St. Christopher or the American School?

  • Hello, I am moving to Bahrain this summer and would like some insight on which school to put my kids in. I have heard some good and bad things about St. Chris.....but only that the American school is $$$. We live in Dubai now and I have had my children in the Britsh and American systems so I am willing to go either way. My concern is education and social developement.

    05 May 2008, 12:13 C K
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  • Reply to CK

    Well... St.Christophers is internationally known. When a child went onto a forem about St. Chripstophers it was to be said that it was 'the bitchest school in bahrain' but on her arrival to the school she has made friends and has enountered no bitchyness in anyway. Depending on how old your children are there is a choice between the IB and A-level when they get to sixth form. But in the years below this there is only the choice of the british curriculum. If you want your children going to a school where they will see men with machine guns outside then that will be the Bahrain School. The phacilities at this school are pretty good with rumors of a cinema?? They do have a huge gymnasium and an extrodinary stage for drama. If you are also looking at facilities for year 6 and below the St. Christopher's Junior and Infant school in Saar has amazing phacilities. With a huge pool and astiriturf pitch and interactive whiteboards it probably doesnt match up to Duibai. But generally the school fees at St. Christopher's School are less than the Bahrain School and St. Chritopher's has less security. Not that that is bad, or good. they have a good security system but having to hand in your CPR card and have your bags checked everyday just to get into school.

    helper 15 May 2008, 06:41 - Report
  • St Chris v Bahrain School

    The American school: has no uniform, I've heard less discipline,right in the middle of town (a nightmare to get into on time), is very expensive, less acedemic than St Chris, the Kings children go there.
    St Chris: great facilities, quite acedemic, easier to get to, very british (good and bad points), patronising admin staff, about half the price of the Bahrain school, hard to get in, huge waiting list (we got lucky, thats the only way we got in).

    BritMum 05 Jun 2008, 08:00 - Report
  • reply to CK

    right now st.Chris is preety much filled up and all the girls and boys are going to that school wonder why, but the baharin school, i send my kids to the bahrain school and first of all u dont have to pay uniform fees the teachres are way much nicer and it has many choises of languages for example spanish ,french, arabic ETC. and st.chris they pay for uniform and they learn languages but they preety much force the kids to learn that language but in the bahrain school they give them a schedule if they want to change that language for another one they can!!!!!!!

    vivian Nicholesome 23 Aug 2008, 06:45 - Report
  • about the languages

    In year 7-9 you can either do French and German or both. And Arabic students take Arabic. those who want to learn Arabic can also go to early morning Arabic. In year 10-11 you can choose between french, german, arabic and spanish. And in sixth form you can choose between french, german, arabic and spanish.

    ... 03 Sep 2008, 06:33 - Report
  • which school

    I am moving next year to Bahrain with 1 possibly 2 children. 1 is in the US system and the other unhappily in boarding school. i am all kind of negative things about St Chris and BSB on top of which they seem to be pretty full up. If you can't get in where else is there? Does anyone know about the Sacred Heart? I am British what does everyone else do?

    worried parent 09 Sep 2008, 11:11 - Report
  • for worried parent

    Definately not Sacred Heart if you are British. It's a fine school I am sure, but you will not find Westerners there. St Chris and BSB are good schools. I would take lightly all the negative comments that the posters on this site have written.

    two 16 Sep 2008, 10:04 - Report
  • Question to Brit mum. How did you get lucky?

    Wondered if schools are open to view over christmas holidays and how long are these so called 'long waiting' lists?

    London parent 20 Sep 2008, 10:59 - Report
  • Bahrain School

    Hi, I need some feed back on Bahrain School, presently my kids are studying in American School grade 6 and 2. Ideally I would like to continue the same system when we move to Bahrain early next year. Is there any other school following the American education system other than the Bahrain School.

    Appreciate any input.

    ASA 26 Sep 2008, 09:45 - Report
  • im a student at ISB

    HELLO,its me ashley im american i came to bahrain to study because my father work at bahrain my mother had kept us at st.christopher's but there is no use there the girls and boys are bad but me and my brother had fun there coz all americans are there,but exactally near by the side a school named "indian school bahrain" then my mom wanted to keep us there because she saw a list of a paper from the mistery of private schools upon which is the best american and british shool and the 'indain school"is the frist upon them all...when the frist day of examinaning us,we saw the school from out we did not like it and we had said that its not good but when we entred the school they examin us the exam is exactly same christopher grade 4 and i was in grade and i was in grade 3 because i know what they teach st.christopher's because my brother is elder than me one year
    and st.christopher is very expenseve may be for 500 BD each one and every year u grow it become more but at the indian school it 24 BD per.if u grow they make it more 1 BD ,and until now im at the "indian school,bahrain".at ISATOWN.....and buses are avaliable for 11 BD..


    ASHLEY 26 Sep 2008, 06:29 - Report
  • holidays at indian school

    they give us:
    christmas 2 weeks
    national day:5 days
    newyear:3 days
    eid 1 arabic celebration:7 days
    eid 2: 10 days
    indain celebraion:more than :3 months
    summer vacation: 2months 5days
    authumn holidays:2 weeks

    total holidays:6months in a year

    studying:6 months

    ASHLEY 26 Sep 2008, 06:34 - Report
  • holiday at indain school

    there is more holidays also..........etc

    our knowledge is the best

    ASHLEY 26 Sep 2008, 06:35 - Report
  • Schools in Bahrain

    Well, I am also moving to Bahrein in December, I'm on the waiting list for St Christ. as everyone else... but also considering the american school or even the French School, given that we are half French half Canadian... Any feedback on the French Lycee?!

    Confused mum 09 Oct 2008, 02:08 - Report
  • Modern Knowledge School -- THE BEST!

    Want real education? Go to Modern Knowledge School (American curriculum). It is international offering IB program. It is not commercial. If you cannot hurdle their exam, you will be led out to the gate. After MKS, Bahrain School, Khuldoon and Bayan. Do not be fooled with "international" label because the rest of the schools here are just commercial and diploma mills.

    Carpe Diem 06 Jan 2009, 07:03 - Report
  • Advice

    You pose a very difficult question to answer. Not only do we not know the ages of your children but I doubt few, if any, posters on this forum have relevant experience of both schools and therefore are in no position to advise you accurately.
    I suggest you arrange to visit both schools during a working day, observe some lessons, speak to teachers, admin and management and judge for yourself. This investment in your time is the only way to gain peace of mind.

    Arbiter 19 Jan 2009, 05:02 - Report
  • we

    ashley can u give me ur e mail my name is shahzad and e mail is

    shahzad 31 Jan 2009, 05:51 - Report
  • Entering as a sophomore

    I will be moving to Bahrain this summer with my daughter who will be a sophomore in Grade 10 here in the United States. Her father is Saudi, and we wanted to move back home. But she has been raised here and speaks only English, and in a public, American school.

    Any reccomendations???

    Ms. Shepherd-Abulhassan 17 Feb 2009, 04:38 - Report
  • Modern knowledge school

    Are you kidding i attended MKS and it is one of the worest schools in bahrain.. u cant even compare bahrain school n bayan to it.. who ever wrote that blog is completely out of his/her mind.
    the schol is rum like a business all the owner cares about is making money, she kids have no respect for themselves or others, and lets not for get how they suck the money out of your viens.
    i mean the money doesnt mtter if you are getting a good education but they offer nothing,
    i do not recommend this school to any child.

    anonymous 20 Feb 2009, 09:23 - Report
  • New Millienium School Bahrain

    Just wanted to know more about the school, about the teachers and their method of teaching mainly lower level (kg I & II).

    Confused parent 23 Feb 2009, 09:18 - Report
  • admission to schools in bahrain

    Have lived in Bahrain for 30 years with family and have never read such rubbish given on this site as so called advice. The inability to simply spell by some of the contributors should give you an idea of the standard at their favoured schools. The best advice is: come to Bahrain and tour the schools long before you actually move here - look at the school web sites to read an overview and plan well in advance. Bahrain is an overcrowded country with limited good school places. For a Westerner the favoured schools are St Chris and the Bahrain School ( U.S DOD). They are the longest running establishments with a tracable track record.

    Good Egg 01 Mar 2009, 07:40 - Report
  • indian schools in bahrain

    Can i have the feedback of New Indian school,bahrain, heard + and minus about them.I would also like to know about their summer and winter holidays

    chitra 20 Apr 2009, 07:02 - Report
  • schools

    Kings kids attend Ibn Khuldoon, Bahrain School and Shaikha Hessa Girls' School. I think these are the best school in bahrain and they provide a very a good education although they are expensive.

    schools.. 24 Apr 2009, 06:17 - Report
  • Boarding schools for girls or both in Bahrain

    I have a daughter who is in Year 8. I am thinking of sending her to a boarding school in Bahrain

    ana 05 May 2009, 07:44 - Report
  • boarding schools??

    Ana, There are no boarding schools in Bahrain.

    Ata 10 May 2009, 11:03 - Report
  • schools in Bahrain

    I am relocating to Bahrain my kids are in the Indian system in Grade 10 and grade 7. How is Indian school Bahrain ? I heard too many number of children in the class. Will they get attention? How is the coaching? How is are the IB schools in Bahrain. How is the Bahrain school? pl. reply ASAP


    bharathi 25 May 2009, 08:24 - Report
  • Schools

    There is a boarding school here. The Bahrain school has boarding facilities. A lot of people that have jobs in Saudi send their children there during the week and they can come home at the weekends.
    Yes, I have seen guys with machine guns at the Bahrain school, but bear in mind the embassy staff children go there and they feel there is a security issue. Don't think anything has actually happened, just being careful.
    The Bahrain school is not very academic, has discipline issues and is the most expensive school in Bahrain.
    St Chris located in in 2 different parts of Bahrain - juniors to year 6 in Saar, seniors in Isa town. The school is MORE expensive than the British School Bahrain. Year 9 fees for this year are 1,650 BD a term. There are 3 terms. St Chris is the 'cool' school and they like to tell everyone just how cool it is.
    The British School Bahrain - at present is in 2 locations too. Juniors to 4 are in Hamala and seniors or in Adliya. From September, they will all be in a brand new purpose built school in Hamala. It's CHEAPER than St Chris and most of the staff are very approachable - yes even the admin staff. St Chris' - well, when you meet the admin staff you'll know. Year 9 fees are 1,297 BD a term again for 3 terms.
    We were never given the 'tour' at St Chris', it was too much trouble for them. BSB were happy to show us around and bent over backwards to make us welcome, even though they didn't have a place for my son when we first arrived here.
    I can't comment on the other schools as I've no experience of them.
    Oh, Sacred Heart is pretty much a Philippino school. I have Philipino friends who send their children there and they do the Philippines cirriculum(sp?).
    Good Luck everyone.

    Brit Jackie 04 Jun 2009, 08:25 - Report
  • schools

    Jackie when you got to Bahrain where did you send your kids? I take it they are in the BSB now> How long did it take to get them in?

    Dianne 19 Jun 2009, 04:32 - Report
  • For Diane

    Hi Diane,
    when we first came here we had to send one child to BSB and the other to St Chris' as BSB were full.
    BSB arranged the test within a week, she passed and started school the following week.
    St Chris were very rude, insisted they had no places and berated us for coming to the Middle East expecting to get a school place. Funny, but that's what happened in Dubai. Eventually, but only after my husbands boss - a school governor - spoke to the head teacher, did the attitude change. Of course there was a place for our son, they were just waiting for us to contact them. He took the test one week and was admitted the next. The 2 other children who tested with him failed and would've had to re-test.
    At the moment, there are places in BSB for all years apart from the early years. For some reason there have been a more then normal amount of applications. But from year 4, there are places left. I only know this because I was handing in application forms for a friend from my husbands work. He had tried ringing them, but was told they were very full etc. It's part of the screening process I'm afraid. While I was in the office, the sec eventually told me about the available places.
    Testing happens pretty quick still after you hand in all the forms and your 50BD. If the children pass the test, they can start the following week if that is when you want them to start.
    Incidently, after all the trouble to get my son in to St Chris', he's now at BSB. They tested him within a day of our application and offered him a place straightaway. He was only at St Chris' a few months and it was the worst experience of his life so far.

    Good Luck

    Brit Jackie 21 Jun 2009, 06:42 - Report
  • Bahrain Schools

    Hi Jackie,
    We're moving from Kuwait to Bahrain because of my husband's work, We're both british too so we sent our daughter who is 11 to The British School if Kuwait, which was the best school there. We don't know which school is the best in Bahrain, but all we would like is a British Curiculum with GCSE and A-Levels not IB. Do you have any suggestions, How about St Chris?
    Our daughter is 11 and will be entering in Year 8.

    Thank you.

    Rebecca 27 Jun 2009, 07:59 - Report
  • For Rebecca

    Strange, we may be moving to Kuwait!
    The BSB and St Chris' both do A levels and GCSE, but only St Chris' do the IB if you don't want to go down the A level route.
    As for the best school, I'm biased, I think BSB is the best. We found St Chris' to be on par with a UK comp, but really 'cliquey' and expensive too. For year 10 2009 - 2010, St Chris is 300 BD MORE than BSB.
    BSB are moving to a new school campus in Sept where the whole school will be based and the facilities are amazing! The staff have always been friendly and easy to speak to about anything. St Chris', well, they weren't.
    My son has been to both and he says that St Chris' was the worst school he's been to, including the UK comp.
    Lots of folk have had different experiences, there's a thread on these forums, I think it's called St Chris V BSB. The students posting from St Chris come over as very brash and arrogant - to me anyway - and we found them to be the same in real life. I know there are some lovely teachers and students there, but the bad far out weighed the good for us.

    Brit Jackie 28 Jun 2009, 03:18 - Report
  • Opinion

    Hey Dima!

    Well I have some advice since I have been to many schools in Bahrain.

    My first school was The New Indian School- It was quite rigorous and gave me a good foundation.

    Modern Knowledge School- No discipline, no education NOTHING. My friends who remain there are at such low educational levels. DEFINITELY A NO.

    St. Christopher's School- I went there for a year, to be honest the Arabic wasn't THAT good but the school was AMAZING in terms of education and personal development. I was enrolled in clubs every day of the week. I am an overweight boy and still enrolled for gymnastics and the coaches there were very encouraging. I really respect this school. But you will probably be put on a waiting list.

    Naseem- This is the school I graduated from. Honestly I didn't learn anything at all in this school except when I enrolled in the IB (International Baccaleurate) program, which is only for grade 11 and 12. This is a quality educational program and our class was the only class with brains in the whole school. Besides that it is HORRIBLE. No good activities what so ever.

    Hope this helps!
    This is my experience as a student in these schools. Just so you have a little background, I just graduated from the American University in Cairo with high honors and the top of my major.

    M. 14 Jul 2009, 10:35 - Report
  • Modern knowledge

    Does anyone else have an opinion about the MK schools in Bahrain? I am interested to know

    Lisa 20 Jul 2009, 04:32 - Report
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