English Speaking Builders

  • Hi anyone know any good Bulgarian Builders around Yambol that can speak English.

    14 Mar 2007, 07:54 Yambolgirl
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  • Builders in Bulgaria

    I don't know if they are any good, but the website looks rather professional.


    And it has the new fancy eu-domain! happy

    Paranoid Android 16 Mar 2007, 06:45 - Report
  • English Speaking Builders

    Thanks for your reply, we now have a builder and will be getting the job done soon.

    Kind Regards, Christine 30 Mar 2007, 03:54 - Report
  • Builders


    I used a Bulgarian/English building company with 4 offices in Bulgaria, they work for reasonable rates, to a good standard, and give photo updates every week on their website. Personally I am over the moon with their work, their website is www.mekotek.com hope this helps.

    Margaret Oldfield 18 Jun 2007, 02:36 - Report
  • Builders


    Roughly what work did you get done by mekotek and how much did it cost? How do they deal with the financial side (how much deposit, how often do you have to pay, etc). My parents have purchased a property near Sleven (sp?) and will be getting it renovated soon, they intend to head over there in a caravan so that they can live on and supervise the site until the work is complete.

    GJH 24 Jun 2007, 02:24 - Report
  • Mekotek

    Wouldn't touch Mekotek with rubber gloves on.

    Anonymous 09 Aug 2007, 09:04 - Report
  • top builder

    just had some work done by johnny walker new roof internal walls plastering work carried out to top standards very profesional will use again keep up the good work john

    charls taylor 08 Nov 2007, 07:12 - Report
  • Jerico Estates EOOD

    Jerico Estates EOOD covers the Yambol Region. We offer a full service from conception to completion. All of our works are fixed priced, guaranteed for two years and have penalty deadlines.

    For more information visit:


    Thank you

    Jerico Estates 01 Dec 2007, 09:40 - Report
  • looking for a builder who wont try and rip me off

    looking for a buoilder in northern Bulgaria any one help

    karen 04 Dec 2007, 01:22 - Report
  • Kitchen fitting

    Anyone know if Mekotek are good or bad. Need a kitchen fitting that we have purchased from the UK so need it done to quite a good standard.

    James 03 Jan 2008, 08:38 - Report
  • Manager

    Hi everyone,

    I have a site, where you can view and/or buy an authentic cart wheels or other's old authentic thing's and properties .
    Hope you enjoy the site : http://choose-bulgaria.free.bg/ or http://bulgarian-way-home.free.bg/

    If you like an architect could make a plan of the remodeling and furnishing or build a new house I could manage that for you .

    Contact Information :

    Rumen Peichev 13 Jan 2008, 05:21 - Report
  • English speaking builders in village 10 miles from Plovdiv City

    hi does anyone know of any English Speaking builders to totally renovate two houses in a village 10 miles from Plovdiv city? Please email me details to

    Paul Lawrence

    Pallaw 15 Jan 2008, 11:24 - Report
  • johnny walker bodge it a scarper builder

    I had some work done by this so called builder too. he left the job unfinished then sent in the hevies when i refused to pay him.

    Charles 31 Jan 2008, 12:57 - Report
  • Builders in Yambol & Elhovo

    www.newbuildbulgaria.com has been going for a few years in Elhovo, but i know they only go as far as Yambol one way and Topolovgrad the other.

    The consultant is English, and he gives you more than one option. I needed a new roof (so I was told), Paul came out and showed me where the problem was and quoted me a quarter of the price for a repair, guarenteed. The following year I had him back to put a bathroom in, that was good too.

    I know he does not do the work, he contracts it out to professional Bulgarian companies, he will tell you that, but to be honest, I just wanted the job done, it was cheaper in the end, and I understood the whole process. I would use him again.

    Scott 20 Feb 2008, 08:22 - Report
  • john walker


    CHARLES 14 Apr 2008, 03:29 - Report
  • top job johnny walker

    just had new kitchen and bathroom and doors fitted to my villa top job john thanks once again brian linda

    brian anderson 05 May 2008, 07:04 - Report
  • Building a Villa Near Sunny Beach

    Hi I'm seeking a decent builder to build a Villa for me to a good quality and price as my planning permission is almost complete.

    John Lyons 22 May 2008, 05:44 - Report
  • Building a Villa Near Sunny Beach

    Hi I'm seeking a decent builder to build a Villa for me to a good quality and price as my planning permission is almost complete. Any recomendations would be appreciated.

    John Lyons 22 May 2008, 05:46 - Report
  • top guy

    on time to budget including extras thanks john once again good luck with future projects bob and sylvia contact no top guy 0894953220

    bob mitchel 25 May 2008, 09:22 - Report
  • mekotek Builders


    Just had a bathroom fitted from mekotek Builders, www.mekotek.com they were excellent, good contracts, clear, and English Speaking. Got recemmendations, and I also will recommend them 100%.

    Hope this helps.

    Morgan 06 Jun 2008, 09:35 - Report

    I am now having to repost this as Mekotek told me if i took the origanal post off they would come back and fix the mess they have made but they will not answer my emails
    the truth is they have made a real mess of the renovation they did on our house in malomir near yambol they promised us a 3 year guarentee but will not come back to honnor it i have loads of photos should any one want to see the real quality of their work just send me an email at the pics of our house on there web site look real good but they only show you what they want you to see as for the bathroom we have got border tiles on upside down and broken and the bath is not in corectly but these are only minor probblems with the work they have done it is going to cost us a fortune to rectify there mess like i said our pictures do not tell lies

    Mark 09 Jun 2008, 10:44 - Report
  • Mekotek

    Hi all,

    I have had to make initial legal proceedings regarding this customer, some of the comments made was for work we never even did, we did so much for this person when they moved to Bulgaria, without any thanks or even a small contribution for days and days of help and assistance.

    Some people are never happy and just want freebies all the time!!

    Mekotek 09 Jun 2008, 11:10 - Report
  • British builder in yambol

    Hi there, after reading all the posts, i just wanted to say i know how most of you feel, i have looked and looked but still cant find a bulgarian builder who is any good, so im thinking of building my house myself as i am a builder.
    However i need some work to help keep the wolf from my door, i dont expect UK wages but the end product will be much higher than a BG builder.
    I lived in Malomir close to yambol and now own a house in slamino witch is also in the yambol area, so im looking for work in this area but will travel if i have to, thank you for reading this far, hope to hear from a few of you soon.

    Dean 13 Jul 2008, 05:51 - Report
  • mekotek

    hello Mark,

    What happaned when Dan came in your house?????

    James 14 Jul 2008, 11:11 - Report
  • If you need builder in bulgaria

    Hi all,
    We'll handle projects like design, construction preparation and execution, masonry ,plumbing, electrical, outside and inside plaster, painting,inside and outside isolation,ceramic tile,roofs, attic and basement construction and remodeling and more.
    We operate within a 100Km radius of the City of Pleven.


    Ann D 15 Jul 2008, 04:24 - Report
  • Dean

    Hi I have a house near Bayla, is this too far for you,that needs a lot of work. I will be in VT in September.
    Mark yes what happaned. Arent there any decent builders at all in BG!!!!!

    john vincent 23 Jul 2008, 01:05 - Report
  • Looking for agood builder

    HI Im looking for a good builder in the Varna area who wont quit half way through or double the quote after a week can anyone help

    kath 24 Jul 2008, 06:19 - Report
  • mark

    Hi mark & vicky, im not there now, im back in the uk, but i want to come back to bg soon, i met a man called kevin who lives there, i lived by a bulgarian builder called peter, hes a very good man, but i dont think i ever seen you about, what car do you drive.....

    Dean 25 Jul 2008, 09:11 - Report
  • moderator

    Hello Mark,

    Why you didn't answer on the question,,What happaned when Dan came in your house?????,,


    Magi 01 Aug 2008, 03:16 - Report
  • mekotek-HORRIBLE


    Look at these photos
    I think this is horrible.
    There are no cement between the bricks and the bricks are the cheapest on the market

    Mary 01 Aug 2008, 03:24 - Report
  • Karnobat Region

    Hi all.
    Anyone know English speaking builders in the region of Karnobat?? If so, please send information to
    Kind regards

    Gerry Willockx 13 Aug 2008, 04:30 - Report
  • shumen area

    Can anyone recommend builders, ive heard such sad stories of dissapointed customers. I really wamt to get some quotes in and start work this year or early next year. Im despirate to start my life in bulgaria. please help.

    Rose 05 Sep 2008, 07:02 - Report
  • english project manager

    we bought a house in bulgaria and i met a women [english] who has a agency that also renovates houses . i saw the houses, they are super, she has very good builders and charges a commission and she sends photo's by email of the progress of the work, and checkes the progress every day,so you don't need to pay the whole amount at once, but afther each job she pays the builder, plumber [they are good]if she is comletely satisfied with the work [high quality] and have send you the photo's, so you re fully in control yourself.the renovations are beautiful i'll give the site of hers it,s www.bulgariandreamhouse.com she also sells houses and has helped me more than anyone else in bulgary and for less money than anyone else. elhovo region .for more detailed information ask her by email, i can recommend her .

    petra 06 Oct 2008, 11:21 - Report
  • building work

    hi all

    does anyone know a good builder in the shumen area and how much do they charge?



    michael walker 04 Nov 2008, 09:09 - Report
  • builders

    Hi Mick ,Ihave just bought a house in the village of Rish near Shumen if i find a builder i will let you know, and if you find one let me .co.uk

    brian 15 Nov 2008, 08:15 - Report
  • Dan-abol, Mekotek

    Just rips people off

    Arthur 16 Nov 2008, 12:23 - Report
  • Builder required in varna region

    Hi Kath i have had building work completed to a high standard by BSBB building company , and they have currently upto 23 staff mixed bulgarian and english. Excellent, i know they are about to start an apartment block renovation in varna worth a call www.BSBB-bg.com

    kevin 22 Nov 2008, 09:03 - Report
  • mien eyes are dim

    I have been there got the tee shirt ,,there are good builders here ,not all are british speaking as I am sure other people would agree ..I have met a lot of shall we call Linos who have no problem at all with taking your money ,,I will be quite happy to help anyone with there hunt for good people to do work for them and at reasonable prices ..the stories come free ..

    Olly 26 Nov 2008, 08:07 - Report
  • shumen builders

    hello brian i havent found a builder in shumen yet.im really going to go for it after christmas.i have tried emailing you on that email address but cant get through.have you found a builder yet?here is my email

    michael walker 01 Dec 2008, 10:11 - Report
  • good builders recommendation

    try .net. i know they are working a lot in the varna and balchick region, good rates and excellent workmanship with guarentees.

    Nigel howells 26 Dec 2008, 08:12 - Report
  • iliya iliev

    Hi all,Happy new 2009y. Iliya Iliev-Yambol.We are a small building group based in Yambol.we opereit in Yambol area.We totali renovate your house like you waned.We build and renovate houses,roofs,outside and inside isolation,painting,ceramic tiles and many difrent jobs.If you are looking for a good builder and normal price,E-mail us ()

    iliya iliev 03 Jan 2009, 09:35 - Report

    Mery, why you not comment same house now??? Why you not see now how same house is look like?


    You can also see video of this house here: http://www.mekotek.com/video.php

    Nikolay Stoyanov 07 Jan 2009, 05:11 - Report
  • team of builders

    Hi, we are a small construction company specialized in construction from foundation to roof. We are working in Varna region and we are ready to start everythime new development. If someone need our servise, please do not hesitate to contact us

    Denitsa Boneva 19 Jan 2009, 04:41 - Report
  • Mekotex

    Hi i thought i was reading about our own dealing with metotek. Our bathroom is a mess tiles as you say are mix match and broken. Floor tiles are still breaking under foot. Thats also in the kitchen and lounge.
    The three years they give you and also us i told them at the time of completion it was a joke. All i can say IS DONT USE THEM BEWARE

    Annoymous in Varna 27 Jan 2009, 12:05 - Report


    Mary 28 Jan 2009, 09:57 - Report


    THE tiles in the bathroom cost maximum 10 levs and
    the sink,the shower and everything in the bath is the cheapest on the market

    Mary 28 Jan 2009, 10:06 - Report
  • Bulgarian builders

    we have property in various regions which we are completly renovating ourselves as we are very experienced.both myself and my brother run two successful renovation businesses in kent and wiltshire working to the highest degree of finish and detail.
    I agree the quality of work is not the best from many builders but its actually not surprising when you consider their history.however i do find most bulgarians will work very hard if supervised and with this in mind we are looking to act as project managers.
    We will ensure work is carried out to a high standard(the use of spirit levels compulsory),ensure quality of materials is consistant with customers wishes and time scales adherd to where humanly possible.
    By using local tradesmen (electricians,plumbers,roofers etc) labour costing can be negotiated and controlled.
    Also once work has been completed we would ensure everything is left in a clean and tidy state.
    We would also offer a caretaker service whilst the property is left unattended.
    For further details and costings please contact me on

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    Darren Baker-Stewart
    Stylish Bathrooms and Kitchens

    darren 29 Jan 2009, 12:28 - Report

    Hi there,just to let you all know that i will be looking for building work in any area of bulgaria from may on, i will aso be bringing my mini digger with me and caravan so i can stay on site, thank you any Q's please feel free to contact me

    pembs boy !! 31 Jan 2009, 08:43 - Report
  • Excellent company offering a very customer focused renovation

    try this company,Bulgarian prices
    they had to much on last year to take our renovation on, but they did help us with finding another company. They were very helpful and I see their work popping up everywhere they will also let you view the renovation onsite

    Susan Cutteridge 12 Feb 2009, 10:32 - Report
  • Renovating Services/Legal Service

    I suppose that many of you don't trust bulgarians especially for that king of services /building, legal/.
    Actually we are a team of young and ambicious bulgarians from Varna and really would like to help you by providing quality and fair price.
    If you have a property in the region of Varna, Dobrich, Kavarna,Shumen, Burgas please don't hesitate to PM or contact us on
    We can also provide free legal and renovation consultations by email.
    Just send us an email and we will answer you in 3 working days.
    If you have any questions or you want us to send you photos of renovated houses please contact us on

    Lucy 13 Feb 2009, 12:58 - Report
  • renovatingbulgaria.com

    I had my property renovated by RB last year and really appreiciate the service I have had from them. The renovation finished in July to a great standard and a great price. We agreed a price, and later signed a contract. They had to work around us, which was hard but worth it. They even hooked up temporary fittings so we could have water and washing facilities. Since then their service has been great. They have even called to see how things are.

    Simon Everton 16 Feb 2009, 09:54 - Report
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