looking 4 speech therapy job in center for special needs in bahrain

  • i am a female lebanese speech therapist with 5 yrs experience. i am looking for a job in Bahrain and intending to relocate with family (husband and 4 yrs old boy)

    19 May 2008, 01:51 Anonymous
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  • Speech and language pathologist

    I am working as speech therapist in special education complex. I have four (4) years experience.

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    Mohammad Shabbir 25 Jul 2008, 01:03 - Report

    Dear Hiring Executive:

    My name is jk from Pondicherry, India and I am Indian Female Speech therapist
    I completed a Becholer of Speech Pathology atSri Ramachandra Deemed University India.
    Now,I am working in Jawaharlal Institute of Post-Graduate Medical Education & Research(JIPMER)
    which has860(eight hundred and sixty) beds. ihttp://www.jipmer.edu/ is one
    of the three famous Institute in India.I have serviced as Speech
    Laguage Pathologist in Middle East Country(Qatar).
    I have experience in the rehabilitation of patients following stroke
    and other neurological traumas including motor vehicle accidents,
    tumours and illness. This includes providing therapy for loss of
    language, namely expressive and receptive difficulties; assessment,
    monitoring and treatment of swallowing disorders; as well as
    communicating with family members and care givers. I also have
    experience working with patients suffering with neurological
    conditions from Parkinson's disease to dementia.
    My clinical work in private practice has included providing therapy to
    children of all ages, particularly for articulation difficulties;
    language delays; stuttering; and dyspraxia.
    I have skills to assist people with a variety of voice disorders, from
    vocal nodules to those experiencing difficulty as a result of
    neurological disorders, such as Parkinson's disease, Multiple
    sclerosis, and Cerebral Palsy.I have enclosed my resume with this
    My clinical work in Pondy cherry India is based in the Human
    Relations Institute and I can be contacted directly on
    ( Moring 07.00A.M. TO.08.30 A.M
    Evening 05.00. P.M TO 11.30.P.M)

    Thank you very much for your time

    Very truly yours,

    PHONE; 0091-413-2225267
    Email; [email removed]

    jk 11 Aug 2008, 07:24 - Report
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