Purchase process

How to buy property in Bahrain

Purchase process

Before you purchase a property, you should make sure that the seller really owns the property, that the property has been constructed legally, and that the structure is in good order. If you purchase from a developer, you should make sure that they have not been involved in any fraud.

The property purchase process is relatively straightforward in Bahrain. In order to purchase a desired property, you or your agent must contact the seller. You will arrange a negotiation, at which point you will most likely sign a reservation agreement. This means that the seller agrees not to sell the property to anyone else if you need to get a mortgage.

Once you have secured your mortgage, you will sign a sales agreement with a down payment. For the remaining payments, the sales agreement should set forth a payment schedule. Upon the receipt of your last payment, the title deed should be handed over to you.

If you want to be safe, you should consult an experienced lawyer before signing any contracts.

Registering your property

All property in Bahrain must be registered with Bahrain's Survey and Land Registration Bureau. Before the Bureau will accept your registration, the sales agreement should be notarized at the legislation court. There is a stamp fee and a notarization fee, both of which are 1% of the property purchase price.

To register the property, you'll need a few documents. The sales agreement, your passport and your Bahraini identification card must be presented along with the old owner's title deed. The registration fee is 1 BHD.

The Kingdom of Bahrain provides an added incentive to register your property. If you apply within two months of the sale, the Survey and Land Registration Bureau will give you a 10% discount on the notarization fee.

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