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  • hi, I need to change some USD, does anybody know where I can get a good rate and low commission? cheers!!!

    27 Jan 2006, 02:37 Anonymous
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  • Try this page

    Anonymous 03 Feb 2006, 11:24 - Report
  • currency exchange

    I found that using was very helpful as it saved me a lot of time and i definately got the best service and rates.

    Anonymous 11 Jul 2006, 03:54 - Report


    I tried out this search engine and the rates and service that i have just received is excellent, also no transfer fees to pay, banks charge 20-30 GBP.

    Thank you.

    Anonymous 25 Jul 2006, 04:10 - Report

    Hi there,

    It is really important to compare LIVE rates when exchanging foreign currency. The markets are very volatile and prices change several times every minute! I have found that OzForex offer great rates and are very friendly and easy to use.

    Mike 22 Feb 2008, 03:10 - Report
  • Net income


    I would like to know that if I earn, say approximately 6000/- A$ per month; how much of it will I have to pay as tax and other monthly expenses (for 2 adults)and finally how much net amount can I save at the end of the month.


    Anonymous 22 May 2008, 06:56 - Report
  • International Payments.


    OzForex is an regulated foreign currency broker who offers exchange rates to individuals normally reserved for larger corporations.

    We have domestic bank accounts in many countries, including Australia, the US, Europe and the UK, meaning there are no bank charges to you, the customer.

    OzForex offers great service and is very easy to use, so give us a call and we can take you through the payment process.

    Contact phone numbers are:

    UK 0845 686 1950
    USA/Canada 1800 680 0750
    Australia 1300 300 424
    New Zealand 0800 161 868

    email: [email removed]

    John Corcoran - OzForex Pty Ltd 04 Jun 2008, 11:11 - Report
  • currency

    Ross Burland
    Call me at RationalFX
    0044 (0)207 220 8164
    We will ebat any exchnage rate and save you thousands
    Ross Burland

    Ross Burland 15 Oct 2008, 06:11 - Report
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