Being Gay in Middle East

  • I hear it is very hard being gay in the middle east - I got a job offer but am reluctant to go - can anyone give more info about such a situation? Is dubai better than bahrain in this regard?

    26 Aug 2008, 10:13 Zak
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  • being gay in middle east

    Dubai is quite open, there are bars and clubs even, but you probably wouldn't want to do any public displays of affection. I don't know about bahrain, it's a very small country and you might get bored quickly but it's cheaper to live in than dubai but I would assume they are more antihomosexuals

    Anon 09 Oct 2008, 05:05 - Report
  • hello

    There are gay friendly places in bahrain, there are cruising areas as well but be careful as there are baits and eyes to catch you any moment. But believe me, the gay scene here is oh!

    Sometimes you just need to stand up in the street pretend that you are waiting for a car specailly at night and youll be offered a ride, but you must be careful coz there are lots of crazy guys around they will ask you to do something to them make them happy and you'll end up being robbed and held up.

    Gay in Bahrain is plenty but soso discreet. They are so afraid because of the recent law being passed.

    0690foru&me 05 Jan 2009, 03:09 - Report
  • 0690foru&me

    What was the new law that was passed? I am in Bahrain and looking but have found it difficult to score, they have recently blocked manjam so I do not know how to hook up with others.

    navydudebb 16 May 2009, 10:09 - Report
  • New to Bahrain also

    I have no idea how to meet others in the gay community, I've only signed here for a little while, if i cant figure it out i eill leave Bahrain.
    What is the best way to meet?

    ac 03 Jun 2009, 05:56 - Report
  • Being gay in the middle east

    Hi I am a gay person called shawn and I live in Bahrain.

    All of my straight friends make fun of me but It is my life and I like Guys. I heard that in bahrain you have to pay a fine and spend 10 years in jail. But it is my choice to be gay in England you can be gay why not here in Bahrain, I heard that muslims can not be gay but I am an muslim and I am Happy. Well i used to be happy in england but here Im sad and since i cannot convert back to athism because it says so. Please help me, and I am HORNY

    GayLittleShawn89 03 Jun 2009, 10:10 - Report
  • Go easy on yuorselves guys... its safe and cool in Bahrain

    its not that bad..... there are no homophobia here, and the only cases police actually make is against TS and TV Asians parading in the streets looking for customers. but if you're discreet, and not OVERLY flamboyant, absolutely NOTHING will happen to you.
    Bahrain is a bit conservative, the Gov't is not anti gays, but they don't want to answer for gay indiscretions in parliament or newspapers, so as long as you're not causing them any extra work, they will leave you alone.

    Shawn.... you sound HOT blunk

    GayAlterEgo 03 Jul 2009, 08:17 - Report
  • TS and TV

    Where to find, Which area streets TS and TVs. Are the looks like are real TS.

    Men from Saudi 21 Jul 2009, 07:42 - Report
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