The Austrian healthcare system

Overview of how it works

The Austrian healthcare system

Austria is well known for a generous social system. Although spending has been reduced in recent years, you will still find very good healthcare and a strong social security system. There is an extensive network of hospitals and doctors covering even the remotest areas of Austria.

If you are a tourist or just staying temporarily in Austria coming from a European Union country you are automatically entitled to free basic health care due to reciprocal agreements among EU countries. You need to have the E111-form that is available from your home country’s health insurance authorities. Alternatively, you may be issued with the European Health Insurance Card, which is in the process of being introduced at different speeds in different countries and is an equivalent replacing the E111-form.

Everyone living and working in Austria must make health insurance contributions. Health insurance is part of the social security insurance system. Depending on the type of employment, there are different fee and payment scales. The social security system can also include accident, pension and unemployment insurances. Basic healthcare and dental treatment care in public hospitals and medication are covered, as well as visits at specialists. The cost for an insured person depends on their income and therefore varies a lot.

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  • Bean, 01 July 2011 Reply

    Not that much

    Foreign students paying 357,48€ a month for health insurance, or a quarter of it, if they dont work. That generous health care system. Probably nowhere in the world as bad as that.