Finding a family Doctor in Toronto

  • I have called over a dozen family doctors in Toronto but they are not taking any new patients. This is insane! Where can I find a family doctor?


    31 Oct 2005, 02:19 Anonymous
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  • I know it is hard to find a family doctor in Canada

    in order to find a family doctor in Canada you may need to rely on some of your personal connections. Ask your co-workers, neighbours, etc.

    If you have a significant other who is already in Canada, you may say that you are her/his future husband/wife. With this his/her family doctor has the obligation to take you.

    One pieace of advice. have a family doctor that is somehow "young". If your doctor is about to retire, you will have the same problem very soon

    Anonymous 31 Oct 2005, 11:36 - Report
  • Family Doctors - almost a lottery

    I arrived to Canada pregnant of 4 months. It took me 3 months to find a family doctor. It is not even a joke.

    I wonder if this will be an issue of the upcoming elections

    Anonymous 09 Nov 2005, 03:45 - Report
  • College of Physician and Surgeons of Ontario

    There is a site where you can look for a family doctor in your area; it is operated by the own College of Physician and Surgeons of Ontario:

    Anonymous 10 Nov 2005, 12:51 - Report
  • Thanks!

    The website on the physicians in Ontario is great for finding a family doctor. I assume other provinces have the same. That is so cool

    Anonymous 12 Nov 2005, 05:01 - Report
  • one thing does not lead to the other

    Having that list does not imply that the doctor is taking patients. It may sound contradictory, but welcome to Canada!

    Anonymous 04 Mar 2006, 02:41 - Report
  • i need a toronto dermatologist

    i need to see a skin care dermatologist in toronto ontario for my baby girl, can someone please tell me how to find one.

    Anonymous 22 May 2006, 04:29 - Report
  • through your family doctor

    In Ontario you must consult first your family doctor. He/She will refer you to the proper especialist. If you know of a good walk in clinic, you may try that as well

    Anonymous 22 May 2006, 04:40 - Report
  • finding a general practiotioner in Toronto

    next to impossible!!!

    Anonymous 01 Jul 2006, 07:53 - Report
  • yeah

    yeah.i know some professional doctors are not practicing their profession thats why there is a lack of em.

    Anonymous 14 Jul 2006, 09:20 - Report
  • Family Doctors give us the Royal Run Around

    I finally found a family doctor that is accepting new patients, however my visits were a nightmare i visited the doctor twice to get a general health and to date i have to schedule a 3rd appointment, my 1st appointment was to complete my file(name address and purpose of visit-10 mins), then i was asked to schedule another appointment for the health check, on the 2nd appointment a pap smear was done (10 mins) and i was asked to schedule another appointment for the health check .... how long does it take to complete a general health check in Toronto??? I'm assuming i will have to get urine & blood tests done does this mean i have to schedule separate appointments for each of these tests.... If i was seriously ill i would be dead by the time this doctor discovered my illness. I'm appalled at the way these doctors operate here, I'm new to canada , just started a job and i can't get time off for every this the norm or am i being pushed aroung here???

    Anonymous 05 Aug 2006, 04:43 - Report
  • Where are the doctors?

    I am a new immigrant here.. I can't believe in a country such as Canada, Its HARD to find a family doctor! Where can i get one that accepts new patients?

    Does the government know this? and still continue to have new immigrants?

    Anonymous 13 Nov 2006, 04:49 - Report
  • find a family doctor

    almost 90% of the doctors listed as 'accepting new patients' are not any longer. time to update the site! it's becoming very frustrating!

    Anonymous 04 Dec 2006, 10:18 - Report
  • find somebody who recommends you to see the doctor

    if you know a patient of a doctor well, the patient can refer you to the doc. Also, if you are tne spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend of a patient, that person can also refer you and the docto will make an "exception". It works!

    Anonymous 05 Dec 2006, 02:51 - Report
  • female doctor

    I'm looking for a family doctor in Toronto and I'm suprised how much of a difficuult task this is. Is there anybody who is recommended? I would prefer a female doctor, no offense to the males, but because I'm a female, I think no one better understands a woman's body than a female doctor. Are there any recommended ones (that will take new patients)?

    paige 03 Mar 2007, 11:41 - Report
  • Hahaha

    What a stupidity, this is incredible... are you even aware how stupid your statement sounds ?

    OMG 05 Jun 2007, 09:10 - Report
  • Looking for a family doctor in Ottawa

    My wife is a landing immigrant since 1 month, unfortunately she got the kidney infection 3 weeks ago. With antibiodic she is getting better, but she still feels pain when getting a little tired. I would like to find a family doctor for her, does anybody know a family doctor accepting new patients in Ottawa area?
    Thanks a lot

    Xavier 28 Jun 2007, 04:54 - Report
  • No Dr's Left For Canadians

    Yeah well try being 100% Canadian and NOT being able to find a Doctor Guess they are all filled with IMMAGRANTS

    sasha 12 Jul 2007, 09:34 - Report
  • No Dr's left ....

    Just because you are "100% Canadian do you think you deserve better and prompt medical attention in relation to someone who recently landed in Canada? Next time you fall ill, remember that disease does not discriminate and you might just find yourself sicker than your "new immigrrant" counterparts. Keep well, eh?

    We are all the same 30 Jul 2007, 08:17 - Report
  • 100 % Canadian

    I am also 100% Canadian. Moved to TO as I am pretty sick and contagious, keep loosing jobs as other people get it. My doctor at home did nothing never even sent me to the proper specialist. Now I cant find a doctor. Great the cycle continues. Went to the emergency 7 times in a week and a half. All they say is you are putting us at risk. People say go to the clinic, they need my local doctors referral. The point before I believe was that a lot of immigrants come here just for the health care. a lot have doctors before they even step off the plane. Guess what folks I have been working full time since 15 paid taxes all the way. how many years have these people paid? I can see if they are sick etc. Otherwise they should have to wait like us. Meanwhile I will just keep calling and try my best to never have any fun or contact with anyone. Mabey I should move to a different country and come back as an immigrant. It would probably be faster.

    Sick and nowhere to go 02 Aug 2007, 06:51 - Report
  • Holy

    Ten minutes after I posted last I got in touch with a clinic taking patients. yeah

    contageous with hope 03 Aug 2007, 09:15 - Report
  • Semi retired doctors---BEWARE

    Unfortunately the shortage has led to some doctors treating their patients like crap!! Over the last 2 years I went to the same semi-retired doctor complaining of shortness of breadth and chest pains--this he diagnosed as stress. Turns out I have asthma!!!! Diagnosis was in the hospital emergency on Monday. On Thursday I saw my family doctor and gave him all the documents/test results and told him I'm now on inhalers. He had the gaul to get mad at me for taking inhalers and saying I had asthma. He listened to my lungs and said "YOU DON'T HAVE ASTHMA. THE AIR IS GOING THRU PERFECTLY FINE!!!" Well, for 2 years I wasn't able to take a deep breadth and fill my lungs, and for the first time on Monday I was finally able to breathe. I also had a recurring yeast infection for over 5 months for which I made repeated visits to his office, which he could not diagnose. He referred me to my gyno who within ONE minute diagnosed yeast infection, and the proper course of treatment. Also, I'm severely anemic and he told me the blood results are normal. I finally went to a hospital emerg and they ran a ton of blood test and ECG. Based on an abnormal ECG reading, enlarged heart and the left side working much harder than normal, and my blood tests being abnormal in so many areas I went back to him and presented him with all the info. He looked me straight in the eye and told me not to ask any questions, he is he doctor and there is nothing wrong with me beside the fact I am MORBIDLY OBESE. I would be the first to acknowledge I am not skinny, but a size 16/18 on a 5'8" frame does not render me morbidly obese. He refused to answer any questions and was beligerent, pompous and beyond rude. Needless to say I immediately called all the doctors in the yellowpages close to my area, based on tel# and found one. Upon examination of the test results from the hospital, he confirmed that I am not well and definitely in need of additional tests, which should have been done a long time ago.

    Donna 14 Aug 2007, 08:29 - Report
  • Private Family Doctor in Toronto

    You may want to check out:

    It's a full list of private clinics and specialist in Canada.

    The Beaver 18 Aug 2007, 01:19 - Report
  • It's not just new to canada people having problems

    I haven't managed to find a family doctor yet and the cpso is seriously out of date. One of the Dr.s on their list is only a plastic surgeon. Don't bother with anyone Mt. Sinai- they aren't taking new patients. I certainly didn't find that out by anyone returning my phone calls however!
    I'm so frustrated! Walk-in clinics seem only to do what they can to keep each visit as short as possible - they're fine if you just want a prescription refill, will only deal with a single 'issue' at a time, or referral to a specialist (good luck there too - another waiting game mystery). I haven't had a proper physical in over four years now...
    Michael Moore's movie about Canada being great for healthcare is just bull...

    none - just need to vent 29 Aug 2007, 06:01 - Report
  • Found Doctor

    Hey everyone,
    just thought of telling u.. i found a new doctor who's taking in new patients.

    Dr. Rofaiel
    2155 Lawrence Ave E. Unit 8
    Scarborough Ont, M1R 5G9

    She seems nice... she's working as a Walk-in now but she is accepting new patients.

    Good luck everyone

    Was also looking for a doctor 29 Aug 2007, 08:14 - Report
  • Reply to Sasha

    You're 100% Canadian and you still can't spell?

    Immigrants are the reason why this country is successful. They're EDUCATED, PROFESSIONAL, AND HARDWORKING, unlike your lazy ass!

    BlahBlah 08 Nov 2007, 09:12 - Report
  • Need a to find a family DOCTOR

    I've been trying to get a family doctor... why is it so difficult? I visited one a while ago, and the receptionist said they are not taking new patients.... Don't they get paid by getting patients?

    If anyone knows where to go, can you please reply. I am in the Toronto Central Area.

    Thank you.

    West-TO 14 Nov 2007, 07:03 - Report
  • Great Link to find a FAMILY DOCTOR

    Here I found a great SITE where you can find a Family Doctor. I Haven't tried the Names and Numbers I collected to find out if they are actually updated... I will keep you posted on my findings. Also view their credentials -very helpful-

    The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario 80 College Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5G 2E2

    West-TO 15 Nov 2007, 06:07 - Report
  • Looking for someone who NEEDS a doctor

    I am a news reporter looking for someone who needs a doctor. I am doing a new story and we can't describe how badly we need doctors without someone who is looking for one. I am in Ottawa so anyone in the Ottawa area of surrounding rural areas who is looking for a doctor, please email me! [email removed]
    I hope to hear from you and hopefully together we can increase the number of doctors accepting new patients. Thanks!

    Aliya Jiwan- CTV News 20 Nov 2007, 06:07 - Report
  • Doctor in ottawa area


    You need urgent meical attention.I beleive you better seek a" cychologist" because you and people like you are mentally ill.Their is a saying in Chiness" Burn the bridge when you cross the bridge" .The sick people like you forgot that your ancestors were immigrants too.

    JIM 07 Jan 2008, 04:31 - Report
  • Trusted Prescriptions Online.


    hernan myers 24 Jan 2008, 09:26 - Report
  • I need a family Doctor

    I'm 34 years old and am looking for a family doctor i live in the down town area

    Diandra francis 07 Mar 2008, 03:23 - Report
  • La Vie Executive Health Center in Ottawa is accepting new patients... Hurray

    La Vie Point One care program is an amazing health care service where doctors of La Vie will even reply to your phone calls day or night, and at the same time, they will see you within 48 hours. My family and I joined the program and we are getting amazing services along with nutrition consultation and coverage for medical second opinion from the best doctors in the world. The center is located in Kanata (Ottawa west), and their phone # is (613)592-0862. Their website is:

    Anonymous 26 Mar 2008, 03:21 - Report
  • I found this site recently...


    I found this site recently through a friend of mine and gotta say I love this place already. I'm a proud owner of Fioricet that I purchased online. So far, I have saved a lot of time and money. I buy my Fioricet online from this <a href=>Fioricet</a> company where I purchased the Fioricet. Just thought I’d share the link with y’all.

    RichardMcHenry 02 Apr 2008, 10:59 - Report
  • Family doctor

    This shortage of family doctors sucks. The only time I ever had a family doctor who could even smile & remember my name was back @ university because our uni had a doctor's oofice.

    Since then I have met doctors who dont give u the time of the day & maybe they should try investment banking if they are aftrer the $$ & dont care abt what they do.

    Also, if Canada switched to a one degree system we would have more doctors. This two degree system is idiotic. UK has a one degree system You can start studying medicine @ 19 right after Alevels.

    Icecold 24 Apr 2008, 06:05 - Report
  • pregnant

    I had to leave canada 5 months ago after my brother had a car accident that kept him in a coma for 3 months. however, I turned out to be pregnant after I left canada and now I'm 6 month pregnant and I intend to go back to toronto but no obstetrician would take unless I was referred by a family doctor who should have checked on me starting week 3. and to make things worse, my family doctor had a stroke and stopped practicing. So does anyone have a clue how can I sort out this problem??

    fay 02 Jun 2008, 11:12 - Report
  • Canadian medical scam

    When I was applying for immigration to Canada, the Canadaina embassy in India made us all go thru so much rigourous medical tests and whatnot that we thought may be Canada has the best health care system there. However when we landed here , to our surprise we could not even see a doctor even after paying hefty premiums of the Health cards. Strange enough we went to the walk-in clininc where the doctor did see my wife who was havin stomach pain, and she just took less than 100 seconds for her to refer us for some tests - which were X-RAY and ULTRASOUND. More surprising when we called the clininc they said we have to wait a month for getting these two things done as we were in waiting list. God knows how we felt like kicking this country. Then when the pain became miserable someone suggested we go to emergency in an hospital. We sat for 7 hours and by that time my wife was like dying. One lady doctor keeping an eye on waiting patients (in case someone is about to die) came to check and said that my wife will live so wait more.

    That was it, I did shout at her and told her to tell her stupid govt to import more doctors than carpenters and refugees. I paid cash t get the next avaialble flight back to India where in a matter of hours we got into the world highest class MAX hospital and in minutes they diagnosed her and my wife was perfect in a few days. When they advertise about Canada immigration they claim world highest health care system and best hospitals and all free for immigrants, they are propagating fraud. Canada has worst healthcare system even below some under developed countries. I have lived in many countries and have seen persoanlly the level of expertise. Canada has under qualified doctors, no accessable healthcare, high premiums in many states, and above all costly medicines in whole world.Indian medical system is at least 50 times superiror than the present Canadian system and its better than US today. I am surrendering my PR status back to this country which caused me so much loss of money and pain. I strongly advise others as well to stay away from this country if you are making considerable good in your home country as you cannot make more than $3000-4000 a month max (majority even less than half of that) and you pay 605 of that towards rent and bills and in the end you are struggling hand to mouth.Over this you dont have any doctors.
    To hell with Canada, I am out.

    TJ 17 Jun 2008, 01:24 - Report
  • It is ridiculous!!

    I agree with the above comment, the situation in Canada is ridiculous. My husband and I have lived in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and now here and this is by far the worst we've experienced. By the time, if you're lucky, you do see a doctor any specialists etc you might need to see will be many many more months of wait-times. My husband and I realized very quickly that if either of us were to ever become seriously ill we would need to leave Canada to obtain prompt medical care elsewhere. Thankfully as citizens of elsewhere we still have this option, whereas my guess is many Canadians sadly don't.

    I'm also appalled with how Canada is run in general. It would seem that no matter how hard you work, very little will ever be achieved. Most of your earnings will end up right back with the government as I don't think either of us has ever experienced quite as many taxes and regulations as there are here. From our short experience in this country it would appear that life, if we stayed, will always be a struggle until of course we died of some misdiagnosed disease without medical care and probably in a run-down under-staffed emergency room. It seems to me that Canadians who have never lived in another country must put up with this nightmare because they don't know any better. Otherwise what else can explain them all staying and putting up with this?? There are third world countries with better quality of life than Canada!

    I'm sad to say our experience here has meant we will be moving south of the border as soon we have our US employment sorted out. Because, while healthcare might seem more expensive in the US, the taxes in Canada mean its ultimately far more costly to work and live here (the wages are insanely low in Canada) and at least in the states you can find a doctor. You can also find sun and a beach!!

    AL 23 Jun 2008, 01:59 - Report
  • @Mindy - Do you honestly think immigrants don't deserve the same health care?

    I always thought Canadians are very kind and welcoming people. But I can't understand Mindy's comment. Canada is build upon immigration. Where would Canada be without their immigrants? And you want to treat them differently than yourself. How crual is that? Don't we all deserve proper medical attention?

    Immigrant 02 Jul 2008, 07:39 - Report
  • Canada so successful

    Dude BlahBlah, Are you serious when you said "this country is so successful"? Successful in what? Economy?Weaponary?Politics?Culture? It's a failure by opening to anyone who can pay $100K.

    "You're 100% Canadian and you still can't spell?

    Immigrants are the reason why this country is successful. They're EDUCATED, PROFESSIONAL, AND HARDWORKING, unlike your lazy ass!BlahBlah"

    new too 22 Aug 2008, 11:22 - Report
  • Mindy,

    you are right-on
    no more immigrants!!

    Joyce 21 Sep 2008, 01:47 - Report
  • Where did the docs go?

    I thought getting a doctor would have been easier in a country like this!

    And they really shouldn't take this many immigrants each year if they can't provide necessary heath care.Bad for new comers and existing citizens!

    Doctors? 05 Oct 2008, 04:01 - Report
  • 100% Canadian?

    Who is 100% Canadian? Are you an aboriginal? If not, what makes you forget that you are a descendant of immigrants. How stupid..

    An immigrant 14 Oct 2008, 07:27 - Report
  • Use a Chiropractor doctor

    People do not need to see their family doctor for everything. For most of my problems I see my chiropractor and just go for a physical every 2 years. My chiropractor treats any pain I have and checks my health to make sure I am doing ok. If there is something she can't treat, she refers me to a walk in doctor she works with. I think more people should just use chiropractor doctors and then the regular doctors won't be so busy.

    Sarah 24 Oct 2008, 06:27 - Report
  • 100% Canadian??????????

    Nobody is 100% Canadian in this country. This country belong to the aboriginal people. youuuuuuuuuuuuu forgot that you are a adescendant of immgrants too. Do not be stupid........
    An immigrant

    Nikky Franco 17 Nov 2008, 06:31 - Report
  • And the non-sense of "100% Canadian" continues...

    Man, stop it already!!! Geez!!! I read this page from early 2007 (based on the time-stamp of posted messages), and all I see is this stupid (out-of-context/scope) conversation of "100% Canadian". I scrolled down all the way to the last posting (November 17, 2008), and it's STILL about 100% Canadian and seeing a doctor versus an immigrant! Who gives a damn whether you're 100% Canadian or not!!! WHO CARES!! You want an award?!?! People are probably reading this page, like me, looking for a family doctor, we're not here to want to read about who's "eligible" or who has "more rights" to a doctor!!! Are you all children or adults??!!!

    Jim 20 Nov 2008, 12:22 - Report
  • Family doctor

    What to do if I have family doctor and she doesn't act ethically. I have fibromyalgia that is why I need good care. She says she doesn't know anything about this and she doesn't want to know. I asked about good specialist from fibromyalgia. She didn't know so I did reaserch by myself and gave her some names. Unfortunately most of them don't take new patients, so she doesn't want even to try the others also the secretary does the appointment not her. Resently I have big pain in my knees, it came sudenly. I went to reumathologist by myself an I received cortizone injection it helped little but the pain returned so I saw my family doctor and asked about orthopedic doctor because I didn't have all necessary tests, she told that the orthopedic doctor would love at me that I came with such a problem. I think she is not qualified enough to be family doctor.I am P.Eng. here in Canada. My sister is a medical doctor in Europe I know little what I need. Why we can't have private clinic if we despirite to receive help. Maybe the family doctors would be more polite and more knowlegible for there patients if they knew that they have competition. Now they play kings and there is nothing people can do becuse there is not enough docotrs. In Eastern Europe even in communist times there were private clinics were you could go to doctor or do the necessary test. Nowerdays is even more such a clinics and the payment is not as big. Everybody who works can afford them. You have to understand that people who work are seek much often. There is a lot of sicknesses related to stress at work, like my fibromyalgia. The sick atmosphere at work. My supervisor didn't have education, so she was doing everything to prevent me from doing projects and the management did nothing, they just didn't care and stil don't care about people. It is government job. If you are more stuped you can go much further.
    But anyway what to do to get help with my knee, I feel hopeless. Many my friends go to Europe for treetment. My chidren wer brought up in Canada, so even if I wanted to go back to Europe they probably wouldn't. But to live in this country and to show my children how much I hate many things here is terrible. If i knew that the communist system will go I would never leave Europe. I realy hate this system and people here not want to change anything. How they can be happy with this primitive system, with uneducated rude family doctors which don't know anything and don't want to send to specialist. My daughter had gallstones attacks so for a whole year the doctors in the emegency kept telling that she has constipation and that it is why she is loosing conscious and had so severe attacks. i am not a doctor and I knew that is is something more serious. She could die when she was alone at home with the attack, she was still at school then. At one hospital they told that she is on drugs becuse she was vomiting. The health system here is the worst in the world, I never seen so unqualified doctors I used to travel a lot and I have many friends in different countries.
    I am woried about my future health in this country if I didn't have grown up children here I would leave right away.
    Where to complain about these unproffesional, unethical doctors? Please advise me they shoul be punished somehow. If not maybe to ask some international organiztiofor help.

    kt 09 Jan 2009, 10:42 - Report
  • family doctor ? specialist?

    I don't know if someone can give some advise. I'm new in Toronto and I want to know if I can have a family doctor and also a Specialist doctor at the same time. I've called both of them and they're accepting new patients. Iwas having some problems to get pregnant and the speacialist is accepting new patients. Is that better for me or I have to have a family doctor?

    C 26 Jan 2009, 05:42 - Report
  • canada sucks

    I wish I could move out, but it seems once your here, you're stuck. It is worse then a thrid world country here.

    Y 29 Jan 2009, 07:02 - Report
  • Possible

    The Doctor Search works. Not exactly up to date, but the second phone call landed me in proper place, both are within 10 min of walking distance.

    Results of treatment are totally different matter...

    Not so recent immigrant 13 Mar 2009, 03:37 - Report
  • Unacceptable

    I left toronto 10 yrs ago and returned in Sept last year. I always thought that Canada has the best health care system comparing to other countries. But I definitely change this perception today....

    I had a very bad migraine yesterday and still didn't feel well this morning. I took a sick day today and drove to my family doctor who I had when I was here 10 yrs ago.

    The nurse asked me why I didn't make an appointment...HEY!! If I knew I was not feeling well this morning, I would have call already. Actually, I did call but no one answered...

    She said that I have to make an appointment first. I told her that since I had a dayoff and could wait for the doctor when he had the time. She still wanted to make an appointment. but the thing is: the doctor is off for vacation the next day. I guess by the time i see the doctor, my head is already blowed up.

    I went to find other doctors nearby...a doctor accepts a new patient..unfortunately, one of the patients lost her healthcare and claimed that she lost it in the clinic. Ridiculously, the staff allowed her to look for it behind the counter. There are a lot of sensitive information there, I don't understand why they allowed her to do that. So I asked the form back which I filled it in couple mins ago and left.

    I looked for other doctors and all of them didn't take new patients. The attitude of the nurses/receptions is very very bad....

    I am totally disappointed to the healthcare system. You pay lot of tax and get NOTHING...

    SL 17 Mar 2009, 05:57 - Report
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