English Speaking Expat Community in Salzburg?

  • Hi All

    As much as I love Austria and the Austrian people, I'm just wondering if there's an established english speaking expat community that meet up regularly in Salzburg? I'm pretty new here, cant yet speak German and I'd love to meet some other Aussies, english, irish, etc etc.... to hang out with occassionally!

    21 Nov 2006, 01:26 Anonymous
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  • English in Salzberg

    May be moving to Austria in next few months - not sure if Salzberg or near Linz yet; have you found an English speaking community that meets up yet?

    CharlieB 13 Feb 2007, 05:38 - Report
  • English in Linz


    I am moving to Austria, in the Linz direction, in July and would love to meet up with any fellow English or anyone who speaks good English!

    Caroline 18 May 2007, 03:34 - Report
  • English in Linz / Wels

    Hi - I am moving to Wales to Wels (working in Linz) from July to be with my girlfriend. Be great to meet some people in the Linz area to and speak some english.
    Contact -

    Nick 23 May 2007, 06:52 - Report
  • English speaking

    There is a very good chance my family and I will be moving to Salzburg Austria in less than a month. We are from Seattle Washington and are looking forward to the change. How long have you been in salzburg? Have you found it a good place to live? Are the locals friendly to us outsiders?

    Hope to meet you soon

    Kind Regards,

    Deanna and Dale

    Deanna 19 Jul 2007, 08:16 - Report
  • English Speakers in Salzburg


    Has anyone found an English speaking society in Salzburg? I've heard there is over 1000 English speakers living here! I am now living there, so please contact me on

    B 31 Jul 2007, 09:41 - Report
  • English native speakers in Innsbruck

    hi, searching for english speaking people in innsbruck.

    angela 22 Aug 2007, 11:12 - Report
  • Move near Kirchdorf... Kremsmunster - 40mins from Linz

    Hi All
    Am finally moving to Austria this Sat. Renting ferienhaus near Kremsmunster whilst we look for something more permanent. Anyone around the area? We have 2 kids - 4years and 1year and interested in keeping up the kids English as well as meeting other friendly english speakers!

    CharlieB 27 Aug 2007, 09:14 - Report
  • American in Salzburg

    Continuing the theme of wondering if anyone's found a community in the Salzburg area. With the University and all, you'd think there'd be something...

    Anonymous 10 Sep 2007, 05:05 - Report
  • hello everyone!

    so what's going on? is there an expat communit here in the city?

    i need some information and would like to get in touch with someone from the US.

    hiazsamado 25 Sep 2007, 04:55 - Report
  • help

    Hi my name is gavin i have just moved to Austria from Spain with my Austrian girlfriend and my 10 month old son, i am English and looking to meet other English here. After living in Spain for 6 years and having a crazy time some might say its time to settle down, that i don't mind but i still want to relate to my own kind football, nights out and family events etc. Also if anybody no's of any work, I've been a builder for sometime now and i might add a good one to, please let me no. lucky for me i have my girlfriends family to help but if i don't relate soon i might go mad. Being in Salzburg is good only totally different to Spain but good culture and amazing views can't wait for the ski season and the golf is good. So just a job to find and a few good friends and i'm sorted and maybe just one winning lottery ticket. Anyway baby kicking off must go. ANYBODY OUT THERE

    GAVIN 30 Sep 2007, 05:34 - Report
  • another American living in Salzburg

    Hello Gavin,

    did you happen to see the e-mail address from Sian from London? it's a few posts back.

    Just thought I'd point it out...

    Jim 02 Oct 2007, 10:14 - Report
  • How to find a job in Austria

    Hi CharlieB

    I am looking forward to move to Austria with my family I have two kids my self, can you tell me if you found a job already in austria if you did how did you do it? I am having trouble finding one do you know someone overthere that can help me.

    Please help if you can
    my email:

    Thank you in advance


    Aldijana 08 Oct 2007, 02:04 - Report
  • IT jobs in Austria

    I am trying to get into Austria IT job market, and I would
    appreciate if someone can point me to some good IT job agency or an agent that can help me out.


    p_milos@hotmail.com 15 Oct 2007, 06:41 - Report
  • english speaking people in linz


    I just moved to St. Florian, a town near by Linz. I was wondering if there is an English speaking expat group in Linz or anyone who wants to hang out in linz time to time.

    send me an e-mail umutkaramahmut @ hotmail.com


    Umut 21 Oct 2007, 08:53 - Report
  • Where can I work?


    My partner and I are moving to Salzburg so that he can study at the Orff Institute. We will be moving this summer and staying for at least a year. I have been trying to find a job to help support us, but I am not having any luck! Any advice? Please Help, I am starting to get stressed out! I have a masters in Education so any school related jobs would ROCK!


    Keith keith_r_collins@yahoo.com 25 Oct 2007, 04:23 - Report
  • Expats in Linz

    For anyone living in or moving to Linz/near Linz check out this website
    Come join our English speaking community!

    Julie F 15 Nov 2007, 07:25 - Report
  • Hi

    Hi Deanna and Dale

    I will be moving to Salzburg soon to join my fiance. I was wondering if there were any websites I could go to get any job opportunities out there as a financial analyst


    Lou 20 Nov 2007, 02:57 - Report
  • Hi all

    I am a new resident to Austria and I live in Hallein, which is rather ghost like at times.

    Would be good to chat with other English speaking residents and anybody that needs a friend to go to German School then please respond.

    I am looking to begin German lessons in Salzburg in the New Year.

    Tracey 20 Dec 2007, 08:08 - Report
  • Hi everyone

    I'm a 26 year old moving to Linz from
    Montreal, Canada in the first week of January
    for work. I know very little german and as of yet,
    have no friends here. I would love to make english-speaking friends and we could potentially start a small
    community here. My e-mail address is

    Helen 23 Dec 2007, 05:41 - Report
  • Hello

    I have just moved to Salzburg from Vancouver, Canada and would also love to find an English speaking expat community here. Feel free to contact me: irsko at yahoo.com

    Shannon 03 Jan 2008, 09:42 - Report
  • English speaking expats in Zell Am See

    I'm going to be moving to Zell Am See in the near future and would love to know if there is a place where some English speakers hang out. It's always a bit scary moving to a new area where you don't know anyone, but it's even harder when you don't speak the language well enough to make easy conversation!

    Sunflowers 05 Jan 2008, 05:49 - Report
  • looking around

    I'm Eva from USA went through "Hell"and I'm European Union citizen now as well.I live in Poland and that's were I wanted to open European Union business but people in Poland don't know what business is all about they know only how to srike and how to bring businesess down.I'm consantly insulted and harrased here,to the point that I can't live.I want to move to normal invironment and work there as well.My proffession is mainly in hotel,restaurant business and in real estate as well.I can work also as a housekeeper.I visited Salzburg and Linz area before and I liked it.If there is anyone who has a job offer or business offer for me,please send me an e-mail at

    Eva Erdmann 18 Jan 2008, 06:45 - Report
  • looking around again

    This is Eva again my e-mail is

    I wrote it correctly but some "evil force"twisted it a little bit for me not to receive e-mails.
    Here it is again and other one

    Eva Erdmann 18 Jan 2008, 06:55 - Report
  • no substitute for english humor

    I agree, there is no substitute, if you want to meet up and start this expat community drop me an e at

    ian 20 Jan 2008, 09:49 - Report
  • Hello i'll be coming in July in Austria

    Hi everyone. I will be coming in July to teach children in English language summer camp. I want to meet some friends and someone to talk and to chat to. I'm 33 years old. If you are interested just drop me line. My email add:

    kirk 26 Jan 2008, 03:48 - Report
  • Hi

    Hey, new to Salzburg, just checking if anybody out there wants to meet up for a music jam or a day in the mountains. I am from Oz and am here with my local gf, looking to learn the language. Also any novice german speakers out there keen to practice, just buzz me!

    coops 06 Feb 2008, 01:32 - Report
  • oops

    oh yeah my email contact is !

    coops 06 Feb 2008, 01:34 - Report
  • english speaking expats meet up for a weekend ?

    Hi we are a group of english speaking/ non german spearking ppl working in linz and would like to meet others intersted going out esp on weekends just drop an email at ...cheers!!

    Shyam 09 Feb 2008, 07:32 - Report
  • moving to austria

    Hi there me and my husband are planning to move to austria with out 2yrs old in the next year, I was wondering if anyone else has done this and how they are finding it. I just wanted to know how people are getting on with putting their children in school, what it involves to become a resident and how you are getting on. If you can afford the time it would help us a lot to hear how someone has got on who has already moved there, we are moving from england, my email is thanks

    samantha 18 Feb 2008, 10:38 - Report
  • moving to austria

    just read my message we are moving with our little boy not with out eeeek

    samantha 18 Feb 2008, 10:40 - Report
  • Russian/English teacher looking for English native speakers in Salzburg

    I am a 40 year-old teacher of Russian and English living in Salzburg. I am a native Russian speaker. I would like to find English native speakers in Salzburg (at any age).
    Please contact me

    Peter 01 Mar 2008, 01:44 - Report
  • Electrician or maintenance work in Austria


    I`d like to know if there's any option for finding a job in Austria as electrician or any kind of maintenance work. I´m thinking about Tirol, Salzburg or Oberösterreich. I´m spanish citizen. I've a workschool and a technical engineer degree. I speak spanish and basque as mother tongues, I can defend myself in english and I speak a few deutsch. Can anybody help me?

    Txurregui 04 Mar 2008, 08:41 - Report
  • Howzit

    My name is Eugene, moved here from South Africa about 6months ago, looking to get in touch with some english speaking people in/around Salzburg.

    Loving Salzburg and slowly learning the lingo...but a long way to go happy

    Anybody intrested in some contact, drop me a mail:

    Hope to hear from you

    Eugene Munro 06 Mar 2008, 11:47 - Report
  • English speakin ppl from Linz

    Hi Tracey,

    we r a group of english speakin ppl working in Linz ... round about 23-30 yrs .. I understand places in austria can be quite ghostly at times ... we like goin out on weekends and travelin if possible .. hmm... well dont know what else to right ... mail back with questions and will be gr8 to chat up sometime

    Cheers then,


    Hi all
    I am a new resident to Austria and I live in Hallein, which is rather ghost like at times.

    Would be good to chat with other English speaking residents and anybody that needs a friend to go to German School then please respond.

    I am looking to begin German lessons in Salzburg in the New Year.

    20 December 2007, 08:08:16 pm

    Shyam 09 Mar 2008, 02:00 - Report
  • English speakin expats in Linz

    Hi Julie,

    we r a group of english speakin ppl living n workin in linz n we like to go out on weekends n travelin if possible .. we r round about 23 - 30 yrs old .. hmmm and dont know what else to write .. awite .. feel free to ask ne questions at

    Cheers then

    Julie F

    Expats in Linz
    For anyone living in or moving to Linz/near Linz check out this website
    Come join our English speaking community!

    15 November 2007, 07:25:55 pm

    Shyam 09 Mar 2008, 02:18 - Report
  • find a talking partner

    hi,I am a middle student and I am chinese.I want to find a partner for practising oral English .If anyone wants to talk with me in English .Please email me.My email is ,I hope we can be good friends.

    Mary 12 Mar 2008, 02:03 - Report
  • Help me!!!!!!!!!

    Hi everybody!
    I'm from Romania and I want to move in Austria, but I don't speak german. Were I can move to find a job in enlish? A city like Salzburg, or Wien?
    Meabe somebody can recommend me a job?
    I wait your HELP to this e-mail: .
    Thank you!!!!

    Gabriel 27 Mar 2008, 07:25 - Report
  • Russian in Salzburg

    hi, I am also native Russian, lived for 15 years in NY and now based in Salzburg. Would love to talk to you

    Elena 31 Mar 2008, 08:51 - Report
  • hello elena

    how are you doing? I will be coming to austria very soon ansd will be pleased to meet you.

    seth 04 Apr 2008, 07:09 - Report
  • Work during EURO2008

    Hi, I was wondering if i could find some work or if someone could guide me in finding work in Salzburg during May, June and July. I am a Chartered Accountant-Investment Banker but will do anything including waitering, bar work etc.

    Please email me at

    Pantelis Theodoropoulos 19 Apr 2008, 11:56 - Report
  • Englishman in Salzburg

    Hello! I gave up everything I had to come to Salzburg in 09/2008 on the promise of an amazing job with an even more amazing salary! The job was OK, but the salary was catastrophically low and then, the firm I worked for went bankrupt leaving me in debt and struggling to pay the rent on my tiny one-roomed flat. Now, I've got a part-time job as an English teacher, but I'm living on barely more than the state benefits I'd be entitled to if I gave up my present job. I don't know how long I'll survive here in my present situation, but I'd be happy to meet or correspond with anyone who wants to communicate with an English native speaker. Whoops! Sorry about the verbal diarrhoea! (Just wanted to demonstrate that I can spell words of more than one syllable - sometimes!)

    Peter 26 Apr 2008, 12:07 - Report
  • help

    hey guys,

    I am an Austrian girl with an American boyfriend. He wants to move to Austria next year. I know this might sound weird but maybe someone could give me some advice. We don't know where to find jobs for someone who doesn't really talk German yet.

    Also, if there are any Englishspeaking ppl in Linz, who wanna write or something, get in touch with me. I can tell you about Linz.

    Marion happy

    Marion 07 May 2008, 10:53 - Report
  • Summer Work

    hello everyone

    ive been in austria for the past semester with an exchange program with my university back home in australia. unfortunately, as a student, i didnt pay too much attention and as a result my german is still quite basic. as i intend on staying for another semester i need to find some sort of summer job in austria. i saw that a few people were also seeking english speaking jobs so i was wondering if they had any luck. or if anyone could give me a point in the right direction to a good newspaper website or something. any kind of feedback would be much appreciated. hhahahaha i am starting to stress. happy

    Aileen 15 May 2008, 07:39 - Report
  • Bilingual school in Salzburg?

    Hi, just wondering if there are any government operated bilingual schools in Salzburg (like there is in Vienna).

    Any tips would be appreciated!

    anita.hendry@optusnet.com.au 26 May 2008, 04:07 - Report
  • Bilingual school in Salzburg?

    Hi, just wondering if there are any government operated bilingual schools in Salzburg (like there is in Vienna).

    Any tips would be appreciated!

    anita.hendry@optusnet.com.au 26 May 2008, 04:51 - Report
  • English Speaking Jobs In Linz

    I lived in Linz between 2000-2001 and really want to return to work and live. My German is very rusty, so I was wondering if anyone knows of any English speaking jobs that are available, or where I could start looking.

    All help to fullfil my dream is much appreciated

    Amy 25 Jun 2008, 01:36 - Report
  • English Speaking Jobs In Linz continued...

    sorry forgot to leave my email address for people to get in touch with any help/advice:

    Amy 25 Jun 2008, 01:37 - Report
  • Moving in October

    Hi everyone
    My boyfriend and I are moving to Austria in November and most likely will look for an apartment in Währing or Döbling. Has anyone lived in these towns, are they good spots?
    Also, if anyone has any ideas or websites to visit to find English speaking jobs, I would really appreciate getting a few tips on finding an English speaking job.
    Look forward to hearing from you!

    Kate 01 Jul 2008, 01:48 - Report
  • practice of english zell am see

    my niece has to try again her final exams in english and needs much practice in speaking and listening. she would like to stay in the maishofen region and work or help someone and communicate in english at the same time. She is a strong and helpful 18-year old girl, clever and lively.

    Elisabeth 09 Jul 2008, 09:17 - Report
  • Looking for Work in Austria

    I am a Londoner who grew up in Land Salzburg. I have had my fill of London life and a planning to move 'home' as soon as possible. Work is the only thing holding me back. I speak German and have a good CV but I am having a hard time finding work.
    Does anyone have any advice?

    Liz 17 Jul 2008, 04:13 - Report
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