What are thes best schools in Bahrain?

  • Hi, I am a new Catholic European Expat in Bahrain, and I am struggling to choose the right vs. best school for my 2 kids (6 and 10 years old).
    My first choice is the Sacred Heart School (SHS) because we are Christians.
    Strangely, all expatriates (all nationalities including Indians that are “wealthier”) that I told my intention to put my kids there and asked advice had vigorously rejected the idea; also going on the premises of the school, it strikes me how only one community was represented at about 90% of all students were Indians.

    Looking at all the records and articles regarding all the inter-schools competitions and including the last event who was the Australian international examination (ACER); A student from the SHS came first worldwide in Math and English beating any other school in Bahrain such as St Chris, British school, Bayan etc.
    That’s must count for something right? The SHS seems to have very high academic standard…
    So why almost (I saw one or two non-Indian kids there) no expacts from other country than Indian/Asia would not put their kids there?

    Also, if you had to rank the British curriculum schools in Bahrain; what would it be (from the best to the worst and why?

    For what I heart, St Chris is the number 1… why?
    What about The British school of Bahrain?
    How about International school of Choueifat?
    And why not SHS?

    I would like to hear from parents of these schools
    Thank you in advance for helping me to make the best choice for my kids.
    A worried expat

    I created a discussion group on Yahoo, please come and exchange on Bahrain schools or else: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ISIB/

    14 Apr 2008, 06:13 Clara
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  • SHS

    Clara most Brits are not Catholics, strictly Church of England so you won't find many of us there. In additional, with British state schools being in such a dire state most Brits would choose a good private school over a faith school anyday. St. Chris's seems to be the one everyone aims for regardless of the apparent problems it one hears about. Never heard anything bad about BSB. Look at all of them and go with your gut instinct as to where you think your child will thrive and get the best deucation regardless of the nationalities that do or don't attend.

    A Friend 08 May 2008, 03:22 - Report
  • Bayan school all the way

    Bayan deff. it's the best school in bahrain

    Sarah 26 May 2008, 03:30 - Report
  • Ikns

    the best school in bahrain is ibn khaulddon national school my kids r enjoying it alott

    Noor 02 Aug 2008, 09:23 - Report
  • 22321

    ibn khuldoon is number 1 st chris is number 3
    british school is number 6

    Noor 02 Aug 2008, 09:25 - Report
  • 232

    i sware ikns is the best school in bahrain i sware

    Noor 02 Aug 2008, 09:30 - Report
  • yuuk

    ibn ill khuldoon is the bitichest school all of them are gays

    ISB and BSB and st.chris... are the best three i sawre i have a list i got it because my father is working at the ministry

    walaa 26 Sep 2008, 06:41 - Report
  • asian

    I think for my kids the best school is Asian school

    kanchana 15 Oct 2008, 02:31 - Report
  • SCHOOL??

    The best school is asian schoollllllllll.

    kanchana 24 Nov 2008, 03:38 - Report
  • dilmun

    dilmun school is the werst school in the world

    it has 30 min brake
    10 min P.E
    no activities all math no concerts sometmes P.E cancelad sometimes the brake
    10 min art most of the times we dont go to art
    they have nomufty day or anything

    ***** ******* 15 Dec 2008, 01:30 - Report
  • dilmun

    werst than ever

    narjes 15 Dec 2008, 01:31 - Report
  • dilmun

    yes dilmun is the werst school in the world

    to narjes

    mohammed 15 Dec 2008, 01:36 - Report
  • SHS was great to me

    Dear Clara,

    Welcome to Bahrain! Hope your stay here is an enjoyable and fruitful one. Please do ignore the comments from the peanut gallery (not that you really need that forewarning).

    SHS was really good to me. I started there in J.K. and went all the way through to my Ordinary Levels. It was an enriching experience. There were many students enrolled from many walks of life, but we all got along.

    The curricula has served me in good stead. I'm 32 now, and live in Toronto, Canada - scarcely a day goes by that I don't thank my lucky stars my folks enrolled me in good ol' SHS.

    All the best to you and yours.



    Nash 02 Jan 2009, 07:22 - Report
  • mks

    mks and saint chris and bahrain school are the best schools in bahrain if u want to choose school you better chose one of this school

    amanda 02 Jan 2009, 02:46 - Report
  • Modern Knowledge School -- THE BEST!!!

    Real education happens only in MKS (US curriculum; international with IB program)in Juffair. You fail the admission exam, NO ENTRY. Others? Well, pass or fail, they have to get you in for schools in Bahrain are treated as purely BUSINESS!!! No or less students, no or less profit. Ibn Khuldoon, Bayan and Bahrain schools could be good choices. Check out the non-profit Al Rajah School. It is American, and the teachers really care.

    Carpe Diem 06 Jan 2009, 07:19 - Report


    C.JAMBUKESWARAN 02 Feb 2009, 10:25 - Report
  • same problem

    I think I have the same problem as you had last april. Me and my wife are being offered to work in bahrain and we are also contemplating as to which school we are to send our daughter. One friend (a catholic) of ours suggested SHS but some of our friends do not agree with this idea. Some recommended st. chris or the british international school. I would like to assume that by now, you have already made up your mind or maybe your children have already started schooling. If it is not too much of a trouble on your part, I would gladly appreciate it if you could share with me your final decision (as to which school) and as to why you have made such a decision. Thank you very much.

    by the way, we are also catholics

    kjvcvgh@yahoo.com 04 Feb 2009, 01:12 - Report
  • The werst school

    "Asian school bahrain"is the werst school in
    the Bahrain

    paul.k 15 Feb 2009, 05:27 - Report
  • St.Chris

    I Deff. Think That St.Chris Is Probably The Best British School in Bahrain. I Also Recommend: Abdulrahman Kanoo International School, Bayan School and Ibn Khuldoon! But I Do Not Recommend AMA.

    Hope I Helped,,

    Saraah 19 Feb 2009, 02:49 - Report
  • IKNS


    ikns student 19 Feb 2009, 03:10 - Report
  • infant school

    infant school is the best. i love it alot i love my teacher mrs veigas she is so kind

    ayat 24 Feb 2009, 04:48 - Report
  • dilmun school

    dilmun school is the best school because there is all english people and teachers and i have many friends and just choose dilmun school cuz its the best than ever and because mrs.robinsonis english. it is so cool. although it is small but it is cool and u'll see. the principal mrs.Robinson every year she gives us half term holiday.i like it it means i like it and u'll like it too plzz come and join us

    alaa 24 Feb 2009, 04:54 - Report
  • infant

    infant school is the best,sorry for the rest

    ayoota 24 Feb 2009, 04:57 - Report
  • infant school

    infant school is the best school.my kids are enjoying it alot

    sheela 24 Feb 2009, 05:03 - Report
  • the crazy school british school

    british school is the wrest scool ok crazy school

    alaao 25 Feb 2009, 07:19 - Report
  • infant school

    i love my scool it is nice and good they teach well and properly join us pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    fofo 01 Mar 2009, 02:07 - Report

    actually bin khaldoon is the best scholl in bahrain it's just perfect but its very expansive and its muslims school too
    second place bayan school which is not so cheap either.. but its really really really good school
    naseem is in the 3rd place .. and it's a great one too

    now Sacred Heart School is cheap in evey way you chould thinnk of
    FORGET ABOUT IT!! brithish skol is shitty and there's alot of bullying going around! students there are extremely mean and rude ..
    st. chris is a good choice
    and modern knlodge too!

    I used to teach in all those schools so i really do know!! xpt the last one

    R. 13 Mar 2009, 11:13 - Report
  • r.

    you used 2 be a teacher????????? my 2 year old bro can write better than u

    nowhere man 23 Mar 2009, 03:46 - Report
  • british school

    british school is the best ... i recomanded u to got there. my sister is there and she knows more english words than i do
    so the best school is (BSB) BRITISH SCHOOL!!!

    ZAINAB 01 Apr 2009, 11:54 - Report
  • Hi

    The best school for the indians is the New Horizon School.If you look at other Indian schools New millenium school show partiality,Indian school is overcrowded,Asian School too much studies and no activities.For me new horizon school is the best.

    Abilash 02 Apr 2009, 10:19 - Report
  • F1 in Schools Technology Challenge

    It was fascinating to read all of your thoughts on so many schools in Bahrain!
    If anyone of you parents, students, teachers wish to hear more about a curriculum team-challenge, which takes you inside the real world of F1, go to www.f1inschools.ae and see more. We can also be contacted to perform a school assembly for you and your fellow students, with a view to having more Bahraini-based students accessing this exciting, new, educational initiative.
    F1 in Schools Team

    F1 in Schools Technology Challenge 15 Apr 2009, 08:49 - Report
  • hi

    the british school is the best school and there is no such thing as bullying and i study there and every religion is accepted

    lola 17 Apr 2009, 07:41 - Report
  • what doesnt neab the best school???

    some they will pretend st chist i sthe top in bahrain, cose the pourcentage for the bac. is 99 % ..but my kids are in the french school and it was logic for me to let them to join the french school.
    im a french teacher and my husband bahraini business man but we like in the next future to let our kids join saint christopher school.


    laura 27 Apr 2009, 04:58 - Report
  • schools

    shgs is the greatest in bahrain

    mai 11 May 2009, 06:01 - Report
  • Mathletics 2009

    The best school?
    Well the latest 'Mathletics Challenge' had most of the International Schools taking part. There were 2 Bahrain Schools in the top 10 Middle East Schools. At number 9 was British School Bahrain and number 10 was Ibn Khuldoon school.
    Strange that ST Chris', seemingly the 'best' Brit school only came 17th.
    The facts say a lot really.

    Brit Mum 04 Jun 2009, 08:39 - Report
  • british

    the worst believe us, go to the ibin khildoon scool much better

    jane 17 Jun 2009, 09:52 - Report
  • dilmun is the best


    ******** 28 Jun 2009, 07:05 - Report
  • al hekma international skoool

    it the best skool in bahrain then comes ikns then bahrain bayan skool then mks

    ahis 30 Jun 2009, 02:39 - Report
  • dilmun is the best school ever

    my favourite school is dilmun i was there from nursery and i think that some of u here dont know how to spell words even

    noor 6a 01 Jul 2009, 03:32 - Report
  • mks

    mks stands for most kachra school

    ********************** 01 Jul 2009, 03:36 - Report
  • Stay Away from Modern Knowledge School and Naseem

    Hey Dima!

    Well I have some advice since I have been to many schools in Bahrain.

    My first school was The New Indian School- It was quite rigorous and gave me a good foundation.

    Modern Knowledge School- No discipline, no education NOTHING. My friends who remain there are at such low educational levels. DEFINITELY A NO.

    St. Christopher's School- I went there for a year, to be honest the Arabic wasn't THAT good but the school was AMAZING in terms of education and personal development. I was enrolled in clubs every day of the week. I am an overweight boy and still enrolled for gymnastics and the coaches there were very encouraging. I really respect this school. But you will probably be put on a waiting list.

    Naseem- This is the school I graduated from. Honestly I didn't learn anything at all in this school except when I enrolled in the IB (International Baccaleurate) program, which is only for grade 11 and 12. This is a quality educational program and our class was the only class with brains in the whole school. Besides that it is HORRIBLE. No good activities what so ever.

    Hope this helps!
    This is my experience as a student in these schools. Just so you have a little background, I just graduated from the American University in Cairo with high honors and the top of my major.

    M. 14 Jul 2009, 10:33 - Report
  • Al-Wisam School

    Anybody has any experience with Al-Wisam School, Bahrain. Need some reviews on the school before I enrol my son.

    Joe 21 Jul 2009, 10:28 - Report
  • Iman school?

    I just wanted to know if the iman school is good and if anybody has any information about it. Also what is a good islamic school in bahrain?

    haleemah 22 Jul 2009, 07:14 - Report
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