A winter season job in Canada

What to expect

A winter season job in Canada

So, you want to work in Canada? Great! Luckily for you, Canada offers working holiday visas to people from many different countries. Because of these opportunities and Canada’s distinctive weather, many travelers choose to come to Canada to spend a season working in a ski resort. But before you pack your bags, make sure you know what to expect on your season job.

You won’t go skiing every day

If you have dreams of getting off work and running out into the powdery paradise that is your new home… hold on a second. Some days are going to be hard. And after them you’re just going to want to nap. Remember, this is still a working holiday and some days that first part is going to be so tiring that you’ll forget about the second. But don’t fret, because the slopes will still be there tomorrow.

Remember to stay safe

As amazing as living in a ski resort is, remember to take it easy. You'll have to take some precautions while skiing.

You might be tempted to take any amount of snow time you can get, but be conscious of the intense weather conditions. The Safe Travel App  by Cigna Global keeps their international health insurance policy members updated on any localised adverse weather conditions. It also turns your phone into a personal safety device that alerts emergency contacts to your location - a great way to keep mum happy!  

Pack appropriately

Of course you’re going to need snow boots and beanies and goggles - but that’s it! If you’re dreaming that your life will resemble Chalet Girl, think again. Life in a ski resort definitely isn’t a fashion show - so when you do venture out onto the town, the beanie will be coming with you. Embrace your new woolly friend now and save yourself a lot of heartache later.

But most importantly…

Your ski friends will become your family

When you move to another country it’s always important to have a group of friends to support you. The great thing about doing a winter season though is that you’ll be surrounded by a whole bunch of people in the same situation. Whether it’s a friendly face after those long hours at work or a helping hand after you fall over on the slopes for the seventieth time, your fellow season workers will be there for you - and you can start looking for friends in the Just Landed Community before you even arrive!  

Happy skiing!

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