the globe.

    Namara Christine 22 Nov 2008, 01:15 - Report
  • tertiary sponsor

    Hullo, am a orphant, 20 years of age female and a ugandan by nationality,first year student of Namizi Training Institute of Social Development seeking financial help to enable me complete my contact is incase my request is put under consideration.

    Lorna Angwech 22 Nov 2008, 03:14 - Report
  • Badly in need of sponsors

    I am a woman who is very much interested to upgrade my knowledge in natural resources management and help my developing country, Bhutan to manage natural resourses and fulfill our national goal to keep 60%of forest coverage for all times to come.
    I have got an International offer letter for graduated diploma course and continue my masters in forestry from ANU, Canberra, Australia on dated 21/10/2008 for 2009 course which would begin in february, 2008. I wuold remain ever grateful to anyone who would sponsors me to take up the above course.
    Please......... help me. I assure you that I will do best in my course.

    My email adress:

    Yeshi Yangdon 24 Nov 2008, 11:33 - Report
  • could you please kindly sponsor my studies

    I am 21 years old, rwandan by nastionality and birth. I am studying in India and taking degree in information technology, am in my first year, proposing to finish it in 2011, and i wish to also study my masters.
    because of financial crisis am afried that my cause my no finish! am looking for those who are blessed with kind-hearts to help me to finish my studies.
    God will bless you accordingly.

    MUNGWARAKARAMA IRENEE 25 Nov 2008, 10:33 - Report
  • Looking for sponsor

    I'm orphan of 22yrs old i need your support to proceed with my ordinary diploma at DIT in Dar es salaam my contact are
    Phone +255 0783654999

    STEVEN WELLELO 27 Nov 2008, 04:00 - Report
  • Hi

    I need sponsorhip my MSC program.I want to learn in Australia,USA, UK,or Canada

    yemane 28 Nov 2008, 11:19 - Report
  • Crying for Help

    Am Ayebare provia, ugandan by nationality, pursuing a degree in quantitative Economics, makerere university am in my third year. I really need sponsorship. Support me. My email address is and my telphone numbers are 0712349694/0773554643. God bless you.

    Ayebare Provia 28 Nov 2008, 12:47 - Report
  • Need a sponsor to complete my Advanced level

    I am a 19yr old Ugandan girl through with my Ordinary level studies and would like 2 continue with Alevel but i don't have school fees 4 it so i kindly request whoever can help me 2 pliz do. I have no parents who .would have helped me through this so pliz i kindly request u 2 help me and my contacts are;0718061366. Thank u.

    Mawemuko Jastine 30 Nov 2008, 03:17 - Report
  • May you help me please to go on with studies in Tanzania.

    i am Jerome Alfred, a first year student at Mineral resorce institute in Dodoma Region in Tanzania.studing Geologe and Mineral Exploration. Diploma course. the course is of 3 yers.
    Am kindly request your help. Please may you help me to go on with studies. I sold my equipments on august and got 800 usaD for my fee and other college expenditures. Right now I dont have any thing to support me financial. and we are about to end up the 1st semister But I still dont know how I will turn back to college on january 2009 if God wishes.
    So please help me about 800 usa dollars for my continuation in the college next year. May Almight God bless youfor that. My

    Jerome Alfred my email is 01 Dec 2008, 10:52 - Report
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