Bahrain Visa Help - Anyone?

  • A friend and I , both permanent residents in switzerland ( nationality south african and brazilian, respectively) would like to visit Bahrain for a week, but it seems near impossible to obtain tourist visas, as both our nationalities are on the list of countries which requires a sponsored visa. Already contacted the list of registered sponsors mentioned on the Bahrain e visa government website, the different airlines, as well as hotels which supposedly provides visa assistance services, to no avail, as they only process business visas. Any final suggestions as to which course of action to take, bearing in mind, we don't know any locals which could sponsor us for a visa and that the hotels and airlines don't seem to provide this service for individual tourist who wish to pay a visit over there. Seems near impossible for nationals from countries which are not on the list of countries mentioned on the bahrain government website who can obtain tourist visas on arrival or e visas without the need for a local sponsor, to obtain a tourist visa for Bahrain.
    Would appreciate any feedback.
    Kind regards

    09 Dec 2007, 09:02 Garth
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  • visa

    i am also a south african and we didn't have any problems coming to bahrain.
    you are allowed to buy a visa at the airport we boarded our plain in Johannesburg without a visa and bought one at the airport airiving in bahrain!!!

    Asta Genis 07 Feb 2008, 04:58 - Report
  • about visa

    Sir ..
    my name is sumalee yodsuwan about how i can get visa or can how to do go bahrain ? I have husband saudi arabia person and i have son with saudi arabia person so i really need to know how to do for get visa or can go there .
    please let me know some more information
    by my e-mail
    thank u

    sumalee yodsuwan 16 Mar 2008, 11:25 - Report
  • visa to bahrain

    Iam Saudi Can I enter Bahrian by Saudi National ID Card or should I have passport

    sultal ali meer 20 May 2008, 06:41 - Report
  • Bahraini Tourist Vias

    Hi Garth

    You can apply for a tourist visa at your nearest Bahraini Embassy or consulate. Alternatively you can obtain an e-Visa online. There are not diccficulties at all in obtaining the tourist / visitor visa providing you can show the intention for your visit & that you have sufficient means of paying the visa fees, accomodation, etc. especially if you are Brazilian & South African.

    A Bahraini living abroad.

    A Bahraini 19 Jun 2008, 12:03 - Report
  • visa

    Asta Genis, did you go on a business trip to Bahrain or tourism?

    A Bahraini, unfortunately the Bahraini embassies and consulates i contacted do not deal with tourist visas; keep on refering me to get a hotel or tour company in Bahrain to sponsor us for a visa. Unfortunately,as suggested as well, South Africans and Brazilians, can't apply for online e visas. It's only possible during the Formula 1 grand prix event.

    Garth 08 Jul 2008, 05:04 - Report
  • obtaining a visit visa

    i want to go to bahrain too, i have contacted travel agencies and hotels in bahrain for visa assistance to no avail.

    glen 13 Jul 2008, 11:10 - Report
  • Visa

    Bahrain isn't all that exciting to go there just for a short vacation or something. So don't bother, or be honest on why you would want to go there. Going to Dubai will probably be easier, and there are many more things to do there.

    None 14 Jul 2008, 09:36 - Report
  • visa

    Been to Dubai , nothing to write home about - but each to is own. And there's no need for me to question myself and be honest, on why i or anyone else for that matter want to go to Bahrain. If you can't contribute anything informative regarding the initial question, don't bother and keep your comments to yourself.

    Garth 23 Jul 2008, 06:53 - Report
  • South African

    My wife and I are heading to Asia for a holiday and the airline we are looking to book through, Gulf Air, appears to have a 1 Stop in Bahrain. We are condering staying one night before catching our connecting flight. Being South African, what would be required for us to obtain a visa to be able to leave the aeroport.


    Stephen 24 Jul 2008, 05:32 - Report
  • Required Vist Visa For Bahrain

    Dear Sir,
    This is naeem from saudi arabia. i want to go to bahrain for vist if posbile can i travel & vist to bahrain. if yes so how can i apply for vist visa. my id is

    naeem sharif 27 Jul 2008, 10:08 - Report
  • re - South African

    Stephen, perhaps you could approach Gulf Air and ask them if they'll sponsor you for a transit visa, seeing that you are flying with them.

    Garth 29 Jul 2008, 03:27 - Report
  • Single mom

    I am a single mom and would like to work in Bahrain. My daughter has her own passport, she is 2. Will my sponsor be able to obtain a work vis for a single mom?

    Lulu 31 Jul 2008, 10:02 - Report
  • bahrain visa

    i am a cameroonian and i live in dubai, i wish to come and live and work in dubai. so who can help me in gettinh there? pls kindly provide me good infos. my email

    my number 00971509860307

    willie 14 Aug 2008, 09:40 - Report
  • bahrain visa

    am a cameroonian and i live in dubai, i wish to come and live and work in bahrain. so who can help me in gettinh there? pls kindly provide me good infos. my email

    my number 00971509860307

    willie 14 Aug 2008, 09:44 - Report
  • Visa for mother


    i am maanya, i am going to get married n settle in bahrain, i have a single mother,she will be living with me after marriage. will my husband's company be sponsoring a visa for me and my mother on my husbands work permit?? kindly revert back on

    maanya 15 Aug 2008, 09:38 - Report
  • job oppurtunities in sales and Marketing

    Hi ther !!..i would like to explore job opprtunities in Sales and Marketing in Bahrain. Presently im residing in Dubai and have a residence visa for the same. Would appreciate your advice with regards to Better salary packages and commisions etc and the job market there, kindly revery back on

    Savio 17 Aug 2008, 05:48 - Report
  • Searching for fiance


    I am a South African. My fiance, also South African , left to work in Bahrain a few months back. She fell ill, had to have her kidney removed and now I havenot heard from her for about a month. Can anyone assist with trying to contact her? Is there anyone in Bahrain who would be willing to call the hospitals? I have tried but often can't get through. If anyone can assist, my e-mail is .


    Jody 19 Aug 2008, 03:53 - Report
  • Visa + Residence Permits for Children baby seater

    I have 3 kids and have just moved to Bahrain and would like to ask the kids baby setter to come to Bahrain to help me and my wife with the kids. Please advice how to obtain a visa for her and later on a residence permit?

    Ayman Khairy 20 Aug 2008, 11:03 - Report

    I Need a reliable person to be getting Original business chinese Invitation Letter for me, this Letter must come from their Home office that is ministry of foreign affairs, no payment ontill job is done completely.
    If have interest email me on or contact me in yahoo messenger at collinscares1 because I used to be online always. IF YOU CAN OBTAIN VISA TO QATAR, OMAN,BAHRAIN OR ANY MIDDLE EAST CONTACT ME ALSO.

    COLLINS 13 Sep 2008, 07:47 - Report
  • visit visa

    i was born in bahrain on 21st may 1977 and came to pakistan ten years ago i was missing bahrain too much i want to visit bahrain just for few days remember my child hood memories

    saiqa rafaqat butt 13 Oct 2008, 03:45 - Report
  • NEED VISA ..


    Tel: (973) 17226616
    Mob : 973 39440095
    Fax: (973) 17226636

    EDUARDO SKINFIELD MADRIGAL 14 Oct 2008, 05:30 - Report
  • GCC visa (3 more months before expiry)

    hi i am currently working in qatar and im planing to go back bahrain by next week, i was told that my residence visa in qatar should at least 6 months valid before i can obtain visa upon arrival in bahrain. im so eager to go back to bahrain but the problem is my visa in qatar will be expiring on febuary 2009 (3 more months to go) huhu what to do??? will i still be able to visit bh?

    reborn 04 Nov 2008, 09:56 - Report
  • A cry of helpless woman for her family’s Nationality of Bahrain and removal of her name from Black List

    Dear Sir

    I Taj-Al-Nisa humbly request that I am a Bahraini National holding Passport No.134420 and C.P.R. 470403713 is a victim of Immigration officer Major Ghazi Saleh Senan since 1996 and clearly violated my basic human rights to let my family enter The Bahrain. Let me explain about him in details.

    Sir, I am a Bahraini national holding Passport number 134420 and has been living in Bahrain for the last 40 years or so. In 1996 my husband Mr.Tanveer was arrested and charged by Immigration department about Human smuggling on 2nd Feb 1996. But Immigration department could not present any proofs before court, therefore my husband was acquitted from charges after 10 days dated 12th Feb 2008. Court Ordered the immigration department that my husband (Mr. Tanveer) cannot leave Bahrain until Immigration department provides any proofs before court and prove their stand against my husband (Mr. Tanveer).

    After almost eight months, my husband received a call from Immigration Department officials (Direct subordinates of Ghazi Saleh Senan ) saying that they wanted to discuss this matter with him. When my husband reached there, the department officials snatched his passport and kept him in prison illegally violating the verdict of Kingdom of Bahrain’s Court of Justice.

    Immigration department deported all of us including my husband, children and myself after 6 days and snatched all our passports. This was a brutal criminal activity by the Immigration Department. Major Ghazi Saleh Senan signed on all of our passports himself. I have enclosed the passport copies signed by Major Ghazi Saleh Senan.

    I filed a suit in Court and got my passport back on 7th December 2003. I traveled to Bahrain several times after that.

    Immigration department stopped me again at the airport and took my passport. I went to supreme council for women and requested them to help me get my passport back. I submitted two applications to remove my name from blacklist but all in vain. Now days I am in Pakistan living with my children and husband and my visa will be expired soon. My children are supposed to appear for Citizenship of Bahraini on 07th July 2008 but they were not able to land in Bahrain because of Major Ghazi Saleh Senan. He is giving us so much trouble since 1996. I can’t express my pain and depression I am suffering just because of Major Ghazi Saleh Sanan. This person has given me so much trouble and becomes a nightmare for me. I am a Citizen of Bahrain and still I am not able to bring my children and husband with me to Bahrain.

    Her Highness Sheikha Sabeeka delivered a speech at Cambridge University, that children of all the women holding Bahraini Passports will be issued Bahraini Passports. I and my children are waiting for this promise to be fulfilled.

    Sir, this is a cry from a very oppressed woman who was inflicted so many injuries by the Major Ghazi Saleh Senan (Immigration Department of Bahrain).
    Documents for proofs if request we will be send
    I humbly request you to consider my application and interfere in this matter and use your influence to get me justice.


    Taj-Al-Nisa Baighum
    This is my email iD.

    Taj-Al-Nisa Baighum 05 Nov 2008, 03:10 - Report
  • Need Bahraini R- Entry Visa

    respected Sir, my name is Abdullah Tanvir Ahmed Gulzar Ahmed and i have been born in bahrain and my mother Taj-Al-Nisa Bahraini women and Bahraini National holding Passport No.134420 and C.P.R. 470403713 My two sister already have Bahrain’s Nationality
    I lived in bahrain 7 years in the kingdom of bahrain i have the rights to have bahraini nationality i applied the Bahrain immigration and my nationality is approved by the kingdom of Bahrain .my c p r id no. is 890410844 I request your kindness to please kindly investigate on merit, and I do not need to conflict with anyone in Bahrain I need Justice only
    I humbly request you to consider my application and interfere in this matter and use your influence to get me justice. Hoping for favorable Reply
    This is my email ID ;
    Abdullah Tanvir Ahmed Gulzar Ahmed
    contact no. 00923008166080

    Abdullah Tanvir Ahmed Gulzar Ahmed 05 Nov 2008, 03:14 - Report
  • I want a visa to go to Bahrain

    I am a Zimbabwean guy aged 27 I want to work in Bahrain but currently I am in South Africa what can I do to obtain visa to Bahrain you may contact me direct on my email

    Henry Banda 06 Nov 2008, 09:18 - Report
  • visit visa

    I am planning to visit Baharin on visit from Doha. My visa validity here upto 5th may 2009. could pl. inform me the rules and requlation


    s.srinivasan 13 Nov 2008, 07:21 - Report
  • visit visa


    Dhanish Sudhakaran

    Dhanish 19 Nov 2008, 11:50 - Report
  • free visa

    my name is irfan ch im from pakistan and city name is lahore plz give me job for my education based i am the master degree holder in mass communication .please give me free visa iam very thakful to you. my email adress is

    irfan chaudhry 22 Nov 2008, 08:55 - Report
  • visa within 24hours

    Dear sir/madam iam rajiv jung thapa from nepal iam planing to travel bahrain but i need approval/visa letter to travel in tourist visa for 90 days. i have travel some country thailand, indonesia, east-timor. i have my relative in bahrain he is my bother in law. & he is projet manager. i told him for a approval/visa letter of bahrain & he gave my passport copy to his lawyer for approval/letter. but i did't get any response yet because he told me that it take some time. but my vaction is limited so i need visa as soon as possible. so i need your help to get bahrain visa online now. i hope you can help me sir. MY passport details:name: rajiv jung thapaaddress: itahari 07, sunsari, of birth: sunsari, of birth: 19-10-1988sex: maleprofession: studentpassport place of issue: at sunsaripassport date of issue: 29-04-2007passport valid: 28-04-2017 Thank you

    rajiv 28 Nov 2008, 07:11 - Report
  • HI


    rasha 03 Dec 2008, 09:59 - Report
  • How to get visa to Bahrain

    I am indonesian, i am single lady, I want to go to bahrain for visiting my fiancee, How i can get the visa to bahrain since no bahrain embassy in indonesia. I just need tourist visa for 1 week .. I worked as an engineer. What should i do?.. please give some advice in

    Olivia 12 Dec 2008, 03:16 - Report


    PHILOMENA C.OLISEKWU 22 Dec 2008, 05:57 - Report
  • tourist visa

    Dear sir or Madam
    I am Kuldeep singh from India I want to get tourist visa of baharain from india what documents are necessary and wharer can i apply please gide me as soon as possible I a wating for your positive response.
    thanking you

    kuldeep singh 26 Dec 2008, 09:38 - Report
  • visa on arravial

    i am working in dubai and holding resedience visa of UAE and i would loke to go to behrain to visit my brother, can i get a visa on arravial. i am working as Credit Analyst.

    Mohammad Sohel 30 Dec 2008, 11:33 - Report
  • CPR Required

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    I am working/residing in Saudi Arabia under saudi sponsorship. I am frequintly going to Bahrain every week, but I don't know the role to get CPR.
    Is that possible, if I have Saudi Residing Visa and in the same time Can i get Bahraini CPR in anyway, kindly let me know at or 00966534166986

    Sameer 12 Jan 2009, 11:46 - Report
  • i want to work in behrain at any cost...

    please let me fulfill my wish...lots of friends are in i need to be there and work over ther..i have a degree and fast typing skills.]

    jomon 13 Jan 2009, 05:55 - Report
  • hi

    my name is denis and i wanto apply very short course in bahrain but we dont have bahrain embassy in South Africa, please guide me where i should go? what i must do,? i have sponsor but dont know where to go.

    Denis 26 Jan 2009, 08:44 - Report
  • hello

    I'M working in Bahrain for over one year. I got married about three months ago and came back thinking my wife will be able to join me soon. I so devastated as i don't know what is the procedure for getting even a visit visa as my sponsor has taken this long. Thanks

    peter 10 Mar 2009, 04:59 - Report
  • Can i travel to Abu Dhabi with my Bahrain CPR

    Can i travel to Abu Dhabi with my Bahrain CPR ??
    I got an South African Passport ,
    Do i need to buy an UAE visa on arrival at Abu Bhagi ??? Or will my Bahrain CPR alow me in UAE ??? 17 Mar 2009, 04:01 - Report
  • Damn Politics ...Some one who is living in Bahrain for being sponser

    Hi All
    I m Iranian n wanna attend a conference in 2 weeks later but conference didn't accept to be my partner s sponsor.
    n because of bad relationship between two governments , the embassy did n t give visa . just I should find some one in Bahrain who can be my partner s sponsor n I ll pay all fees of course.
    there was no response from any travel agencies in Bahrain.
    if anybody can be my sponsor plz contact me via email

    best Regards

    Motahare 20 Mar 2009, 05:33 - Report
  • to visit bahrain

    i want to see my brother in bahrain.i am working in abudhabi uae.i have gone there two three times from uae.but i am not visa from bahrain embassy in uae.why they are not giving a visa.

    vipin 23 Mar 2009, 06:36 - Report
  • We have housemaids

    Dear, Sir/Madam

    This is Afra Manpower agency from sri lanka,it is a great pleasure to send you this message, we are one of the famous manpower agents in Sri Lanka and we supply all categories candidate to many countries such as UAE, SAUDI ARABIA, KUWAIT.
    We would be pleasure to have co-operation with your company, and we are pleased to inform you that we can supply any candidates such as skilled, unskilled follow:-
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    Thank you.
    Best Regards!!!!!!

    jayani 30 Mar 2009, 11:54 - Report
  • how can i apply nationality of bahrain. now im in pakistan from 1990

    my birth country is bahrain how can i apply nationality of bahrain. now im in pakistan from 1990

    rizwan goldsmith 08 Apr 2009, 09:40 - Report
  • 0090-313-9996669 .how can i apply nationality of bahrain. now im in pakistan from 1990

    my birth country is bahrain how can i apply nationality of bahrain. now im in pakistan from 1990

    Rizwan Goldsmith 08 Apr 2009, 09:41 - Report
  • how can i get bahrain visa

    I was born in Bahrain, Now i am in Pakistan, My Father was retired from a police department in 2001 and from that time i am living here in Pakistan, Now after completing my qualification(MBA), I want to live and work in Bahrain. Is there anyone who can help me in this case?

    Muhammad Ali 09 Apr 2009, 05:34 - Report
  • job offer

    if somebody likes to work in bahrain as a secretery from zimbabwe ,there is a vacancy contact immediatly


    ula 16 Apr 2009, 04:16 - Report
  • Visit Visa

    Sir i am Indian, i am working in Kuwait for more 10 yrs in standard company.
    i want visit Bharani for one week inly
    so how i can get Visa for this type of Visit

    Hameed 29 Apr 2009, 08:43 - Report
  • Visa extention

    Dear Sir, My visa in (Sponsored visa) Bahrain expires on 4th June 2009, when I wanted to get it extended for further 2 years, they wanted seperate pass ports for my 3 kids, which will take 2-3 months to come if I am to get new seperate passports. Cannot leave the country before 4th June due to children's school. Please help me to sort out this matter. Is there any option to get an temporary visa until I go back and get pp for kids and come or whether is there any way I can stay till 25th June despite the expiry of visa.

    Dilrukshi 20 May 2009, 04:02 - Report

    salam my father is brone in BAHRAIN in ROOFA TOWEN in06.06.1944 at time his birth lady doctor her name is MRS MURYAM wife of KHUDA BAKHSH was there.plz sand me my father birth certifcate if u want moor information i will sand you thinx and my father name is SAKHI MOHAMMAD(SAKI MOHAMMAD)THANKX .

    IRFAN SAKHI 22 May 2009, 07:41 - Report

    I sand about my father ditel plz sand information this email

    IRFAN SAKHI 22 May 2009, 07:45 - Report
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