advice on bahrain schools

  • I would like some insight into schools you believe are the best and the worst to work for and why (people to work for, hours you work, package, etc). I am looking to work in Bahrain next year. I have just reciently graduated with my teaching degree and a double major in Visual Arts and Psychology. In Canada I would be qualified to work at the Junior/Intermediate level (grade 4-10) but would probably be looking at teaching any subject for grade 4-8 but I could teach art to pretty much any grade.

    I reciently had some interest from Al Hekma but after looking into it and finding BAD reviews of the school and realizing that it is next to impossible to plan the art programs for all the students from grade 1-12 I am not persuing it. I also have family working at a school in Bahrain and a headhunter looking into jobs for me.

    21 May 2007, 10:14 Linda
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  • Not Al Hekma

    Avoid Al Hekma!!! I was there 3 months too long!!

    Sara 21 May 2007, 10:16 - Report
  • Home schooling in Bahrain

    I am looking for a private assisted learning /home school for my son(9). We are relocating from South Africa. Where do start?

    Sharon 04 Apr 2008, 01:41 - Report
  • french schools in bahrain

    I am looking for french schools in bahrain for my kids.

    hanan 13 Apr 2008, 12:34 - Report
  • home schooling


    I seem to have the same problem. We just movec from SA and I am also looking for homeschooling advice. Please let me know if you can assist me.


    Maureen Huxham 06 Oct 2008, 03:23 - Report
  • Bahrain School Info

    For Information on Expat schools in Bahrain you can start at, you may find it useful.

    admin 11 Oct 2008, 09:30 - Report


    SHONDELL 17 Nov 2008, 04:39 - Report
  • ARKIS or St. Christopher.

    Ive been in ARKIS (Abdilrahman Kanoo International school) for about 2 years. And it is the best school i have ever been too! If your looking for a school with great English then i would reccommend ARKIS or St. Christopher.

    Sarah 23 Nov 2008, 04:02 - Report
  • I need himeschooling for my special needs child

    Anyone can help me..I would like to do homeschooling for my 11 year old child with special needs( learning difficulties).Arabic and english is needed.

    my e-mail is

    Thank you

    Dr.Huda 03 Jan 2009, 02:18 - Report
  • Good Lord! Sarah loves ARKIS!!!

    Oh, ARKIS ... "best school ... great English..." Sarah, your English sucks! That's what you got from ARKIS. ARKIS and its teachers are confused, stupid, irresponsible and do not communicate in English properly. One PROOF: read their latest school paper, and you'll find horrible English. Students are loaded with sort of "advanced" lessons, but the poor kids do not understand anything. They promote reading by "for your eyes only" as they do not even teach reading. Students speak terrible English and read with little or no comprehension at all!!! Every week, parents complain about BD5-BD10 contribution/payment to whatever/what-not stuff!!! It screams "where quality education is assured." Just test the students there with reading comprehension, and you'll know that this school does not offer any quality education.

    Carpe Diem 06 Jan 2009, 07:34 - Report
  • Famous schools in Bahrain

    I have a good experience about the private schools in Bahrain. I am a mother and was looking around for a good school. I visited most of the private schools . Some of the well know schools in Bahrain are:
    Bahrain School
    Modern Knowledge school
    Iben Khaldon Schoon
    Bahrain Bayan School
    Shaikha Hessa Girs school
    Naseem School
    St. Christpopher school
    hope you the best

    Mrs.Leen Al 15 Jan 2009, 08:46 - Report
  • home schooling

    hi maureen
    have you found any joy with home schooling or tutor group

    sharon 23 Feb 2009, 11:44 - Report

    I agree about Al Hekma, everyone should avoid this place-if you are serious about teaching. I was there for 7 months-worst time of my life it was even causing me to have health problems!!!

    But, Bahrain is a great place!!

    Danielle 04 Mar 2009, 12:40 - Report
  • St Chris & Brit Sch

    If at all possible avoid these 2 schools unless you are British. Their attitudes towards anyone who is not a Brit stinks. They pick and choose who they want in their schools and their level of education is no better than any other private British school. When you phone them initially for info, etc, they ask what nationality you are and answer accordingly. If you are not British, then you are unlikely to get in unless you live in the right area, drive the right car, socialise in the right circles, etc, etc. St Chris is the worst offender of the 2. AVOID THEM !!!!!!!!

    Sue 06 Mar 2009, 10:51 - Report
  • Home school

    We may be (subject to contract) moving out to Amwaj on 2/4/09 and would seek a teacher for my already schooled 4 yr old daughter between 1.30 - 3.30 each day for Monday/Tuesday and Thursday - essentially an hour and a half for reading and a learning numbers/sums and some craft or similar to finish.

    I think the payment guidelines suggest around 7.5BD (£15.00) per hour, so 15BD (£30) per session.
    Experience of English kindergarten curriculum useful and excellent english a must.

    Contact: 20 Mar 2009, 02:23 - Report
  • Riffa Views

    Is there anyone here with kids at Bayan School, or Riffa Views School? I'm looking into these schools for my kids (and maybe employment). How is the education at these schools?

    Jenn 27 Mar 2009, 04:30 - Report
  • Naseem international school sucks

    the school is cheating its students, its stealing from them money with not good education. The school is not providing any good teachers or suffiecient teachers. There are no ciriculums, no books and no progression for students. The owner of the school mrs sameera is a thief and she only treats her son's class the best, she gives them the best teachers at school and provide them with the best education including good resources. AVOID NASEEM SCHOOL FOR YOUR SAKE. I AM A FORMER STUDENT AND I REGRET IT , I WILL REGRET IT MY WHOLE LIFE. AVOID NASEEM SCHOOL NO MATTER WHAT, PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE BETTER.

    FORMER STUDENT OF 2009 21 Apr 2009, 03:10 - Report
  • Home Schooling

    Hi Sharon

    I have some luck. I found a tutor, but now I don’t know where to go for the exams, if there is anybody that can recommend an online exam or knows where my son can go for his exams please contact me. . or facebook.

    Thank you

    Maureen 07 May 2009, 08:01 - Report
  • International School of Choueifat - Manama

    Does anyone has an opinion on the International School of Choueifat at Manama? Out of what they describe in their website we are inclined to enroll our 13-year old son. We will live in Bahrain for the first time, so we are evaluating schools.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Francisco 23 Jun 2009, 02:40 - Report
  • Bayan school student

    ive spent 8 years in bayan school within that experience i found out that the level of education there is very high it prepares its student with excellent learning skills that will help them in prepartion towards working in a specific major so i do recommend this school also that it gives alot of attention to mathmatics, science, english which are the major subjects.

    anoymous 27 Jun 2009, 06:10 - Report
  • Re Bayan School

    A friend of mine rang them to see about places for his children. The person on the phone asked if the children spoke Arabic - no they don't - then there is no point in going there as they are a bi-lingual school and some lessons are in English and some in Arabic, as that is what Bi Lingual means.
    I kid you not, this is how he was spoken to.
    Guess where they will NOT be going?

    Bit Mum 30 Jun 2009, 01:24 - Report
  • Do avoid Al Hekma

    Stay away from Al Hekma. There are plenty of reviews out there stating why. They are workbook oriented, even though they claim otherwise.

    Riffa Views looks like an awesome school. From a teacher's viewpoint, they are very up-to-date with their teaching practices.

    Bayan seems to be pretty hands-on as well.

    Bahrain is a pretty cool place. I miss it there.

    Teacher 30 Jul 2009, 06:21 - Report
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