Medical phrases in Khmer

Useful health words

Medical phrases in Khmer

In an emergency it is important if you can quickly explain what you need. Here are a few phrases that might serve you well in Cambodia.


Emergency - kree-a ason

Help me - joo-ay k’nyom

Doctor - bpairt

I’m sick - k’nyom cheu

I hurt here - k’nyom cheu tee-nih

Ambulance - roo-ut yoo-un song-kroo-ah

Hospital - moo-un dtee bpairt

Dentist - bpairt t’meun


I am diabetic - k’nyom mee-un chum ngoo dteuk nom pha-em

Cold / flu - krun p’daah-sai

Cough - k’ok

Diarrhea - roak ree-uhk

Fever - krun

Ill  - cheu

Vomit - ga-oo-ut

Headache - cheu-k’bahl


Insulin - angsuleen

Medicine - t’num bpairt

Penicillin - payniseelin

Aspirin - ah-spia-rihn

Plaster - bawng rum

Bandage - bawng rum roh-boou!s

Antiseptic - teuk t’num sawmlap may roak

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