Higher education in Bulgaria

Types of higher education facilities, examinations, degrees

Higher education in Bulgaria

Тhere are about 50 higher education facilities in Bulgaria, both public and private. In order to enroll in one, a student needs an upper-secondary education diploma.

To enroll in a university in Bulgaria students have to have passed the matriculation exams and possibly additional examinations that vary according to the regulations of the institution of their choice.

There are several types of higher education facilities:

Universities (Universiteti) offer studies in a wide range of disciplines in at least three of the four major areas of knowledge (humanities, natural sciences, social and technical sciences) at Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degrees.

Specialized higher schools (Spezializirani visshi uchilishta) provide education mainly in one major area of knowledge, which is indicated in the institution's name. These institutions may provide Master and Doctoral programmes with the provisions of the law.

Independent Colleges (Samostojatelni koleji) are institutions providing more vocational-orientated higher education. They offer three-year programmes of training and graduates get the qualification of 'Professional Bachelor in…'. College graduates can continue their education in a Master programme within the same area of knowledge.

Higher education in Bulgaria is paid for. The prices range between 300 lеva (approx. 160 euros) and 3000 leva (approx 1600 euros). The tuition fees in international universities usually start at about 1000 euros. The highest tuition fees are for medicine, law or arts majors. Also, prices differ according to the institution, its location, the degree the student applies for, etc.

The academic year in the universities starts around October 1st and the summer exam term ends by the end of June. Exams can be re-taken in September. There is a limited number of times that a student can re-take an exam. This number, as well as other requirements related to the right of a student to take an exam depend on each university’s regulations.

List of Bulgarian universities: http://www.4icu.org/bg/bulgarian-universities.htm 

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