Safety in Bahrain

  • How safe is Bahrain for expats? I am thinking of taking a 1 year contract and I am planning to buy a flat over there. But my fianc? says I am mad as it's too dangerous.

    Thoughts please of any one living there

    22 May 2007, 12:13 Joshua
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  • Safety in Bahrain

    Hi Joshua
    Am wondering why your fiance would say that - has she been here, or does she know anyone else living here? You are right to seek a 2nd opinion. I have been living here for almost one year already and the only danger is of having too much fun and alcohol in the evenings since there are loads of places to go and watch live bands, a favourite pastime of mine.
    I don't know anywhere that could be described as completely safe to live these days - but I am a woman who lives alone and have not had any problems. I also read the paper daily and talk to people from all over the world who live here, and apart from blatant discrimination between the two main Islamic sects, and against the poorer Asian workers, there is nothing really to worry about. Economically and technologically the place is really booming, with some very impressive new projects springing up all over the place - see Bahrain Financial Harbour, World Trade Center, Al Areen etc. etc. is quite a useful site to continue your research. Good luck!

    I am thinking of setting up a small enterprise as a welcome/social group for newcomers to Bahrain and was just about to offer it up to see if there would be any demand (I suspect there would, but not everyone comes on this website!). What do you think - would you use such a service, to help you get settled?

    Susan 11 Jun 2007, 12:53 - Report
  • safety and social life


    I am moving next week to bahrain, I will work as a project manager for 1 year and I need some information about the life and also friends.

    My name is alex and I am 32 years old male

    If you have time please write me.

    [email removed]



    alex 28 Jun 2007, 12:15 - Report
  • safety provides pretty good information for expats in bahrain. What to and not to do. happy

    etothed 11 Feb 2009, 02:21 - Report
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