Private schools

Private education in Brazil

Private schools

Most, if not all, expats living in Brazil send their children to private schools. They are usually far superior to state schools, so that most Brazilian middle class families also opt for private education. Apart from the ordinary private schools, there are also international and religious schools.

International schools often follow a foreign curriculum (like American, British or German curricula). This means that they are accredited abroad and students can pursue their further education without any restrictions in the respective countries. Other international schools are run by Brazilians, meaning that they prepare their students for an International Baccalaureate or offer bilingual education.

Ordinary Brazilian private schools, following a Brazilian curriculum, also welcome foreign students. Some expatriates prefer these schools as they normally have lower fees than international schools. If you intend to enrol your child in one of these schools it is highly recommended to arrange private Portuguese classes to ensure that your child becomes fully integrated and is able to follow the courses.

Most international and private schools are located in major Brazilian cities. Sao Paolo is probably the city that offers most choice. St Paul's School is one of the best known in the country. Other reputable schools are the American School in Rio de Janeiro or the American School of Brasilia.

Tuitions for private schools in Brazil

Tuitions in Brazil vary from school to school. Ordinary private schools can cost only several hundred Reais per month whereas costs for the reputable international schools can go up to thousands of dollars per month. When calculating the costs, keep in mind that private schools usually charge an enrolment fee which corresponds to one monthly payment. This means that there are actually 13 monthly fees to be paid each year.

Brazilian state schools usually do not provide facilities for students with special needs. If your child has a physical disability or learning difficulties you should opt for private education.

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