International calls

Save on your international calls

International calls

Do you want to select five top calling destinations or just a regular reduced price on your international calls? Keep reading and make your choice.

There are various telecommunication companies offering savings on your international calls.

Batelco: One of the Batelco's fixed services is the International Direct Dialing. They offer competitive rates to over 230 overseas destinations.

2Connect Bahrain: You can save 30% on your international calls from your land line.

Northstar communications : You can save up to 70% on international calls with subscription to the Homeline talk plan. If you subscribe to the pre-paid tariff you can save up to 80%

Kalaam : offers various tariffs. To get cheap international calls you should check out their hala tariff or k-talk. The K-talk tariff allows you to choose five countries you would like to get cheap calls to. BusinessFix-TalkSelect is another international calling tariff which saves up to 80% on your international calls.

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