Opening an account

How to open a Cambodian bank account

Opening an account

Many expats choose to keep their bank accounts from their original country, yet if you plan on being in Cambodia long-term you might want to consider opening a Cambodian bank account. Especially due to the fact that ATM charges can be as much as US$5 per transaction, plus any additional fees from your bank.

Most banks will not have a problem with the fact that you are an expat. But to apply for an account you will need some paperwork. First, you need to have a business visa, which is valid for at least six months. A business visa is only US$5 more expensive than the tourist visa.

You go to the nearest bank with the following documents:

  • Your passport (and sometimes a copy, depending on the bank)
  • A passport-sized photo

Some banks may request the following as well:

  • Your Cambodian visa (and sometimes a copy)
  • Proof of where you are living (such as a rental agreement)
  • Proof of ongoing employment in Cambodia

A small deposit into your account will also be required.

Some expats stay in a hotel or some may be self employed. If this is the case, then you will probably have to meet the bank manager and you will have to explain your current situation. If all goes well, you should not encounter too many problems.

The only restriction which you may encounter is that Cambodian banks do not give loans to most foreigners. Some banks may offer you a credit card though. This depends on the bank itself. Often they will look at your account and whether you have a good credit history, regular deposits etc.

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