Financing your property

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Financing your property

When it comes to financing your new property in Brazil the best advice for a foreigner is to take out a loan in his home country.

With primary interests going down, loans for bigger items have now become available for Brazilians for the first time in Brazil's history. It is a huge success for the country but compared to most other countries interest rates are still very high and mortgages are not easily available. Before thinking about taking out a loan from a Brazilian bank consider applying for a loan in your home country as the interest rate will probably be lower.

Brazilian mortgages (Hipoteca)

If you decide to apply for a mortgage at a Brazilian bank you have to be a permanent resident of Brazil. You can apply either at a bank or directly at the building company if you have only purchased land.

The main, government-ruled bank for financing real estate, Caixa Econômica Federal , offers mortgages to foreigners as well as some private banks like Santander  and HSBC .

If you intend to build a house you can also apply for a hipoteca directly at a building company. The duration of financing usually averages to 60 months and the payment of installments will probably be quite flexible. Once the construction is finished the interest rates will be around 12% per year.

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