• I have just arrived in Bahrain and am looking for somewhere to continue my training in Aikido. I recently completed my NiDan, so I am a keen practitioner. I have found traces of a club, but can't seem to locate it ... can anyone help?

    05 Feb 2009, 01:11 Antonella
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  • aikido

    I am interested too. If you want to train together. teodor. 36242230

    Teodor 27 Feb 2009, 10:03 - Report
  • Aikido in Bahrain

    There's a good chance I'll be there within the month. I currently live in Denver and study under Gaku Homma Sensei, final uchedeshi for O Sensei. I'm curious if you folks found a place to practice.

    (720) 331-8816

    Drew 03 Mar 2009, 07:39 - Report
  • no dojo.

    Dear Drew,
    Unfortunately no dojo available. But for me does not matter where i am practicing. there are plenty of places where we can train. I am planning to purchase some matts... and organize a small dojo. we can also train on the beach. there are couple of places. How long are u going to be in Bahrain?

    Teodor 04 Mar 2009, 08:46 - Report
  • Training space? matts? Sounds good

    Hi Teodor and Drew,

    My number is 39416779. I am really interested in training together - I am missing it a lot. I was training with Buikukai in New Zealand. I am here for at least a year if not longer. I had heard that there was/used to be a dojo near the Dairy Queen round about wherever that is. Teodor give me a call or I'll ring you over the weekend. Sounds positive.

    Antonella Coppolino 05 Mar 2009, 06:01 - Report
  • Dojo found ....

    Good news there is Aikido in Bahrain not far from Adliya ....

    Antonella 14 Mar 2009, 04:24 - Report
  • Aikido Dojo?

    Do you have any other information about the Aikido in Akliya?

    JL 25 Mar 2009, 05:29 - Report
  • Dojo is Salmaniya ...

    Hi JL,

    the Aikido is in Salmaniya - not far from the hospital. I kind of know how to get there by site, but I will get better directions for you if you are interested. They train on a Sunday, Tuesday and Thursdays from 7:30 to 8:30 pm ... give me ring on 39416779 if you are interested

    Antonella 29 Mar 2009, 02:45 - Report
  • Aikido

    Hi All
    Just found your posts. I'm also looking for a place to train. I spent a year looking but no joy. I did come across a place in Salmayia near the hospital in a small compound of shops but the dojo is karate. I checked all around and could not find anything. Maybe the aikido training takes place there on specific nights?
    My plan was to set up a dojo in the new medical university in Buisateen (Royal college of Surgeons in Ireland). We have a brand new sports centre and mats are ordered but no idea on when they will ariive. Might be best to co-ordinate our efforts and see what the best way forward is? ian 363 90583

    Ian Grey 30 Mar 2009, 09:56 - Report
  • Dojo

    Can you send directions to the dojo or do you have a phone number for it?

    Ian 30 Mar 2009, 12:27 - Report
  • Location for Dojo

    Hi Ian the Dojo is located in the ministry of education not far from Adliya, which is very close to the Imperial Suites Hotel.
    I will give you a ring on Saturday with better directions

    Antonella 03 Apr 2009, 05:54 - Report

    Hi all,

    I am a member of the Aikido Dojo in Bahrain if any body interested you may send me an e-mail

    My e-mail Address is:

    [email removed]

    see you soon

    Adeeb 16 Apr 2009, 07:57 - Report
  • Location.

    Has anybody been given the location of this dojo as of yet? I am having trouble finding the exact location of the Imperial Suites Hotel and Ministry of Education.

    If somebody could give me directions from the Grand Mosque in Manama (Juffair)and hours of operation, I would greatly appreciate it.

    James 26 Apr 2009, 07:17 - Report
  • James have you found the dojo?

    Hi James,

    contact Adeeb on his email or give me a ring 39416779 if you haven't found it yet ...

    Antonella 27 May 2009, 12:59 - Report
  • Re: Aikido club

    Hello Guys.

    Refer to this address on face book. I think you find contacts to Aikido Acadamy in Bahrain.

    Samir Ali 08 Jun 2009, 02:17 - Report
  • Hap kido

    I found a hapkido club.

    Samir 08 Jun 2009, 03:43 - Report
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