Are there many brits in Bahrain as there are in Dubai?

  • Hello I've just been offered a job in Bahrain, but I don't know whether to go. I've lived in Dubai for 5 years and I love it there. If you are English as I am it is a home from home.I was wondering if Bahrain had a large British community like Dubai? Not that I have any problem with people of other nationalities, but it is just that you tend to have similar interests with people who are of the same origin as you. Thanks

    06 Jan 2009, 07:35 Stuart
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  • Brits in Bahrain!

    Hi! I'm actually Canadian but I live in Bahrain. There are lots of British people here. In fact, we have a British Club and since you are from the UK, you can join without any issues. Bahrain is a very fun and exciting place to be. I've actually been to Dubai a couple of times and I prefer Bahrain because it feels cozier. What brings you round here?

    Holly 08 Jan 2009, 03:14 - Report
  • From the Canadian

    I'm just looking this site, and found your 2 messages. I am 1/2 Canadian and 1/2 British if there is such a thing? I was wondering if there were many Canadians in Bahrain, and would you send your kid to a British School or an American. I'm leaning towards Brit.

    Sarah 15 Jan 2009, 07:25 - Report
  • I am planning to relocate to bahrain

    I am a british citizen and planning to relocate to bahrain.i have got 7 years of experience in sales and marketing in different fields. i was wondering if any body can help me to guide me the right way. the best possible way to find a good sales or banking job.any help will be much appreciated.

    Bilal 26 Apr 2009, 12:57 - Report
  • Help!!!

    Hi can you let me know what there is going on for children as we are relocating within the next few months and it would be reassuring to know there is lots for the kids to do. They are 6 and 3. Thks

    Debbie 07 Jun 2009, 12:26 - Report
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